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25 Sep 2020
villaWonderful Property for Sale in Turkey Istanbul

$1.567.170 / CASH

3066 - Wonderful Property for Sale in Turkey Istanbul

Bu villa İstanbul'un dinlendirici ilçesi Büyükçekmece'de yer almakta...
  • refresh icon 463 Sqm
  • bed icon 5
  • bath icon 3
Büyükçekmece /
Delivery Date
Obtain Turkish Citizenship By Investment in a Fabulous Property

$253.870 / CASH

3084 - Obtain Turkish Citizenship By Investment in a Fabulous Property

With investment in a great property in Istanbul, you are able to obtain Turkish citizenship. This un...
  • refresh icon 207 Sqm
  • bed icon 4
  • bath icon 3
Başakşehir /
Ready to Deliver
 Apartments for sale in Istanbul with Sea view in the European Side

$310.920 / CASH

2487 - Apartments for sale in Istanbul with Sea view in the European Side

Tavandan tabana pencereler, aydınlık oturma odası ve açık mutfak ile tasarlanmış deniz manzar...
  • refresh icon 54 Sqm
  • bed icon 1
  • bath icon 2
Zeytinburnu /
Ready to Deliver
Living in The District And Luxury project

$553.710 / CASH

2373 - Living in The District And Luxury project

Living in peace, comfort, and touch of the sea Just a few steps from your home, Use of beaches and g...
  • refresh icon 83 Sqm
  • bed icon 1
  • bath icon 1
Zeytinburnu /
Ready to Deliver
Amazing One Bedroom House for Sale in Istanbul

$166.490 / CASH

6341 - Amazing One Bedroom House for Sale in Istanbul

This apartment is located in the beautiful and live district of Kadikoy with all kinds of different ...
Kadıköy /
Ready to Deliver
A Commercial Unit in Beylikduzu with a Great Opportunity of High Profit

$503.370 / CASH

2249 - A Commercial Unit in Beylikduzu with a Great Opportunity of High Profit

A shop with a unique price of 3.000.000 TL and high investment value next to Beylikduzu square. With...
Beylikdüzü /
Ready to Deliver
villaFive Bedroom Villa in Buyukcekmece

$1.290.000 / CASH

2397 - Five Bedroom Villa in Buyukcekmece

This Duplex villa type with 5 bedrooms is designed for a Luxury life style and with an area of 542 S...
Büyükçekmece /
Ready to Deliver
villa 4 Bedrooms Apartment  nestled in a magical place with Perfect View of sea

$411.220 / CASH

2337 - 4 Bedrooms Apartment nestled in a magical place with Perfect View of sea

4 Bedrooms apartment in one of the most impressive projects and in a very desirable area of Istanbul...
Beylikdüzü /
Ready to Deliver


  • Jamal S.  ( Qatar )

    Jamal S. ( Qatar )

    Thanks to you we became Turkish citizens. The procedures were completed 3 months after buying a house. We received a very fast and high quality service. Mr. Murat , thank you very much to you and your lawyers. ...
  • Zhang J.  ( China )

    Zhang J. ( China )

    I lost a lot of time by meeting you late. I wish our paths crossed in the first days of my search. During the citizenship process, you were with me both in finding a home and at all legal stages. ...
  • Reza M. ( Iran )

    Reza M. ( Iran )

    European side? Anatolian side? A Low-Rise Building? Is it a tall building? Is it a house we will move right away? Or is it a house we can wait for? We found solutions to all these questions together. What a ...
  • Aamir R.  ( Pakistan )

    Aamir R. ( Pakistan )

    Thank you very much Mr. Erkan for your patience and Mr. Murat for your right home suggestions and Mr. Kudret for your help in the bargain. We are very happy to have met you. We ...
  • David L.  ( USA )

    David L. ( USA )

    We bought a house from Istanbul and rented it very fast. Your price knowledge and bargaining ability are exceptional. We are planning to buy another house from Istanbul in the future. We will choose you for the second shopping without ...

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A Commercial Unit in Beylikduzu with a Great Opportunity of High Profit

A Commercial Unit in Beylikd...

It covers an area of 155 sqm with 4 meters of a hi...
620 Sqm Detached Triplex Villa Designed with Stylish Details

620 Sqm Detached Triplex Vil...

Projenin marina, deniz ve kumlu plajı ile iç...
Enjoyable, Convenient 2 Bedrooms Apartment

Enjoyable, Convenient 2 Bedr...

The European gate of Istanbul is Bahcesehir. On on...
1 Bedroom Apartment with Sea View and a Historical Texture of İstanbul

1 Bedroom Apartment with Sea...

A profoundly special project amidst history and Is...



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Istanbul Real Estate


One of the Best Investments in the World | Istanbul Real Estates

Real estate investors are so conscious today that they carefully examine all the details of the real estate they want to buy and make a decision. The main subject that comes first in these examinations is the location of the real estate. Whether the property to be purchased is an apartment, a villa or an office, location value is the most important factor determining the investment value of the property.

To be realistic, you can find alternative locations where you can invest in real estate in thousands of locations around the world today. However, there are some places where it comes at the top of the list. So also for those looking for property for sale in Turkey, Istanbul is one of the the world's most valuable real estate investment location.

Great Opportunity of Istanbul Real Estate

The Istanbul real estate sector offers you such unique opportunities that you will notice when you see this. Since Istanbul is a value in itself with its geographical location, climatic features, transportation alternatives, socio-cultural life and historical richness, real estate investment to be made here always makes real estate investors earning more. Especially in important centers real estate Istanbul Beyoğlu, Fatih, Eyupsultan, Besiktas, Sisli, which have historical values, are frequently preferred by foreigners for.

For property Turkey you prefer is a home? Then Istanbul is ready to offer you magnificent rich alternatives in this regard. In terms of home investment, you can find numerous options from cheap residences to luxury flats, from villas to mansions on the Bosphorus line.

For apartments in Istanbul for sale, you can purchase from newly built, completed or ongoing housing projects. Buying property while in the beginning or middle levels of construction gives you a higher profit margin. The reason for this is that construction companies start selling at the basic price in the projects they put up for sale. Afterwards, as the construction progresses and the number of residences in the project starts to decrease, the prices increase in certain periods.

However, there are other advantages if you plan to purchase from a completed project. First of all, you will not have to wait for the construction phase and delivery date of the project. You decide by seeing the construction in its finished form and visiting the flat you are planning to buy. In addition, if you want to sell the property you purchased after a few years in terms of price, the market value is added to the price you purchased and your profit increases. Select the properties of the house you want from the search engine of our website for options that suit your budget and taste among the Istanbul real estate alternatives and quickly get the new life you are looking for.


Property for Sale in Turkey


Are you looking for a property in a different location than the country you live in? If so, you are in the right place... In many respects, Turkey is a country full of opportunities. At the same time, it has a unique real estate market that offers advantages especially for foreign property investors. Whatever your quest for a lucrative real estate investment, Turkey real estate in different regions, will allow you to get in return for your investment too.

The State's million dollars of investments such as bridge, highway, airport, Channel Istanbul where it realized in various parts of the country and large-scale investments made in the sector by construction firms, making Turkey’s real estate market more attractive for foreigners.

Marvellous Options of Houses for Sale in Turkey


Why foreigners want to buy a home in Turkey? There are many different reasons for this. One of the first causes of real estate investors who prefer to live in Turkey is to obtain 1-year residence permit. There is no restriction on the value of the property you purchased in this regard. If you wish, it is possible to apply for a residence permit by purchasing a house for 35,000 or 40,000 dollars. The opportunity to apply for citizenship by purchasing the property another factor that makes Turkey's property important.

Job opportunities offered by the country for foreigners in many different fields, having a considerable effect on the decision of thousands of foreign citizens in the last 5-6 years to settle in Turkey by buying a real estate.

Why Mostly Turkeys Houses are Preferred ?

Turkey, having various cultures and climates in different regions, offers a wide range of living conditions to its local and foreign people living here. Apart from this, it provides the most ideal conditions for life with its architecture, natural and historical heritage, fascinating beaches and seas.

Reasonably priced or luxury property for sale in Turkey Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum, Fethiye, Kusadasi, Bursa, Yalova, Istanbul, where is the most commonly preferred locations for real estate by foreign buyers offer numerous alternatives to change your life.

Qualified and robust housing projects produced by Turkish construction companies are the first choice of families who attach importance to safety. You can reach to our expert team via whatsapp or can fill the form to get detailed informations related to acquiring house for sale in Turkey.


Turkish Citizenship by Investment


Turkish citizenship is one of the most respected citizenships among the world countries. The culture of life, the political and economic power of the country, the wide variety of human mosaics, the coexistence of different religions and many other factors are among the valid reasons for foreign citizens to become Turkish citizen. For this reason, the interest of foreigners in the methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship in order to obtain dual citizenship is increasing day by day.

You may be wondering what is the way to get a foreign citizenship in Turkey. In the following article, we share some important points with you in summary. You can find detailed information on our website under the title Citizenship.

Turkish Citizenship by Investing Turkey

If you intend to acquire Turkish citizenship, the Republic of Turkey offers you a variety of alternative ways in order you to apply for citizenship. One of these alternatives is to make investment in Turkey in the amounts specified in the Act.

What are the ways to obtain citizenship of Turkey by investing ?

The most cost-effective method of gaining citizenship by investing in Turkey is to buy real estate. You can apply for Turkish citizenship without waiting for years when you buy Turkish real estate in a minimum amount of USD 250,000 or equivalent Turkish Lira or foreign currency. You cannot sell the 

property for 3 years so that you can apply for citizenship with this method. An annotation is written in the land registry regarding this issue. In addition, there is a requirement that 250 thousand dollars be transferred to the seller through a bank in cash.

You can also purchase a property whose title deed has not yet been issued, but with a floor ownership or floor servitude, against a real estate sales promise agreement. In this case, there is a requirement that the contract be prepared by a Notary. However, the contract cannot be transferred or canceled for 3 years. MELARES Turkey Properties supports you with its specialized lawyers at all stages of real estate investment and Turkish citizenship.

Can Turkish Citizenship Be Acquired By Investing With Different Methods ?

With 500,000 dollars, you can perform one of the following methods for Turkish citizenship by investment.