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Best Place to Buy
a House in Turkey

The best place to buy a house in Turkey in 2023 are Istanbul, Antalya, Konya, Ankara,Bursa, Trabzon, Bodrum, Yalova. Turkey which is linking Asia with Europe is a magnificent country.

It has many attractive aspects, such as a multicultural society, rich history and a wonderful geographical location. It is one of the most preferred countries with the best place to buy a house in Turkey.


Real estate market offers the best place to buy a house in Turkey for foreigners and investors who are continuing to search for houses for sale in the country. The real estate market is growing day by day. Turkey continues to increase the interest of foreign investors with Turkey's investment program on real estate that offers dual citizenship to investors.

Turkey hosts foreigners and investors due to the advantaged real estate programs. You can acquire Turkish citizenship with the purchase of real estate worth at least 400,000 US dollars. This program is named as the “Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme”, an exclusive citizenship program.

This advantageous program allows the real estate investor to obtain a Turkish Passport with equal rights as a Turkish citizen, consisting of the right to live, work and easy access to Schengen area countries.

In addition, investors may have the right to set up and start their own businesses thanks to this program, where the demand is increasing for real estate investment day by day.

Those who buys a house and acquires Turkish citizenship also gets the best opportunities for education and health services in Turkey. As summary, when applying for Turkish citizenship, a real estate investor can obtain a Turkish passport and become a Turkish citizen with full rights very easily.


Which Cities are the Best place to Buy a House in Turkey?


It is a beautiful and amazing country in the whole world offers best places to buy a house in Turkey. Every part of the Turkey has its own special features. The best place to buy a house in Turkey are Istanbul, Konya, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Trabzon, Bodrum, Yalova, etc.

Turkey is a big country, while Istanbul is Turkey's most vibrant, historical and sociocultural city. Every investor can find the best place to buy a house in Turkey that they are looking for. For instance, if an investor or foreigner is looking for a quiet, peaceful luxury to buy a house and to live in, he can find the most stylish houses in Istanbul. There are wide range of luxury and comfortable houses for sale with best location and reasonable prices in Istanbul.

Konya is also among the best place to buy a house in Turkey which offers attractive opportunities for those who want to buy a house with a wide range of prices. You can also have your dream house by searching among the advertisements and making a detailed review.


Konya which is famous as the hometown of Mevlana, the greatest Sufi scholar of the Turkish-Islamic civilization. It is among the best cities where you will discover the advantages of having a house with its thousands of years of history, natural beauties and popular dishes dating back to 7 thousand BC.

Konya takes place in the inner Anatolia and is considered as the largest city in Central Anatolia. It is one of the outstanding cities in the country with a metropolitan population that has exceeded 2 million. As Konya's name is mentioned, you may think that the master source of livelihood in the city is agriculture but the city has proven itself in both tourism and industry.

For families with children, Konya is the best place to buy a house in Turkey. It will also be effective to have a university in the region as it consists of popular universities within.

The real estate sector is booming steadily in Ankara the capital of Turkey. It is known as one of the best place to buy a house in Turkey. The high supply of land makes Ankara much more charming and preferred for branded luxury housing manufacturers.

It is feasible to see beautiful housing projects of various construction brands in almost all parts of the city. In Ankara, where luxury and trend housing projects raises, housing prices are valued and rising as well. Recycling investment period of a house rented after buying in Ankara reaches an average of 18 years.

Antalya is a very crowded city in terms of population density. The real estate sector is also very developed sectors in crowded cities. Antalya takes its special and best place to buy a house in Turkey as it is an amazing summer resort and a touristic place.

Bursa, one of Turkey's most important cities with 3 million people is the fourth most populous city in the country. It takes place in the world's livable city in 28 rankings, is in the first rank of the populous city in Turkey.

It is one of the best place to buy house in Turkey which takes place in the coastal area of the Marmara Region. The fact that the advertisements of houses for sale in Bursa are constantly raising, showing interest in real estate projects in the city.  Bursa has preserved its natural texture despite urbanization and has a peaceful structure.



The most beautiful and Best Places to Buy a Cottage House in Turkey


Turkey's cottage regions are the best places to buy a house in Turkey which provides sea and sun, enjoy the most exclusive towns where you can have unlimited offer plenty of corners of paradise with green areas. The most beautiful and best places to buy summer cottages house in Turkey and summer regions that are evaluated for investment are the liveliest points of tourism.

There are dozens of best places to buy a house in Turkey, amazing cities and hundreds of summer regions from the Black Sea to the Aegean, from Marmara to the Mediterranean. We have compiled the most beautiful resorts for to buy a house in an amazing place to spend your holidays and travels with tremendous comfort and the magnificent views of Turkey.


Sakarya- Karasu

Sapanca Lake, Kartepe, Masukiye and Sakarya are famous as the trailers of heaven. The summer zone Karasu, where foreign tourists and investors are concentrated, is one of the most attractive towns with its lush nature and beauties.

This is the best place to buy a house in Turkey, which is easily accessible as the favorite place of recent years among foreigners. The reasonable prices of houses, cottages and the great popularity of the region have raised the investments. Hurry for purchasing the houses in Karasu region of Sakarya, where many areas are bought by foreign investors.


Kirklareli- Igneada

Igneada with its magnificent 22 kilometers beach, takes place on the coast of Thrace and the Black Sea. Igneada, which is situated in Demirkoy region of Kirklareli, is one of the famous discovery points of local and foreign tourists. The greatest Longoz forest of Europe is Igneada.

Longoz forest tours are one of the latest trends with the most unique shades of blue and green which is away from crowded population and density. The region, which has affordable summer and residential prices, is a charming summer region with the numerous views of the Istranca Mountains, its coast and bays.

Igneada is one of the most special summer regions, which has entered the list of the most beautiful and best places to buy a cottage house. You should visit this amazing region visit as soon as possible.


Bartın- Amasra

Amasra is a place where it is not enough to just go for eating fish dishes or to see the magnificent sea view. It is essential to visit the mysterious nature of the region and its magnificent sea and get its abundant oxygen. Amasra is one of the most popular and best place to buy a house in Turkey on the Black Sea coast.

It is one of the most preferred summer regions with its steep slopes, trees with hundreds of years, the coast that extends as much as possible and the tourism activities it offers. Its closeness to Cakraz beach and the fact that there are many summer houses for sale in the region raises the popularity of the region.


Aydin- Kusadasi

Kusadasi is one of the most well-known resorts of Turkey. Kusadasi, where European tourists have been a holiday is very popular in every period. Kusadasi with its stunning sea, golden yellow sand, big city structure and famous holiday culture, is among the most luxury and best place to buy a house in Turkey. There are wide range of houses for every budget level. Bodrum, Kusadasi and Cesme takes place approximate to the district of Selcuk. In the summer, the population of the region reaches to 2 million and it is one of the most famous areas of Turkey.


Balikesir- Ayvalik/ the Best Place to Buy a House in Turkey

Ayvalik is situated on the Aegean coast of the Marmara Region. It is one of the most popular regions of holiday tourism. It attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists with being the most special and best places to buy a cottage house with its magnificent nature in Turkey.

Kusadasi consisting of 22 islands of different sizes, various tones of green, the Aegean's many other seas are among the best places that must be evaluated to buy a house in Turkey. Offering decent, relaxed life and fun, Ayvalik is one of the magnificent summer resorts in all seasons of the year.