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2023 Public
Turkey Holidays

 Which Day Does 2023 Public Holidays Coincide With?


Turkey Holidays especially public holidays are very colorful, fun and meaningful days. Turkey holidays are very significant both for participating in festivities and commemoration days and for taking benefit of holiday opportunities. Religious, national holidays and New Year's are famous as official holidays.


Turkey Holidays Also, especially holiday periods, which will be held for the second time this year for students and their families, offer a wonderful chance to explore new routes.


If you want to plan winter and summer Turkey holidays with a public holiday periods, you can combine long-term holidays by evaluating the additional holiday periods mentioned above.




National Holidays in Turkey 2023


•           January 1, New Year's Day - Friday

The first Turkey Holiday starts with the New Year. It coincides with Saturday.


•           April 20, Ramadan Feast Eve (Tentative Date) - Half Day. It coincides with Thursday

After the New Year, the first holiday is on April 20. It coincides with Thursday.



•           Ramadan Feast 2023 Friday day, 22 April - National Holiday in Turkey

22 to 23 April is Ramadan Feast national holiday in Turkey. 


•           May 1, Labor and Solidarity Day - Saturday

Labor Day is on May 1 2023 Coincides with Monday.


•           Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day 19 May - Friday



•           Festival of the Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha) 27 June Thursday Eve

The holiday Festival of the Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha) starts Eve day on Thursday, June 27 for half a day. The Eid holidays will for 4 days means that from 28 to 1 July.


•           15 July Democracy and National Unity Day – Coincides with Saturday

July 15th coincides with Saturday.



•          30 August 2023 Victory Day 

The Victory Day on  30 August coincides with Wednesday.


•           Republic Day, 29 October 2023 Sunday (Turkey National Holidays)