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Turkish Passport Types
Countries with a Visa-Free Entry

Turkish passport allows you to travel to 111 countries without a visa or by obtaining a visa at the gate. On the other hand, the special passport and Service Passport holders can travel to 146 countries without a visa and 9 countries issue visas at the gate.



Turkish passport is taking place among the top passports in the world day by day. In the ranking of the most powerful passports in the world, Turkey is ranked 52nd .

It is based on special data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).


Obtaining a Turkish passport is one of the most important goals of investors and citizens from all over the world when migrating and investing in this country.


In addition, thanks to the power of the Turkish passport, it is easier to obtain a Schengen visa, which is necessary to travel to European countries for business and tourism purposes.

Acquiring a Turkish passport means acquiring Turkish citizenship. When you become a Turkish citizen, you can enjoy all the benefits of being a Turkish citizen.


12 Benefits of Obtaining a Turkish passport


• Obtaining Turkish citizenship and residency in this country 

• Ease of obtaining Schengen and US visas by having a Turkish passport

• You can have free trade without sanctions

• Travel to 111 countries without a visa (26 Schengen countries)

• Ability to receive Turkish first and last name

• Enjoy government benefits and support (equal to other Turkish nationals)

• Benefiting from retirement facilities

• Having a Turkish passport gives you the right to participate in Turkish voting

• Free education for children (in government centers and universities and the possibility of obtaining scholarships in international educational centers)

• Starting a business or employment in governmental centers

• Free trade away from all kinds of sanctions around the world with a Turkish passport

• The right to social security benefits and government insurance



Other benefits of a Turkish passport


Having a Turkish passport will make it easier to get an E2 investment visa.

As a Turkish citizen, you can more easily obtain an E2 investor visa for those who want to invest in the United States by starting a company or getting a job.

The country which you are a citizen it and applying for the E2 investor visa must have an agreement with the United States. Turkey has an agreement with the United States on this issue.


With a Turkish passport, you can have dual citizenship.

Because Turkey is a country that allows dual citizenship, you will have dual citizenship along with your citizenship and Turkish citizenship.

If you are a citizen of a country that does not allow dual citizenship, you may have a work or residence permit in Turkey if you are eligible for the Turquoise Card issued by the Turkish government. You can see the details of the Turquoise card on this page.


With a Turkish passport, you can benefit from the Ankara Agreement.

The Ankara Agreement (ECAA) Agreement allows Turkish citizens to settle in the UK by establishing a business. Under the Ankara Agreement (ECAA) Agreement, you can take advantage of the opportunity to start a business in the UK by 31 December 2020.


Having a Turkish passport allows you to stay in Turkey as long as you want.

In order for a foreigner to stay in Turkey for a long time, it is necessary to have a residence or work permit, as well as renew them.

When you have Turkish citizenship, there are no restrictions on the length of staying in Turkey. You can enjoy the climate, natural and cultural beauties of Turkey and the great living conditions as much as you want.


With a Turkish passport, you can enjoy the benefits of inheritance law.

A foreigner who acquires Turkish citizenship is subject to Turkish law and the Turkish Inheritance Law. In the event of a person's death, the property in Turkey acquired by that person will be distributed among the person's heirs in accordance with the shares contained in the law.


 Voting right

A foreign citizen who acquires Turkish citizenship has the right to vote like other Turkish citizens born in Turkey.


Turkish Passport by Investment


You can get Turkish passport by buying a property(apartments for sale in Istanbul) worth $400,000,

By investing in a bank deposit worth $500,000,

By obtaining a Turkish passport by buying shares worth  $500,000,

By purchasing bonds worth $500,000,

By registering a company and hiring 5 employees who are Turkish citizens.


Buy property and Obtain Turkish passport


You can get a Turkish passport for yourself and your children under the age of 18 by buying a property worth $400,000 within 70 days with a commitment not to sell the property for 3 years.

In 2021, a proposal was made to the Turkish parliament to grant 5-year residency to foreign nationals if they buy a property worth $100,000 in Turkey. At the end of the 5th year, you will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship and a passport.

Remember that you can easily obtain a Turkish passport and citizenship by buying a property by cooperating with MELARES lawyers.


Validity of Turkish passport


Turkey has different passports for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years and more. A Turkish passport is issued for a maximum of 10 years and allows you to travel for a long time. When your passport expires, you can renew your passport without any time limit.


How much will it Cost to Get a Turkish Passport in 2023? – Turkish Passport Fees for 2023


The total amount of the Turkish passport fees for 2023; 

689,70 TL for passports up to 6 months
1008.30 Turkish Liras for 1 year
1646.10 Turkish Liras for 2 years 
2,338.50 Turkish Liras for 3 years
3,295.50 Turkish Liras for more than 3 years.


Types of Turkish passports - How many types of Turkish passports are there?


There are 4 types of Turkish passports that are used by the Republic of Turkey for different purposes.

4 types of Turkish passport: Diplomatic passport, Special passport, Service stamped passport and Public passport.



Diplomatic Passport or Siyah Passport (black color)


How many pages does it consist of? 28 pages

To whom is it given? Competent to senior officials to formally represent the Republic of Turkey.


Special Passport or Yesil Pasport (green color)


How many pages does it consist of? 30 pages

To whom is it given? To government employees who are offered first-, second-and third-class positions and other government officials, provincial and regional mayors, members of the Banking Regulatory Authority, members of the board of directors of the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund.


Service stamped passport - Hizmet Passport (grey color)


How many pages does it consist of? 28 pages


To whom is it given? It is given to those who are officially sent to foreign countries but are not legally able to obtain diplomatic or private passports.

The same type of passport is issued to persons working in international organizations, as officials of the Republic of Turkey is a member of it. As well as to those appointed by the Turkish Aviation Association and the Turkish Red Crescent Society.



Public passport Bordo Passport (maroon color)


How many pages does it consist of? 38 pages

To whom is it given? It is given to Turkish citizens other than those mentioned above.

The type of passport received by foreign nationals after obtaining Turkish citizenship is a public passport.



Countries with a Visa-Free Entry for Turkish Passport Holders


Turkish passport allows you to travel to 111 countries without a visa or by obtaining a visa at the gate. On the other hand, the special passport and Service Passport holders can travel to 146 countries without a visa and 9 countries issue visas at the gate.


Afghanistan - visa required

Albania - visa-free

Algeria - visa required

Andorra - visa required

Angola - pre-visa on arrival

Antigua and Barbuda - visa-free / 180 days

Argentina - visa-free / 90 days

Armenia - visa on arrival / eVisa / 120 days

Australia - visa required

Austria - visa required

Azerbaijan - visa-free / 30 days

Bahamas - visa-free / 240 days

Bahrain - visa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days

Bangladesh - visa on arrival / 30 days

Barbados - visa-free / 180 days

Belarus - visa-free / 30 days

Belgium - visa required

Belize - visa-free / 90 days

Benin- Turkish Passport e-Visa

Bhutan - visa required

Bolivia- visa-free / 90 days

Bosnia and Herzegovina - visa-free / 90 days

Botswana - visa-free / 90 days

Brazil - visa-free / 90 days

Brunei - visa-free / 90 days

Bulgaria - visa required

Burkina Faso - visa required

Burundi - visa required

Cambodia - visa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days

Cameroon - visa required

Canada - visa required

Cape Verde - visa on arrival

Central African Republic - visa required

Chad - visa required

Chile - visa-free / 90 days

China - visa required

Colombia - visa-free / 90 days

Comoros - visa on arrival / 45 days

Congo - visa required

Congo (Dem. Rep.) - visa required

Costa Rica - visa-free / 90 days

Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) - pre-enrollment

Croatia - visa required

Cuba - tourist card / 30 days

Cyprus - visa required

Czechia - visa required

Denmark - visa required

Djibouti -e-Visa

Dominica - visa-free / 21 days

The Dominican Republic -visa-free

Ecuador - visa-free / 90 days

Egypt - visa required

El Salvador - visa-free / 90 days

Equatorial Guinea - visa required

Eritrea - visa required

Estonia  -  Turkish Passport  visa required

Eswatini - visa-free / 30 days

Ethiopia - e-Visa

Fiji - visa-free / 120 days

Finland - visa required

France - visa required

Gabon - visa on arrival / e-Visa / 90 days

Gambia - visa-free / 90 days

Georgia - visa-free / 360 days

Germany - visa required

Ghana - visa required

Greece - visa required

Grenada - visa required

Guatemala - visa-free / 90 days

Guinea - e-Visa / 90 days

Guinea-Bissau - visa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days

Guyana - visa required

Haiti - visa-free / 90 days

Honduras - visa-free / 90 days

Hong Kong - visa-free / 90 days

Hungary - visa required

Iceland - visa required

India - visa required

Indonesia - visa-free

Iran - visa-free / 90 days

Iraq - visa-free

Ireland - visa required

Israel - visa required

Italy - visa required

Jamaica - visa-free / 90 days

Japan - visa-free / 90 days

Jordan - visa-free / 90 days

Kazakhstan - visa-free / 30 days

Kenya - visa on arrival / e-Visa / 90 days

Kiribati - Turkish Passport visa required

Kosovo - visa-free / 90 days

Kuwait - visa on arrival / e-Visa / 90 days

Kyrgyzstan - visa-free / 30 days

Laos - visa on arrival / e-Visa / 30 days

Latvia - visa required

Lebanon - visa on arrival / 30 days

Lesotho - e-Visa / 14 days

Liberia - visa required

Libya - visa on arrival / 90 days

Liechtenstein - visa required

Lithuania- visa required

Luxembourg - visa required

Macao- visa-free / 30days

Madagascar - visa on arrival / e-Visa / 90 days

Malawi - e-Visa / 90 days

Malaysia - visa-free / 90 days

Maldives - visa on arrival / 30 days

Mali - visa required

Malta - visa required

Marshall Islands - visa on arrival / 90 days

Mauritania - visa on arrival

Mauritius - visa-free / 90 days

Mexico - eTA / 180 days

Micronesia - visa-free / 30 days

Moldova - visa-free / 90 days

Monaco - Turkish Passport  visa required

Mongolia - visa-free / 30 days

Montenegro - visa-free / 90 days

Morocco - visa-free / 90 days

Mozambique - visa on arrival / 30 days

Myanmar [Burma] - e-Visa / 28 days

Namibia - visa on arrival / 90 days

Nauru - visa required

Nepal - visa on arrival / 90 days

Netherlands - visa required

New Zealand - visa required

Nicaragua - visa-free / 90 days

Niger - visa required

Nigeria - pre-visa on arrival

North Korea - visa required

North Macedonia - visa-free / 90 days

Northern Cyprus - visa-free

Norway - visa required

Oman – e-Visa / 30 days

Pakistan - visa on arrival / e-Visa / 90 days

Palau - visa on arrival / 30 days

Palestinian Territories - visa-free

Panama - visa-free / 180 days

Papua New Guinea - visa required

Paraguay - visa-free / 90 days

Peru - visa-free / 180 days

Philippines - visa-free / 30 days

Poland -  Turkish Passport visa required

Portugal - visa required

Qatar - visa-free / 90 days

Romania - visa required

Russian Federation - visa required

Rwanda - visa on arrival / e-Visa / 30 days

Saint Kitts and Nevis - visa-free / 90 days

Saint Lucia - visa-free / 42 days

Samoa - visa on arrival / 60 days

San Marino         visa required

Sao Tome and Principe   visa-free / 15 days

Saudi Arabia - visa required

Senegal - visa on arrival / 30 days

Serbia - visa-free / 90 days

Seychelles - tourist registration / 90 days

Sierra Leone - visa on arrival / 30 days

Singapore - visa-free / 30 days

Slovakia – Turkish Passport - visa required

Slovenia - visa required

Solomon Islands - visa required

Somalia - visa on arrival / 30 days

South Africa - visa-free / 30 days

South Korea - visa-free / 30 days

South Sudan - visa required

Spain - visa required

Sri Lanka – e-TA / 30 days

St. Vincent and the Grenadines - visa-free / 30 days

Sudan - visa on arrival / 30 days

Suriname – e-Tourist card / 90 days

Sweden - visa required

Switzerland - visa required

Syria - visa required

Taiwan - visa on arrival / e-Visa / 30 days

Tajikistan - visa on arrival / e-Visa / 45 days

Tanzania - visa on arrival / e-Visa

Thailand- visa required



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