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04 Oct 2023
ApartmentA Perfect Sea View Apartments for Sale Suitable for Turkish Citizenship

$628.800 / CASH

A Perfect Sea View Apartments for Sale Suitable for Turkish Citizenship
Maltepe /
Ready to Deliver
  • refresh icon 149  Sqm
  • bed icon 3
  • bath icon 2
ApartmentUltra-luxury Seafront Property for Sale in Istanbul Tuzla

$2.000.000 / CASH

Ultra-luxury Seafront Property for Sale in Istanbul Tuzla
Tuzla /
Delivery Date
  • refresh icon 186  Sqm
  • bed icon 3
  • bath icon 2
ApartmentPrestigious Istanbul Real Estate with Magnificent Bosphorus View

$500.000 / CASH

Prestigious Istanbul Real Estate with Magnificent Bosphorus View
Üsküdar /
Delivery Date
  • refresh icon 62  Sqm
  • bed icon 1
  • bath icon 1
VillaPerfect Villas for Sale in Tepe in Alanya

$787.010 / CASH

Perfect Villas for Sale in Tepe in Alanya
Alanya /
Ready to Deliver
  • refresh icon 270  Sqm
  • bed icon 4
  • bath icon 3
ApartmentGreat Loft Apartments for Sale in Avsallar in Alanya

$172.090 / CASH

Great Loft Apartments for Sale in Avsallar in Alanya
Alanya /
Ready to Deliver
  • refresh icon 70  Sqm
  • bed icon 1
  • bath icon 1
ApartmentStudio Apartments for Sale with Sea-Faceted View at a Reasonable Price Istanbul

$135.000 / CASH

Studio Apartments for Sale with Sea-Faceted View at a Reasonable Price Istanbul
Maltepe /
Delivery Date
  • refresh icon 47  Sqm
  • bed icon 0
  • bath icon 1
ApartmentFethiye Apartments for Sale with View of Mendos Montain on 3 Facades

$38.330 / CASH

Fethiye Apartments for Sale with View of Mendos Montain on 3 Facades
Fethiye /
Ready to Deliver
  • refresh icon 126  Sqm
  • bed icon 2
  • bath icon 1
ApartmentDuplex Real estate for sale in Izmit Offering Stunning Sea View

$110.000 / CASH

Duplex Real estate for sale in Izmit Offering Stunning Sea View
İzmit /
Ready to Deliver
  • refresh icon 118  Sqm
  • bed icon 2
  • bath icon 2


  • Jamal S.  ( Qatar )

    Jamal S. ( Qatar )

    Thanks to you we became Turkish citizens. The procedures were completed 3 months after buying a house. We received a very fast and high quality service. Mr. Murat , thank you very much to you and your lawyers. ...
  • Zhang J.  ( China )

    Zhang J. ( China )

    I lost a lot of time by meeting you late. I wish our paths crossed in the first days of my search. During the citizenship process, you were with me both in finding a home and at all legal stages. ...
  • Reza M. ( Iran )

    Reza M. ( Iran )

    European side? Anatolian side? A Low-Rise Building? Is it a tall building? Is it a house we will move right away? Or is it a house we can wait for? We found solutions to all these questions together. What a ...
  • Aamir R.  ( Pakistan )

    Aamir R. ( Pakistan )

    Thank you very much Mr. Erkan for your patience and Mr. Murat for your right home suggestions and Mr. Kudret for your help in the bargain. We are very happy to have met you. We ...
  • David Todva ( USA )

    David Todva ( USA )

    We bought a house from Istanbul and rented it very fast. Your price knowledge and bargaining ability are exceptional. We are planning to buy another house from Istanbul in the future. We will choose you for the second shopping without ...

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Duplex Apartment for Sale in Istanbul with an Amazing View of the Sea

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You can get support from our experienced team in all matters related to your real estate needs.

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Istanbul Real Estate


Istanbul Real Estate, One of the Best Options for Property Investment in the World  


Istanbul real estate investors are so conscious today that they carefully examine all the details of the Turkish real estate they want to buy and make a decision. The main subject that comes first in these examinations is the location of real estate in Turkey. Whether the property to be purchased is an apartment, a villa, or an office, location value is the most important factor determining the investment value of the property.

To be realistic, you can find alternative locations where you can invest in real estate Turkey in thousands of locations around the country. However, there are some places where it comes at the top of the list of Istanbul real estate. For those who are looking for property for sale in Turkey, Istanbul is one of the world's most valuable real estate investment locations.


Great Opportunity of Istanbul Real Estate


Istanbul real estate offers unique opportunities that you will notice as you visit the house. Since Istanbul is a valuable city in terms of geographical location, climatic features, transportation alternatives, socio-cultural life and historical richness, real estate investment to be made here always makes real estate investors earning more. Real estates Istanbul Turkey especially in important centers like Beyoglu, Fatih, Eyupsultan, Besiktas, Sisli, which have historical values, is frequently preferred by foreigners.

Do you want to buy property Turkey? Then Istanbul is ready to offer you magnificent rich alternatives in this regard. In terms of property investment, you can find numerous options, from cheap residences to luxury flats, from villas to mansions on the Bosphorus line.

For apartments in Istanbul for sale, you can purchase from newly built, completed, or under construction housing projects. Buying property Turkey during the construction process gives you a higher profit margin. The reason for this is that construction companies start selling at the basic price of the projects they put up for sale. Afterward, as the construction progresses and the number of residences in the project starts to decrease, the prices increase.

However, there are other advantages if you plan to purchase from a completed project. First of all, you will not have to wait for the construction phase and delivery date of the project. You decide by seeing the construction in its finished form and visiting the flat you are planning to buy.

In addition, if you sell the property you purchased after a few years in terms of price, the market value is added to the price you purchased and your profit increases. Turkey Istanbul real estate offered by MELARES consists of over 1000 options of property in Turkey at unique prices suitable for Turkish citizenship and investment. We offer the best options of Istanbul real estate that suit your budget and taste.



Property in Alanya for Sale


Property in Alanya for sale draws the attraction of foreign real estate investors in Turkey for many years by offering homes at favorable prices with high rental income and great returns on investment. Alanya is one of the best touristic destinations due to its magnificent nature, sandy beaches and touristic attraction.

Especially seaside Alanya real estate is preferred the most by luxury real estate investors. Seaside districts near all social facilities are Kargicak, Mahmutlar, Oba, Kestel and Avsallar. Besides these, the other popular districts to buy property in Alanya for sale are Gazipasa, and Alanya Centre. The price range starts at around €45,000. There is every type of property in Alanya for sale such as apartments, detached houses, villas and lands.



Property Turkey: Property in Turkey for sale


Property for sale in Turkey and mega housing projects attracts investors with its magnificent architecture, offering a luxury and comfortable life. The interest for buying property in Turkey and investment in real estate Turkey is very high by foreigners.

Turkey is surrounded by 800 kilometers of shoreline by four different seas, making it an awesome place for beach properties, seafront houses and fun in the sun. This specialty attracts thousands of people and real estate Turkey investors from all around the world every year.

Are you looking for property Turkey in a different location than the country you live in? If so, you are in the right place. In many respects, Turkey is a country full of opportunities. At the same time, it has a unique real estate market that offers advantages to property prices, especially for foreign property investors. Whatever your quest for a lucrative real estate investment, Turkey real estate in different regions, will allow you to get in return for your investment too.

The mega investments in the Istanbul real estate market such as bridges, highways, airports, and Channel Istanbul, which it realized in various parts of the country and large-scale investments made in the sector by construction firms, make the Turkey real estate market more attractive for foreigners.

Turkey has a perfect growth in the real estate market in recent years. Thousands of new housing projects were constructed with the world’s highest standards. Turkey property for sale is experiencing a great boom not only in the Turkey real estate market with the Turkish people but also with many foreign buyers and investors.

Turkey's cities with a great number of Turkey property sales are listed as 9 cities. They are Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Bursa, Yalova, Samsun, Sakarya, Mersin and Mugla.

On which a large part of the buyers of property Turkey are mostly citizens of Iraq, Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Jordan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Palestine, etc.

Turkey Properties are a very good investment option for tomorrow. Turkey is becoming a popular place for many foreigners to spend their holidays and invest in Turkey. 


5 Benefits of Buying Property in Turkey


  1. The cost of buying property in Turkey is quite low, compared to many other countries. This makes investing in houses, commercial units and land are very attractive. In the coming years, prices are expected to increase considerably, as this country will eventually join the European Union.
  2. Buying a property for sale in Turkey nowadays will ensure an excellent return on most investments within a few years. The Turkish real estate market is expected to grow in 2023.
  3. The economy of Turkey is regularly growing and becoming very attractive to many foreign interests. The strategic location of Turkey gives excellent access to many different world markets. It is a cross point of three continents; Asia, Europe and Africa. The other reason for economic growth is the tourism industry and the interest of foreigners in Turkey real estate.
  4. Compared to many countries, the cost of living in Turkey is really very low. This means that your money has more worth, which increases your buying power in Turkey. You can buy property in Turkey with a great deal, less money and with a high return on investment.
  5. The Turkish climate is very agreeable and has perfect weather in four seasons of the year. This provides a charming area for tourists and makes it the perfect place to invest in properties like hotels and apartments. The mild climate makes property Turkey very attractive and value-winning.


Cheap Property for Sale in Turkey


It is a smart decision to invest in cheap (reasonable/ affordable prices) property for sale in Turkey. Turkey has a profitable real estate market and the apartments are often sold in a short time.
It is possible to find cheap apartments for sale in Turkey at reasonable prices. The only thing you should do is to consult with a real estate advisor to search for cheap Turkey property for sale.

By saying cheap it means that it has a reasonable or affordable price.
The affordable house prices in Turkey can sometimes open high profit for tomorrow, especially in newly developing districts.
The reason why the house is cheap is not bad because the land price is cheap or the construction company makes a very good deal with the landowner.

Turkey has properties for sale at affordable prices than European countries. Tourists come to Turkey for a holiday to an increasing extent. Many tourists after their vacation trips decide to purchase an affordable or cheap apartment in Turkey. Turkey has all types of housing development that are built to meet the demands of real estate buyers.