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Başakşehir / İstanbul

10175 - Apartment for Sale in A Value-gaining Region of Istanbul Near Airport

You can obtain a Residence Permit in Turkey by buying this luxury apartment. This 1 Bedroom apartmen...
  • 86 Sqm
  • 1
  • 2
  • Ready to Deliver
Başakşehir / İstanbul

10174 - Studio Apartments for Sale in the European Side of Istanbul

 Enjoy being away from the complexity of Istanbul with buying an apartment from this project. T...
  • 44 Sqm
  • 0
  • 1
  • Ready to Deliver
Avcılar / İstanbul

10173 - A Profitable Investment Opportunity with Favorable Payment Terms

A new lifestyle in 3 bedroom apartment with a stunning interior plan, will shine up your lifestyle. ...
  • 218 Sqm
  • 3
  • 2
  • Delivery Date 2021
Avcılar / İstanbul

10172 - Duplex Luxury Property for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

Luxury duplex property for sale in Istanbul offering wide and comfortable living spaces. There is a ...
  • 231 Sqm
  • 2
  • 2
  • Delivery Date 2021
Avcılar / İstanbul

10171 - Cheap Apartments for Sale with High Investment Value in Istanbul

Cheap apartment for sale offering a comfortable life in Istanbul. It has large windows starting from...
  • 103 Sqm
  • 2
  • 2
  • Delivery Date 2021
Avcılar / İstanbul

10170 - Start a Privileged Life with Buying Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul

Real estate for sale offering a luxury lifestyle in Istanbul. It has modern architecture with floor ...
  • 80 Sqm
  • 1
  • 1
  • Delivery Date 2021
Beylikdüzü / İstanbul

10169 - Obtain Turkish Citizenship by Investing on Luxury Loft Apartment

Loft apartment for sale near the airport and West Marina offering pleasant life being intertwined wi...
  • 244 Sqm
  • 4
  • 3
  • Delivery Date 2021
Beylikdüzü / İstanbul

10168 - Loft Homes for Sale Planned with the Finest Details in Istanbul

This luxury home for sale will make you gain time with its advantageous location by being approximat...
  • 145 Sqm
  • 3
  • 2
  • Ready to Deliver
Beylikdüzü / İstanbul

10167 - Apartments for Sale Within Walking Distance to the Sea in Istanbul

2 bedrooms apartment for sale covering 118 sqm area in one of the modern projects of Istanbul. It co...
  • 118 Sqm
  • 2
  • 1
  • Delivery Date 2021
Beylikdüzü / İstanbul

10166 - Luxury House for Sale 300 meters to the Sea in Istanbul

A luxurious house for sale waits for you in the best location of Istanbul. This apartment has a perf...
  • 87 Sqm
  • 1
  • 1
  • Delivery Date 2021


$85.200 / CASH

10136 - Luxury House with Magnificent Island View in Kartal Istanbul

Buy a luxury house, in one of the most special projects in Kartal, one of the most special places in...
Kartal /
Delivery Date

$62.690 / CASH

10105 - Luxurious Apartment for Sale in Istanbul Within Walking Distance to the Sea

This luxurious apartment for sale in Istanbul is planned with ceiling to floor windows, a bright liv...
Büyükçekmece /
Delivery Date

$143.240 / CASH

10090 - House for Sale with Stunnig Interior in Istanbul

House for sale in Istanbul has a stunning interior, a spacious living room with an open kitchen, mas...
Küçükçekmece /
Delivery Date

$163.850 / CASH

10082 - Amazing Apartment for Sale in Istanbul Esenyurt

This apartment has 2 bedrooms, a close kitchen style, terrace, French balcony, floor to ceiling wind...
Esenyurt /
Delivery Date
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Real Estate Turkey


Real estate Turkey is one of the most reliable markets for foreign investors. It progressing to develop day by day. This attention can be linked to lots of factors. One of them is Turkey's investment program that offers dual citizenship to investors. 

Real estate Turkey in 2021 continues to attract the attention of foreign investors. Discovering suitable and perfect real estate for yourself and your family can be complicated. Your lifestyle and budget will be the first two significant issues in your search for real estate Turkey.

When you inform us of the type of real estate Turkey you are in search of, your budget and the district you are interested in, or you may prefer, we will prepare a portfolio of properties gathered in accordance with your demand. After completing your real estate investment, you will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Although Istanbul is the first city that comes to mind when it is said Turkey and real estate investment, in Turkey's other major provinces or local places also possible to find Lots of luxury Real estate Turkey.




Mediterranean Regions are the regions where luxury real estates are concentrated in. You can find luxury real estate Turkey in Antalya, Konyaalti and Lara, Kaş, Kalkan, Fethiye.

The most valuable districts in Izmir in the Aegean region are Cesme, Urla, Bayraklı, Bornova-New City Center, Karsiyaka-Mavisehir-Atakent region and Guzelbahce. In these regions, qualified and luxurious housing projects are produced.


Why to Invest In Real Estate Turkey?


Real estate Turkey is a very good investment option for tomorrow. Here are some features and reasons for it;

The cost of buying real estate in Istanbul Turkey is quite low, compared to many other countries. This makes investing in houses for sale in Turkey, commercial units and land are very attractive. In the coming years, Turkey prices are expected to increase considerably, as this country will eventually join the European Union.


Buying a property for sale in Turkey nowadays will ensure an excellent return on most investments within a few years. The real estate market is expected to grow in 2023.

The government of the Republic of Turkey has started procedures to provide some conveniences for foreign citizens in acquiring real estate in Turkey.


The first of these facilities, the right to make an application for a residence permit in Turkey by foreigners who buy property in Turkey. 
The residence permit, given 1-year during the application, is a great advantage for those who want to stay longer than the visa period in Turkey. You do not need a residence permit for foreigners in buying real estate in Turkey.


Another important issue in terms of real estate in Turkey is Turkish citizenship. Those foreigners who can not obtain Turkish citizenship by birth, by paternity or by marriage can able to apply for citizenship of Turkey buying $ 250,000 worth of real estate in Turkey.

As a result of the evaluations of the official authorities, the foreigners who have full documents and information and who do not have any legal problem obtain Turkish passports.


Another factor that attracts different nationalities to the country, Turkey is to have very favorable conditions for foreign investment and living.

For example, if a foreign investor lives in a country or city that does not have a sea, one of its biggest aspirations maybe a sea view or a seaside property.


Or foreigners who live in a place with the majority of the year in cold climate conditions may prefer to live in a country where they can live in different seasons.

Foreigners with economically, politically and militarily distressed country conditions can choose a country where they can live with more liberal, democratic and economically better conditions.


In a country with world-class educators and schools in education, they may want to guarantee their children's future. They may want to live in a country that can offer advanced free healthcare services, well-trained healthcare staff and a fully equipped hospital with a high level of health care, without health concerns.


Evaluating the business opportunities in Turkey, they may dream to work in a job with a good salary or quality may wish to establish their own commercial enterprises. As a result, dozens of causes brings the issue of real estate in Turkey for foreigners extremely important.


When looking at all these issues from a foreigner's perspective, the most important issue that we encounter is trust. People want to live where they trust, want to do business with reliable people, or want to invest in a secure property.


A foreigner must cooperate with truly reliable real estate Turkey agents and lawyers to invest in real estate outside his/her country's territory in a place where he/she does not know and know her language, customs and customs, and laws.




 The Economy of Turkey


One of the important reasons to invest in real estate in Turkey is its great economy. The economy of Turkey is regularly growing and becoming very attractive to many foreign interests. The strategic location of Turkey gives excellent access to many different world markets. It is a cross point of three continents; Asia, Europe and Africa. The other reason for economic growth is the tourism industry and the interest of foreigners in the real estate of Turkey. Exclusive 5-star hotels and tourist attractions make for a very economical place for vacation.


Cost of Living in Turkey


Compared to many countries, the cost of living in Turkey is very low indeed. This means that your money has more worth, which increases your buying power in Turkey. You can buy Turkish real estate with a great deal less money and with a high return on investment. In addition, the rapid growth of Turkey's economy shows that it will not be this low for too many more years. The time to invest in the properties of Turkey is now.


The Turkish climate


The Turkish climate is very agreeable and has perfect weather in four seasons of the year. The Mediterranean coastline has mild winters and hot summers. This also provides a charming area very for tourists and makes it the perfect place to invest in properties like hotels and apartments. The mountains of Turkey are the best place for those who are interested in sports like skiing. The mild climate makes real estate Turkey very attractive and value-winning.


Buying Real Estate Turkey


Turkey is a famous country among millions of tourists and investors because of its rich culture. As well as due to its nature beautiful Turkey it stands among the attractive countries in the world. Turkey which providing convenience and ease of living conditions for many tourists and foreigners who visit the country, makes them become interested in buying a property in Turkey.

The demand to buy Turkish real estate for sale is booming day by day. However, the residential buildings of luxury Turkey homes are ever-changing as well. Real Estate Turkey, which are well-considered as reasonable price-oriented, are now recognized as houses that add privilege and prestige to their purchasers.


Turkish Real Estate Prices


The average unit price of Turkish real estate at the end of December 2020 was 2,660 Turkish Lira. Likewise, the return, that is, the depreciation period of the houses for sale, is 19 years.

Real estate Turkey Prices in the last year by the end of December 2020, has raised by 34.91%. The average size of property for sale in Turkey is 130 square meters.

By examining the annual average for homes in Turkey at the end of December 2020 the most worthy winner cities have been respectively Rize, Yalova, Tunceli, Nigde, Kirikkale.

No matter where in the world or in Turkey, one of the best ways to live a prestigious life is to have a quality or luxury property. Although there are so many alternatives of real estate Turkey in our country, of course not everyone is able to benefit from them.

In order to have a prestigious property, living standards and income levels must also be high. Although the general idea accepted in society is in this direction, it is possible to own a prestigious living property without paying too many costs. The decisive factor here is your budget in real estate purchase. But in many cities of Turkey, with commensurate budget apartments, residences, villas, it is possible for you to have a prestigious office as a summer home or commercial.



Improve Your Quality of Life with Luxury Real Estate Turkey 


The real estate preferences of people are directly proportional to their budgets. However, there are also habits of life. These life habits are for some to lead an elite life, for others to live more modestly, even if they have enough budget.

Why do people choose to live in luxury Turkey homes?

* To increase living standards

* For a more comfortable life

* To show that they have economically different status

Therefore, if a family whose economic conditions are improving is living in a standard apartment, it seeks a higher quality apartment. He/she changes the region where his/her house is located and chooses a more prestigious residential area. Because the people's car, the house they live in, the brands they wear, give certain messages to other people in the community.

It is good to aim to improve the quality of life. So, what kind of living spaces do those who want to lead a luxurious life to prefer? Where are these houses located?

The group of those who love luxury apartment life generally prefer to live in buildings called the A-segment. These buildings stand out for their difference in their architecture, interior decoration and services. Especially in Istanbul, there are dozens of luxury housing projects produced with changing architectural features and modern technologies.

The upper segment of the luxury apartment life is the buildings that also offer concierge service. Your comfort increases in these buildings thanks to valet service, cleaning service of your home, dry cleaning, flight reservation and similar services.

The group of those who love detached life likes to build their own private worlds beyond living with people. If you prefer detached life, villas that you can find at different prices according to your budget will be ideal for you. Or you can prefer a mansion as luxury real estate in Turkey.

Villa life can be 250 square meters or 900 square meters according to family size and needs. Villas offers you large living spaces, while it has independent space whenever possible for each member of your family. Villa life provides comfortable areas for both you and your children and your pets with its large gardens.

Your villa can be with sea, lake or forest or nature view. Those who prefer peace seek the comfort of the villa instead of the apartment life in the city. The villas will also vary in size and number of rooms, but will also offer a separate space for your housekeeper if any.



About Turkey


Turkey is formally named the Republic of Turkey. It is situated at the intersection of the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey is a great country that links Asia and Europe. Turkey's European side has been separate from the Asian side by the Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles.

This magnificent country is positioned at 95 percent in Asia and 5 percent in Europe. Turkey is also encircled by seas on three sides. The Mediterranean Sea in the south, the Aegean Sea in the west and the Black Sea in the north.

The capital of Turkey is Ankara. The city was selected as the capital of Turkey on 29 October 1923. Ankara is the second major city in Turkey. The first greatest city in Turkey is Istanbul. It takes place in the center of Turkey's road and rail network. Ankara is also one of the major commercial and industrial city in Turkey.


Where to buy a home for sale in Turkey?


One of the frequently asked questions by potential buyers is, "Where to Buy a House in Turkey?” 

Whether they get to live in or for investment. Each region varies according to society levels and addresses differ according to their way of life.

Turkey's real estate market is very similar to other parts of the world. In every city of the country, you are able to find land, the most recent trends of houses, villas for sale in Turkey, services, facilities, and other similar factors.

Turkey's official land records indicate that the most famous districts (such as Istanbul the most beautiful and biggest city of Turkey, Izmit, Antalya, Fethiye, Bursa, Bodrum, Alanya, Yalova, Trabzon, etc.) Istanbul real estate draws the attention of foreign investors the most in recent years. 


Bodrum which is one of the districts of Mugla province well-known as one of Turkey's most valuable coastal settlements. Especially in the summer, the population of the region increases considerably with the foreign tourists coming from the surrounding provinces and abroad. Another valuable settlement in Mugla is Yalikavak. Qualified and luxurious sea view villas or detached houses are of great interest in this region.

Istanbul is the equivalent definition of luxury real estate in Turkey. The city's economy, which is more developed than other provinces, huge investments and investments in the construction area, change the skyline of the city day by day. The main regions that we can define as a prestigious and luxury segment in Istanbul are; Nisantasi, Etiler, Ulus, Bebek, Levent, Emirgan, Tarabya, Zekeriyakoy, Bomonti, Gokturk, Kemerburgaz, Kandilli, Atasehir, Suadiye, Caddebostan.

Some of these regions offer prestigious lives as apartments, also some of them offer luxury villas and mansions.

The luxury lifestyle can also be defined in two ways. Luxury living in a flat style and luxury living in a villa or mansion. Which of these houses is suitable for you will be determined according to your family structure and budget.

A major part of the Turkey houses can be invested in, not only by Turkish people but also foreigners wishing to benefit from the real estate market. The reason for this is to support Turkey's real estate market and to enrich the real estate market rather than be late, so prices are still lower than the western countries.


MELARES Turkey Properties' most active team and sales department, will be at your disposal to offer guidance and assistance at every stage of real estate purchase. We will help you to fulfill the purpose of your purchase, including the citizenship application and the management of your real estate to generate rental income.