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Maltepe / Istanbul

10633 - Istanbul Real Estate Near Maltepe Beach Offering Prince Islands View

The project is built on a 38,000 sqm area and comprises of 11 blocks with 10 floors, containing a to...
  • 123 Sqm
  • 3
  • 2
  • Delivery Date 2024
Kağıthane / Istanbul

10632 - Fascinating Apartments with Breathtaking Forest View in Istanbul

The project is located in a central location which makes it easily accessible to various amenities, ...
  • 122 Sqm
  • 2
  • 1
  • Delivery Date 2024
Zeytinburnu / Istanbul

10631 - Buy a Luxury House with A+ Quality in Zeytinburnu Istanbul Istanbul

Buy houses for sale with panoramic views from three directions offering a master bedroom, spacious a...
  • 136 Sqm
  • 2
  • 2
  • Delivery Date 2023
Beylikduzu / Istanbul

10630 - Sea View Property for Sale 5 Mins to West Marina Istanbul

The project offers 4-bedroom apartment options with spacious balconies that provide great space to e...
  • 250 Sqm
  • 4
  • 3
  • Delivery Date 2023
Beşiktaş / Istanbul

10629 - Duplex Homes for Sale with Unique Bosphorus Veiw in Besiktas Istanbul

Buy duplex homes for sale in Besiktas Istanbul with stunning Bosphorus and nature views offering res...
  • 2 Sqm
  • 2
  • 2
  • Ready to Deliver
Sarıyer / Istanbul

10628 - Property in Istanbul Sariyer with Stunning Forest View

Purchase the best property in Istanbul Sariyer near Belgrad Forest with a unique design that combine...
  • 157 Sqm
  • 2
  • 1
  • Delivery Date 2023
Küçükçekmece / Istanbul

10627 - Buy Prestigious Real Estate in Istanbul Kucukcekmece

Buy prestigious real estate in Istanbul Kucukcekmece with the best location offering a high return o...
  • 81 Sqm
  • 1
  • 1
  • Delivery Date 2023
Maltepe / Istanbul

10626 - Elegant Apartments with Panoramic Sea and Prince Islands Views in Istanbul

Do not miss to buy an apartment for sale in the housing project consisting of 203 apartments with pa...
  • 106 Sqm
  • 2
  • 1
  • Delivery Date 2023
Bakırköy / Istanbul

10625 - A Highly Desirable and Well-planned Apartments for Sale in Bakirkoy Istanbul

A quite substantial project, being built on a land area of 20,448 square meters, offering a variety ...
  • 225 Sqm
  • 2
  • 2
  • Delivery Date 2024
Sarıyer / Istanbul

10624 - Properties with Magnificent Forest View in Well-known Sariyer Istanbul

A large mixed housing project consisting of 222 offices, 5 commercial units and 227 residences in 7 ...
  • 181 Sqm
  • 3
  • 2
  • Ready to Deliver



$628.800 / CASH

10574 - A Perfect Sea View Apartments for Sale Suitable for Turkish Citizenship

This spacious apartment is designed for your ultimate comfort with its stunning hall, and a bea...
Maltepe /
Delivery Date

$2.000.000 / CASH

10542 - Ultra-luxury Seafront Property for Sale in Istanbul Tuzla

A luxury seafront apartment in Istanbul has a perfect interior design where quality meets comfort. I...
Tuzla /
Delivery Date

$500.000 / CASH

10538 - Prestigious Istanbul Real Estate with Magnificent Bosphorus View

Buy prestigious real estate in Istanbul with Bosphorus and forest views in a touristic attraction of...
Üsküdar /
Delivery Date

$802.240 / CASH

12582 - Perfect Villas for Sale in Tepe in Alanya

Indoor area: 270 m2 Number of bedrooms: 4 Number of Bathrooms: 3 Ceiling height: 2.95 m Garage: ...
Alanya /
Delivery Date
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Apartments for sale in Istanbul 


Apartments for sale in Istanbul offer the best options for property investors and foreigners. For those who are planning to buy an apartment in Istanbul, Turkey, there is a wide range of luxury housing projects. Apartments for sale in Istanbul have excellent opportunities ranging from 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom apartments. Demand for apartments in Istanbul has grown thanks to the developed mortgage rates and geographical conditions.


Today apartments for sale in Istanbul with high-quality and luxurious residential units are offered to real estate investors and foreigners. Citizens from other parts of Europe and Asia spend time and money in Istanbul to enjoy a peaceful life in the city easily and comfortably. It is difficult for other cities in the world to surpass this city as a historical, economic, social and cultural value.



Istanbul is very famous for its deep history, magnificent Bosphorus and three breathtaking bridges. This is the connection of the Anatolian side with the European side, tourist places. It offers many perks such as modern living with many amenities for visitors.

Innovative construction companies are focusing on the construction of numerous apartments in Istanbul next to the unique beauty of the Bosphorus. There are many apartments for sale in Istanbul, Turkey, overlooking the Bosphorus. In addition, there are apartments near the forests, the sea and the lake, as well as in places with the most historic structures in Istanbul.


How to Search for Istanbul Apartments for sale in Turkey?


Those who are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul and want to buy a house should prepare for a wonderful trip to Istanbul.

It will be a good experience to see the comprehensive real estate market and choose your property with all its clarity. If you are planning to buy a new apartment for sale in Istanbul, you can track and search for new emerging regions and urban renewal areas that will gain value day by day.

There is a wide range of modern large residential projects offering luxury apartments for sale at every point in Istanbul. You can find studio apartments, 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartments, 3-bedroom apartments for sale, and even 5-bedroom apartments for sale in Istanbul in new residential projects. Even despite the fact that there are duplex apartments of different sizes. Some projects provide duplex apartments even for 1 and 2-bedroom apartments in Istanbul.

You may have trouble choosing from the many residential apartments in Istanbul. It is in your hands to make the decision easier and smarter by evaluating the Istanbul apartments for sale on our website melares.com according to the criteria you are looking for.

To start your search on your home, you can use our search engine from the properties page. Or, if you have specific criteria and a specific area, contact us so we can help you find the best apartment for sale in Istanbul Turkey and send you a portfolio list of that area.

MELARES Turkey properties is one of the most comprehensive real estate companies. We are currently responsible for project management, sales and marketing of more than 350 mega projects in Istanbul.



How to Buy an Apartment in Istanbul?


One of the best suggestions on how to buy an apartment for sale in Istanbul is that you should work with a professional real estate agent to find more alternatives for new apartments in Istanbul at the best prices in a short time. A real estate consultant will find a wide range of properties that fit your budget and expectations as soon as possible. It is very important to do a good search in to find the right real estate agent who will be helpful to you in meeting your needs.

Buying an apartment in Istanbul is very easy. Payment and title deed transfer processes last for about two to three days. The first day is devoted to the discovery and sale tour, and the remaining two or three days are completed by the procedures for transferring money and processing the title deed.

You must take into account your budget and determine how much money you have saved up. When you buy an apartment in Istanbul, you have to pay a certain amount of the selling price in advance. For this reason, you must calculate in advance what budget you have allocated.

Personal needs and preferences should be properly identified. Are you going to buy an apartment in Istanbul to live in or are you buying it for investment purposes? If you are planning to live in a house, there are a few things to consider. The apartment should be as near as possible to the quality of life and social needs, such as public transport, school, educational institution, hospital, shopping center, etc. If you buy an apartment for investment, your goal should be "low cost, high return".


Most Up-to-date prices for apartments in Istanbul in April 2023


Apartments for sale in Istanbul are famous for their affordable prices. In 2023, the prices for apartments in Istanbul vary depending on the region and the type of apartment being purchased. Price dynamics also depend on the age of the building, finishing features and even construction companies.

For example, in areas like Taksim, Beyoglu, and Nisantasi, the price per square meter can be between 18,700 and 50,000 Turkish Lira in apartment buildings. But for 5 to 10 years old apartments for sale in Istanbul, you can buy a house at a price of 7,368 to 10,566 Turkish liras per square meter in the Beylikduzu, Esenyurt, etc...

As of the end of April 2023, the prices of apartments for sale in Istanbul have increased by 114.96 percent compared to last year. The average area of ​​apartments in Istanbul is 120 square meters.

The average price per square meter of an apartment for sale in Istanbul is 22,833 Turkish Liras as of the end of April 2023.

Looking at annual averages, the areas with the highest apartment price increases in Istanbul at the end of April 2023 were respectively, Beyoglu, Kagithane, Bagcilar, Fatih and Sisli.

Taking into account the depreciation periods, the regions with the fastest payback for apartments in Istanbul as of the end of April 2023 were, respectively, Beyoglu, Gaziosmanpasa, Esenyurt, Fatih and Kagithane.


Factors Affecting the Price of an Apartment


  1. The status of the project, whether it is ready for handover or under construction.
  2. Your goal is to purchase it as an investment or for housing.
  3. Project area (There are 39 districts in Istanbul).
  4. Proximity to central points, transport, airport, or business centers.
  5. If social facilities and services are available in the project.
  6. Proximity to the sea, forest, city center and shopping centers.


Where to Buy an Apartment for Sale in Istanbul?


Due to the rapid growth of both population and demand, the number of apartment options that can be bought in Istanbul is increasing. Apartments for sale can be found in all areas of Istanbul where apartment prices are not too high and you can buy modern apartments.

These districts are: Beylikduzu, Esenyurt, Shishli, Taksim, Bakirkoy, Uskudar, Gaziosmanpasha, Silivri, Tuzla, Kartal, Kurtkoy, Sultanbeyli, Basaksehir, Avcilar, Bahcesehir, Kuchukchekmece and others.



6 Benefits of Buying an Apartment in Istanbul


  1. Obtaining a residence permit in Turkey.
  2. One of the most important advantages of buying an apartment for sale in Istanbul is the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.
  3. Affordable price, flexible installment term and high cash discount.
  4. Possibility of return on your investments. Some projects have a rental guarantee or some apartment already has a tenant.
  5. Ease of transportation due to a large number of alternatives, the E-5 and TEM highways connecting Anatolian Istanbul with European Istanbul.
  6. 3 important breathtaking iconic bridges (July 15 Martyrs Bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.



Luxury Apartments for Sale in Istanbul


Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul originated out of our time, and also showcased the inherent advanced technology and modernity of smart home systems, reducing time and fulfilling the basic duties of homeowners in accordance with the latest systems of syntactic intelligence capabilities.

If you are looking to buy a luxury apartment for sale in Istanbul, you have a wide range of alternatives to the most luxurious areas of Istanbul such as Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, Sisli, Taksim, Sariyer, Nishantashi, Besiktas, Buyukcekmece, Florya, Bahcesehir, Atasehir, Suadiye, Jaddebostan, and so on. 


Sea View Apartments for Sale in Istanbul


Apartments in Istanbul have breathtaking views and charming prices at the level of luxury real estate in the world.

There are apartments in Istanbul with a sea view in different parts of the city, such as Uskudar, Sisli, Beykoz, Kadikoy, Eyupsultan, Kartal, Kagitkhane, Zeytinburnu, Fatih, Kucukcekmece, Avcilar, Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece and some other places.

Sea view apartments for sale in Istanbul will certainly satisfy all your needs, offering the best life on the shores of the Bosphorus, where you can find some of the oldest Ottoman mansions right on the waterfront.

Beautiful projects are being built at the highest level of modern innovation next to the coast of Istanbul.


Cheap Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Turkey


Istanbul Turkey has a wide range of low-cost and cheap apartments for sale for those who want to own cheap apartments and invest in profitable Istanbul real estate. You can check out our melares.com website to find the best regions to suit your budget.

According to available housing projects on melares.com, Esenyurt leads the list of areas with more affordable prices and cheaper apartments for sale in Istanbul. Esenyurt is followed by Arnavutka, Silivri, Chataldzha and Beylikduzu respectively.

For those who want to own a cheap apartment for sale in Istanbul Turkey, where you can find the lowest prices per square meter of housing and return on investment in housing in any period, these regions are the best alternatives.