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When it is checked throughout world, the Turkey has a strategic position between the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

The Turkey which has coasts to Black Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, is one of the unique countries in the world. It is possible to reach the Marmara Sea from the Black Sea via the Bosphorus and the Aegean Sea through the Hellespont (Dardanelles), and then to the Mediterranean.

Tens of reasons such as remarkable economic power, mega investments, quality of education and health, history, culture and people among the countries of the world; makes Turkish citizenship attractive for foreigners.

Especially in the last few years, people of different nationalities aspire to have Turkish citizenship along with their own nationality.

How to get citizenship in Turkey? What are the factors that make Turkish citizenship so important in the world? Is it easy to obtain Turkish citizenship? What kind of rights can a foreigner who gains Turkish citizenship benefit from?

You can review the texts below to learn the answers to all your questions.

In recent years one of the most important reasons for foreign real estate investors of buying a property in Turkey is to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Previously, it was necessary to invest USD 1.000.000 in real estate to obtain Turkish citizenship. With the new regulation of the Turkish Government, it is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship with USD 250.000 worth of property investment.

How Many People Got Turkish Citizenship by Investment in Turkey?

According to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs statistics; between 19 September 2018 - 19 September 2019, 2,611 foreign investors became Turkish citizens.

The number of foreigners who acquire Turkish citizenship with their family members is 9,962.

Following the amendment made in September 2018 on obtaining Turkish citizenship, the housing investment of foreigners increased significantly.

As of January 2020, housing sales to foreigners in Istanbul increased by 46% compared to the previous year and broke a record. 15% increase in foreign sales in 2019 was seen across Turkey.

The top 10 countries who obtained Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey; respectively Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan .....

One of the previous applications was "reciprocity principle".

Prior to May 2012, in order for a foreigner to buy real estate from our country, a Turkish citizen had to be allowed to buy real estate from that country.

However, with the new regulation made in the Land Registry Law No. 2644, the condition of reciprocity was removed. According to this; foreign nationals determined by Presidential can buy real estate in Turkey (provided that they comply with legal restrictions and conditions) without seeking reciprocity.

Thanks to the new arrangements made by the Turkish Government, it has made it easier for foreign citizens to participate in the Turkish citizenship program by investing in capital or real estate.

FOREIGN INVESTORS THAT OBTAIN TURKISH CITIZENSHIP in 2019 (According to Country Nationalities)







Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saudi Arabia



Sudan, Russia, Algeria and the USA were recorded as other countries that followed 10 countries.

The citizens of other countries who acquire Turkish citizenship by investment can be listed as follows;

Germany, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, France, Syria, Belize, Belarus, Poland, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Grenada, South Africa, India, Canada, Union of Comoros and Ukraine.



Is it Easy to Obtain Turkish Citizenship?

Obtaining citizenship of any country is not an easy process. The country, which will grant citizenship, subordinates the person requesting citizenship to certain conditions and procedures. By submitting documents to many official authorities, rigorous research is carried out to determine whether the person is eligible for the nationality of that country.

While the Turkish government applies similar processes to a foreigner to grant Turkish citizenship, it is easier to obtain Turkish citizenship than many countries.

Especially, within the scope of obtaining Turkish citizenship "with exceptional cases" specified in the Law, obtaining citizenship of Turkey by investment has been made easier by the Turkish government's recent regulations.

No Need to Live in Turkey for Turkish Citizenship

For a foreing citizen, there is no need short or long-term living requirement in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment.

The person who will apply for Turkish citizenship, while continue to live in his/her own country, after getting Turkey residence permit he/she can apply for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

In this way, he / she easily handles Turkish citizenship transactions even while abroad.

No Need to Speak Turkish for Turkish Citizenship

People who want to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment are not obliged to speak Turkish, are not subject to any exams or interviews.

No Wealth Declaration Requirement for Turkish Citizenship

For foreign citizens who want to obtain Turkish citizenship, in order to apply for citizenship there is no need to declare to the Republic of Turkey as money, income, assets and other property that they own.

There is no Double Citizenship Restriction for Turkish Citizenship

Some countries around the world have banned their citizens from obtaining citizenship of a different country.

Does Turkey allow dual citizenship? There is no restriction about it. Turkish government dual citizenship in Turkey.

The citizens of the country, which the Turkish President has approved, can apply for Turkish citizenship and have the right to dual citizenship with their own citizenship. 

What are the benefits of Turkish citizenship?

One of the most curious subjects for a foreigner who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship is the benefits that being a citizen will provide for himself and his family.

Overall, despite the fact that Turkey is a Muslim country, offers modern living conditions to all people. In Turkey, it is respected to every diffrent religion and everyone can be able to freely fulfill their religious believes.

It also provides safer living conditions than many countries.

A foreigner who acquires Turkish citizenship;  when needed can live in Turkey as Turkish citizens, can work and benefit of social security.

Other benefits of being a Turkish citizen can be summarized as follows.

You Can Have the Rights of a Turkish Citizen

A citizen of a foreign country who acquires Turkish citizenship has the same rights that a Turkish citizen has, regardless of religion, language or race.

Your Family and Children Also Benefit from Citizenship

Together with the person applying for Turkish citizenship; his wife/husband and children under the age of 18 and the children to be born also obtain Turkish citizenship.

You Can Benefit of Health Services

A citizen of a foreign country who gains Turkish citizenship, both he/she and his/her family benefit from health services.

To receive free of charge services in a full-fledged hospitals operating in Turkey that have international standards, it allows you and your family to be safe in terms of health.

You Can Benefit from High Standard Education Opportunity

In Turkey, along with the many elementary, secondary and high schools which are serving in their native language for foreigners, there are hundreds of universities having worldwide quality education.

When you have Turkish citizenship, you can get education services with high quality standards for yourself or your family, thanks to the education institutions and universities that provide free or private service.

In order to university students in Turkey to benefit of Education Credit and Hostels Institution's repayment education credit, he/she must be a Turkish citizen. For this reason, when a foreign citizen obtains Turkish citizenship, he/she can also benefit from this loan.

Your Business Relations Become Stronger

Turkey, which has important roles in international trade, due to its economic strength and trust in the international business world, maintains its commercial relations in dozens country and in hundreds of different sectors.

A foreign country's citizen who will be found in commercial activities in Turkey, will use the power of Turkish citizenship also to develop his commercial relations.

Getting E2 Investor Visa Will Be Easier

As a Turkish citizen, you can obtain an E2 Investor Visa more easily for those who want to invest in America by establishing a company or taking over the existing business.

The country of the citizen person who will apply for an E2 investor visa must have an agreement with the USA. Turkey has an agreement with the USA on this issue.

You Can Have Double Citizenship

As Turkey is a country which allows dual citizenship, you will have double citizenship along with your own citizenship and Turkish citizenship that you will obtain.

If you are a citizen of a country that does not allow dual citizenship, in case of you are eligible for conditions of Turquoise Card that the Turkish government apply you may have an indefinite work and residence permit in Turkey. You can review the details under the title of this page's Turquoise Card.)

You Can Benefit of Power of the Ankara Agreement

As a result of the Ankara Agreement (European Community Association Agreement (ECAA), which allows Turkish citizens to settle in the UK by establishing a business with your Turkish citizenship, you can benefit of opportunity to establish a business in the UK until December 31, 2020.

You Can Stay in Turkey as Long as You Wish

In order for a foreigner to stay in Turkey long-term and benefit of Turkey's climate, natural and cultural beauties as well as social life conditions, it is neccessary to have a residence or work permit, and also renew them.

When you own Turkish citizenship, you have no restrictions on the duration of your stay in Turkey.

You Can Benefit of Inheritance Law

A foreigner who is a Turkish citizen is subject to Turkish Laws and Turkish heritage law on inheritance. In case of person's death, the acquired property in Turkey is distributed according to the shares specified in the law between the heirs of the person.

Right of Vote

A foreign citizen who acquires Turkish citizenship afterwards, has the right to vote like those who are Turkish citizens by birth.

Benefing of Retirement Rights

As per the right to social security, a foreign citizen who receives Turkish citizenship have the right to retirement, provided that the number of days required, payment of premiums and age is completed.

How Many Types of Turkish Passports Are There?

There are 4 types of Turkish passport that given by the Republic of Turkey according to their usage purpose.

Diplomatic Passport, Private Passport, Service Stamped Passport and Public Passport

1. Diplomatic Passport

Color: BLACK

How Many Page Does It Consist of?

To Whom It is Given to?It is given to the competent senior officials in order to represent the Republic of Turkey officially.

2. Private Passport

Color: GREEN

How Many Page Does It Consist of?

To Whom It is Given to? It is given to civil servants who are in first, second and third degree positions and other public officials, provincial and district mayors, Members of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, members of the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund Board.

3. Service Stamped Passport

Color: GRAY

How Many Page Does It Consist of? 

To Whom It is Given to? It is given to those who will be sent to foreign countries with official duty, but who are not able to be given diplomatic or specially stamped passports under the Law.

Same kind of passport is also given to those, who are working as civil servants status in international organizations which the Rebuplic of Turkey is member of it as well as those assigned by Turkish Aeronautical Association and Turkey Red Crescent Society.

4. Public Passport (General Passport)


How Many Page Does It Consist of? 

To Whom It is Given to? It is given to Turkish citizens other than those listed above.

The type of passport obtained by foreign nationals upon getting Turkish citizenship is the Public Passport.

What are the Benefits of Turkish Passport?

Foreign citizens who acquire Turkish citizenship also get the Turkish passport.

How strong is the Turkish Passport? What advantages do foreign citizens who receive a Turkish passport benefit from? You can review the explanations about the subject below.

> You Can Get Your Turkish Passport Quickly

In order for a foreign country citizen to get Turkish passport in the other ways than investment, he/she must live continuously at least 5 years in Turkey before applying to Turkish passport. Only after this period person can apply for Turkish citizenship.

The person who wants to get a Turkish passport by investing does not need to wait for this period. After realizing its investment and other necessary conditions, person can apply for a Turkish passport quickly.

> Long Term Passport Use

The Turkish passport has 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years and more. The Turkish passport, issued for a maximum of 10 years, gives you long-term travel.

When your passport expires, you will continue to renew your passport period by doing your necessary application without any time limit.

> The Power of Turkish Passport

According to the Henley Passport Index 2020, which is prepared based on the special data of the International Air Transport Association (IATA); in the ranking of the most powerful country passports, Turkey is in 55th ranks among 199 passports.

In addition, thanks to this power of the Turkish passport, it is easier to obtain the Schengen visa, which is necessary to go to European countries for both commercial and touristic purposes.

> Opportunity to Visa-free Travel to Europe in the Future

Turkey's European Union application and visa liberalization negotiations has been ongoing. Onward years, the opportunity can be for Turkish citizens who have Turkish passports to travel to European countries without a visa.

> Visa Free / Gate Visa Travel Opportunity to Over 100 Countries

When you want to visit a different country for business or touristic purposes, the procedures related to visa processes, preparing the necessary documents completely and correctly, filling out forms, applying, paying the visa fee and ultimately the stress of the possibility of a visa not being issued is a very tiring process.

A person holding a Turkish Passport can travel to more than 100 countries without a visa, and for some countries it is also easy to get a visa.

Turkish citizens holding Public Passports (Maroon Coloured) may benefit of limited time visa exemption or ease of obtaining a visa at the gate in the countries listed below.

Visa-Free / Gate-Visa Countries in Europe



Bosnia and Herzegovina


Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)







Visa-Free / Gate-Visa Countries in Asia





Hong Kong








South Korea







Sri Lanka









East Timor







Kingdom of Tonga


Republic of Vanuatu

Visa-Free / Gate-Visa Countries in Africa



South Africa Republic






Cape Verde


Comoros Islands




Sao Tome and Principe


Republic of Sierra Leone






Republic of Zimbabwe

Visa-Free / Gate-Visa Countries in the United States

Antigua and Barbuda







Dominican Republic


El Salvador





Costa Rica






St. Lucia

Trinidad and Tobago



British Virgin Islands

Cook Islands


Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Turks and Caicos Islands

Public Passport (Bordeaux Passport) holders may benefit of the limited time visa exemption or the convenience of obtaining a visa at the gate, in the countries indicated below

Note: The countries indicated on the map may vary according to the legislation revisions of the Turkish government and other countries.


In order to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment, the processes of the Turkish Citizenship Investment Program (TCIP) application processes must first be completed.

After the necessary processes are completed and a residence permit application is made, the application for Turkish citizenship is made at the last stage.

Completing all of your family and your information and documents required for your Turkish citizenship application completely and accurately has an important effect on shortening your citizenship process. Otherwise, it is inevitable to lose time due to missing / wrong documents.

After the delivery of all the documents, there is a review process by the official authorities to determine that there is no obstacle for you and your family to be Turkish citizens.

In the light of the information mentioned above, the processes of obtaining Turkish citizenship can normally be completed between about 90 days and 180 days.

It is also very important to carry out your application for Turkish citizenship with experienced and expert lawyers. With the right guidance by lawyers, your citizenship processes will be resolved in less time without confusion.

As MELARES Turkey Properties; with our reliable and expert lawyers, we ensure that your Turkish citizenship processes result in minimum cost and meticulousness.

For 2020 How Much is a Turkish Passport?

The total amount of the Turkish passport's fee for 2020 is below.

6 Months - 368,30 TL

1 Year - 464,40 TL

2 Years 657.00 TL

3 Years - 865.90 TL

3 Years and Over - 1.154,80 TL


You want to apply for Turkish citizenship in a country where you don't know its language, culture, legal procedures and practices. If you are planing to carry out such a process yourself without professional legal support, we recommend you reconsider this subject.

For which subject where should you apply? What kind of information and documents are needed on Turkish citizenship subject Which steps do you need to follow in legal procedures? It will take weeks and maybe months to do all this with hearsay information or by searching over the internet. Also, you will have to run from there to there ...

All relevant issues, including the investment processes before the Turkish citizenship application and the Turkish citizenship application processes, require legally specialization. Laws are clear and clear. It does not accept comments, guesses and errors. It is a serious business to carry out official processes and citizenship processes before citizenship without any problems!

For this reason, you should conduct your Turkish citizenship applications that you will obtain by investing with experienced, expert and reliable lawyers. At this point, the following questions may occur in your mind; "Why should I work with lawyers for Turkish citizenship?", "What are the benefits of lawyers in my application for Turkish citizenship?"

First of all, nobody knows Turkish law rules better than Turkish lawyers. In addition, lawyers also have fields of expertise in spesific subjects. Expert lawyers who have the knowledge and experience of acquiring citizenship of foreign people direct you correctly and make your transactions easier while keeping you safe. In this regard, the best persons that can help you in correct way will be lawyers who know citizenship law Turkey well. In addition; during the residence permit application, which is one of the compulsory processes before the citizenship application, no other profession member other than the lawyer can take action by proxy.

It is a fact that; for foreigners who do not conduct their transactions through their lawyers, the investment and application processes are slower and more troublesome.

Especially if you are considering getting Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, you will need the support of professional lawyers also in many official procedures you need to carry out in your real estate purchasing processes.

With the right lawyer and the accurate real estate company, you will achieve the best and profitable result.

As a summary; collaborating with lawyers in your formal procedures, including citizenship, provides you the following benefits in outline;

> Checking the Eligibility of Real Estate for Turkish Citizenship

For the application for Turkish citizenship, it is not sufficient for the property to have USD 250.000 or equivalent Turkish Liras price. At the same time, the floor easement (construction servitude) of this property must be established by the construction company.

Lawyers that you are cooperating with, by checking whether the property that you plan to purchase is suitable for Turkish citizenship conditions and gives you the right information and guidance.

> Fast Execution of Transactions with Power of Attorney

Türk vatandaşlığı başvurunuzda, vekaletname vererek bir avukatla çalışabilirsiniz. 

It must be stated in the text of the power of attorney that you will give "that the lawyer is authorized to apply for Turkish citizenship on your behalf". Thus, even if you are not being in Turkey, your lawyer will have executive powers to ease the naturalization process on your behalf.

> Checking the Accuracy of Your Information and Documents

Lawyers ensure that official documents and information are complete and accurate. Thus, it prevents your request to be rejected by applying with wrong information and documents.

> Examining the Legal Status of the Property You Will Buy

In Turkey, especially in Istanbul, thousands of new construction is done. You need an expert eye to be sure which of these / which has completed its legal procedures for you to purchase.

At this point, your lawyers will carry out the necessary researches for you regarding the zoning status of the property you are planning to buy, whether it has a building license, whether there are any restrictions, foreclosures and problematic situations on the property.

Your legal advisor also keeps you away from problematic properties.

> Provision of Real Estate Appraisal Report

Your lawyer carries out the realization of the Real Estate Appraisal Report, which is required for the application of Turkish citizenship and proves that the value of the property you purchase is at least USD 250.000.

> Residence Permit Application

Before applying for citizenship within the scope of the Turkish Citizenship Acquisition Program with Investment, you must apply to the relevant official institution for Residence Permit.

Your lawyers will carry out the procedures on your behalf correctly in applying and finalizing your application with the necessary information and documents.

> Citizenship and Passport Application

Your lawyers provide all necessary legal counseling in all of your processes from the preparation of the documents required for Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport in accordance with the provisions of the Law, until the conclusion of your transactions.

 It follows the processes meticulously and finalizes them.

* Obtaining Citizenship Approval Documents from Population Directorates

After the citizenship application is finalized, a certificate of confirmation is issued by the Provincial Population Directorate that the citizenship has been concluded. These documents are also taken by our lawyers.

* Passport and Identity Appointments, Regulations

(Population Directorate in Turkey or Turkey Embassies / Consulates)

After your citizenship application is positive, it is now the last step. The last stage is the provision of passports and IDs.

The person and his family, whose Turkish citizenship is approved, should go to the Population Directorates in domestic or to Embassies and Consulates abroad. Since your fingerprints will be taken in these competent authorities, you should go to these institutions personally.

If you perform mentioned operations in Turkey, MELARES's competent lawyers will be with you during this process. If you want to get the relevant documents from consulates or embassies, our lawyers will inform you about how the entire process will process.

> Taxes and Tax Exemption Support

Your lawyer direct you in the right way, about the tax you have to pay for the real estate you will buy in Turkey and to which authority you would refer to. 

In addition, your lawyers manage the application processes regarding the Value Added Tax Exemption (VAT) of the real estate you have purchased in Turkey in the most accurate way.

> Current Information on Legislation and Legal Issues

It is very difficult for you to get fast and accurate information by yourself about your investment, your applications, your processes or the changes that the Turkish government will make regarding the necessary documents.

The Lawyers you work with instantly notify you of such legislative changes, ensuring that your proceedings are carried out properly and accurately.



What conditions are there to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment? In which ways can be obtain citizenship of Turkey by investment?

Before moving on to the answers to these questions, it is necessary to take a brief look at the situation of foreign citizens under the "exceptional cases" specified in the Law.

As stated in the Law No. 5901 on the acquisition of Turkish citizenship; Within the scope of "Exceptional Circumstances", the citizens of the foreign countries stated below can obtain Turkish citizenship by the President's Decision.

Scope of Exceptional Status;

1. The people who brings industrial facilities to Turkey or having / will be having extraordinary services in the fields of scientific, technological, economic, social, sporting, cultural, artistic and the people whose reasoned proposals about themselves are made by the relevant ministries.

2. Foreigners who have obtained a residence permit in accordance with article 31 / j of the International Protection Law No. 6458 and foreigners holding Turquoise Cards and their foreign spouse and non-adult or dependent foreign children.

3. Persons deemed requisite to become citizens.

4. People who are considered immigrants.

Note: The above-mentioned persons should not have any obstacles in terms of national security and public order.


According to this; foreign nationals, provided that invests in different channels in Turkey, can apply for citizenship of Turkey by investment.

With this investment program, it's aimed that promotion of foreign investment in Turkey and to provide economic benefits. The amounts specified in the investment program have been reduced by the President's decision as of September 2018. Thus, foreign citizenship acquisition processes have been made easier and faster.

Foreign investors can apply for Turkish citizenship by fulfilling one of the conditions listed below and obtaining a "certificate of conformity" from the relevant official institution.


Investment Amount: A minimum of 500 thousand Dollars (equivalent to different currency or Turkish Lira) should be invested. (Before the revision, the minimum amount required for investment was $ 2 million.)

Official Institution to Receive Certificate of Conformity: Ministry of Industry and Technology



Investment Amount: A minimum of 500 thousand Dollars (it may be equal to or different currencies Turkish Lira) worth of deposits in banks operating in Turkey should be admitted. (Before the revision, the minimum amount required for investment was $ 3 million.)

Condition: Deposit cannot be withdrawn from the bank for 3 years.

Official Institution to Receive Certificate of Conformity: Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency



Investment Amount: A minimum of 500 thousand Dollars (equivalent to different currency or Turkish Lira) should be purchased. (Before the revision, the minimum amount required for investment was $ 3 million.)

Condition: Government debt securities must be kept for 3 years.

Official Institution to Receive Certificate of Conformity: Ministry of Treasury and Finance



Investment Amount: A minimum of 500 thousand Dollars (which may be different currency or Turkish Lira equivalent) should be purchased "real estate investment fund participation share or venture capital investment fund participation share". (Before the revision, the minimum amount required for investment was $ 2 million.)

Condition: Participation shares must be kept for 3 years.

Official Institution to Receive Certificate of Conformity: Ministry of Treasury and Finance



Condition: At least 50 people must be employed. (Before the revision, the minimum number of employment was 100 people.)

Official Institution to Receive Certificate of Conformity: Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services



Investment Amount: A minimum of 250 thousand Dollars (equivalent to a different currency or Turkish Lira) property (house, shop, land etc.) must be purchased. (Before the revision, the minimum amount required for investment was $ 1 million.)

Condition: Real estate cannot be sold for 3 years. Annotation of "cannot be sold for 3 years "should be added to the title deed records.

Official Institution to Receive Certificate of Conformity: Ministry of Environment and Urbanization



The Buy Real Estate Investment Fund or Venture Capital Investment Fund Participation

Worth to minimum



To Deposit to banks operating in Turkey

Worth to minimum



To buy Government Debt Securities

Worth to minimum



To do a Fixed Capital Investment

Worth to minimum



Providing Employment


50 People



Only worth to



There may be different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship for a foreign citizen.

>>> For a minimum of USD 500.000;

    + You can purchase Real Estate Investment Fund Participation Share or Venture Capital Investment Fund Participation Share,

    + You can make Deposits to banks operating in Turkey,

    + You can buy Government Debt Securities,

    + You can make Fixed Capital Investments.

>>> Apart from this, you can obtain Turkish citizenship by Providing Employment for at least 50 people.

However, these methods are laborious as well as costly.

However, by doing only worth of 250,000 US dollars (equivalent Turkish Lirası or different currency), Real Estate investment in Turkey, you can able to get Turkish citizenship with a cost more affordable. In recent years, the increase in the number of real estate purchases for Turkish citizenship of foreigners shows that obtaining Turkish citizenship is more attractive with real estate investment.

The practise decision of obtaining Turkish citizenship by real estate investment was made in 2017, and there was a minimum of 1 million USD real estate investment condition at that time.

In September 2018, with the decision of the President, the real estate investment amount was reduced to a minimum of 250 thousand USD.

>>> In order to apply for Turkish citizenship with properties purchased between January 12, 2017 and September 18, 2018, your real estate amount must be at least 1 million US dollars or equivalent in Turkish Lira or foreign currency.

>>> Turkish citizenship applications cannot be done with real estates purchased before January 12, 2017 (even if the value is at least 1 million US dollars).

>>> Turkish citizenship applications cannot be done for the properties within the scope of the real estate sales promise agreement issued before December 7, 2018.

If you want to acquire citizenship and do a profitable investment by buying real estate, in the sections below, you can find summary information about the steps to be taken and the required documents to obtain Turkish citizenship.

To buy real estate Turkey you can contact with MELARES Turkey Properties.

*** Before applying for Turkish citizenship, we recommend you that contact the competent authorities to obtain up-to-date information.



What are the financial advantages to get Turkish citizenship by property investment?

When you apply for citizenship in Turkey by investment, you will evaluate your investment in addition to affordable cost. Since there is a condition of not selling the property (house, shop, etc.) you bought for 3 years,

*** If you are not going to live in this house you bought, you can rent the property and get 6% to 8% rental income annually throughout 3 years.

*** If you want to sell your property after 3 years, you will have an average investment value of 10% to 15% annually on the price you purchased, and an average of 33% to 52% in total at the end of 3 years.

*** If you want to both rent your house and then sell it after 3 years, you can earn high income at the end of the 3rd year as shown in the example below.


For example; When you buy a house worth to 2.000.000 TL,


Annual Rental Income of the House: Between 2,000,000 TL x 6% = 120,000 TL and 2,000,000 TL x 8% = 160,000 TL

3-Years Rental Income of the House: Between 120.000 TL x 3 years = 360.000 TL and 160.000 TL x 3 years = 480.000 TL



Annual Investment Income of the House: Between 2,000,000 TL x 10% = 200,000 TL and 2,000,000 TL x 15% = 300,000 TL

3-Years Investment Income of the House: Between 200.000 TL x 3 years = 600.000 TL and 300.000 TL x 3 years = 900.000 TL



Purchase Value of the House: 2.000.000 TL

3-Years Rental Income of the House: Between 360,000 TL and 480,000 TL.

3-Years Investment Income of the House: Between 600,000 TL and 900,000 TL.


2.000.000 TL + 360.000 TL + 600.000 TL = 2.960.000 TL (48% total value increase)

2.000.000 TL + 480.000 TL + 900.000 TL = 3.380.000 TL (69% increase in total value)


BRIEFLY; A house that you buy for 2,000,000 TL will save you between 48% and 69% in total, with both rental income and investment income after 3 years.


* All foreign nationals who invest USD 250,000 in property, except for nationals restricted by law, may apply for Turkish Citizenship and Turkish Passport.

* You can apply for Turkish Citizenship by purchasing one or more properties with a total value of USD 250.000.

* The Turkish Citizenship program also provides opportunity for stateless persons who have confirmed with a document issued by the United Nations.

* Property which purchased for citizenship cannot be sold for 3 years. You can sell your property once the required time expires and Turkish Citizenship is granted. This does not affect your Turkish citizenship negatively.

* The person's married spouse and children under the age of 18 also benefit of Turkish citizenship.

* The applicant's mother, father or children over the age of 18 cannot apply for Turkish Citizenship within the scope of obtaining citizenship through investment.

* The children of a person who obtained Turkish citizenship are born as Turkish citizens.

* You do not have to live in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship.

* "Permanent residence permit" is not required for Turkish Citizenship application.

* Turkish citizenship that obtained is valid for lifelong.

* Language test or interview is not required for Turkish citizenship.

* In addition to your Turkish citizenship, you can hold different nationalities together. So you can have more than one citizenship.

* The officially declared value of the property during the transfer of ownership in the Notary Approved Sales Contract and / or Title Deed Office must be at least USD 250.000.

* If the property is purchased with a mortgage loan, the mortgage value is deducted from the value stated in the valuation report and the remaining amount is taken into consideration.

* The value of the real estate must be paid by bank transfer from the buyer's account to the seller's account. This transaction must be proved by bank receipts.

* Turkish citizenship applications cannot be made with properties registered on another foreign country citizen.



In order to obtain Turkish Citizenship with minimum USD 250.000 or equivalent Turkish Liras property investment, you need to perform the following processes.

Getting Tax Registration Number
Opening a Turkish Bank Account
Finding the Property
Obtaining Real Estate Appraisal Report
Purchasing the Property
Obtaining the Certificate of Conformity
Application for Turkish Residency
Application for Turkish Citizenship


1. Getting Tax Registration Number

Tax Registration number can be obtained from any tax office in Turkey.

2. Opening a Turkish Bank Account

An application must be done to a Turkish bank to open an account with original passport, tax registration number and an official public invoice showing the current address.

3. Finding the Property

Single or multiple property should be the total value of USD 250.000 or equivalent Turkish Lira.

 - Property should be completed or about to completion,

 - Occupancy Permit should be granted,

 - Construction Servitude or Title Deed should be ready.

4. Getting the Property Appraisal Report

Before the title deed transfer or contract sale an appraisal report must be obtained from a valuation company, showing that the real estate value is at least 250,000 Dollars. The valuation company that will issue the report must be a company approved by the Capital Markets Board.


5. Purchasing the Property

Property buying amount's payment should be sent from the buyer's account to the account of the seller by bank, and it should be proved by the shipment document. 

Sales can be made by transfer of title deed or by contract of sale. 

The purchased real estate cannot be sold for 3 years (to be annotated to the title deed).

6. Obtaining the Certificate of Conformity

After the transfer of the title deed took place; certificate of conformity is being obtained from General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre together with the following documents (regarding the transactions being made in accordance with the law).

 > Bank transfer receipts,

 > Real estate valuation report,

 > Annotation of "can not sold for 3 years" put into the title deed / contract.

7. Application for Turkish Residency

In order to obtain a residence permit, an application is to be made to the Provincial Migration Management with the necessary documents.

The investor has the right to renew the residence permit until his / her citizenship process is completed.

8. Application for Turkish Citizenship

The application is finalized by applying for Turkish Citizenship to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs together with the residence permit and other necessary documents.

After the application, the competent authorities evaluate the application.

It is necessary to be investigated whether there is a situation restricted by law or threatening national security. This research is carried out by the authorized institutions of the Turkish government.

At the approval stage of the Turkish citizenship application, an invitation is made by the Provincial Security Directorate to conduct the necessary interview and to obtain fingerprints of the person (s) who will receive citizenship.

After the eligibility of the application for citizenship of Turkey is determined, it is signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish citizenship process is completed.



Filling the Citizenship Program Application Form


Needs Analysis and Presenting Proper Portfolios


Appointment Organization


Welcoming You at the Airport and Entertain in Our Office


Presentation of Properties Suitable for Citizenship and Determining Real Estate


Free Real Estate Tour / City - Region Introduction


Deciding on the Real Estate to be Purchased


Meeting with MELARES' Lawyers


Organizing Property Purchase Processes


Residence Permit Application


Turkish Citizenship Application


Getting the Turkish Passport

Filling the Citizenship Program Application Form

The web form you transmit to us about your request of apartment, villa, commercial property in Turkey, is carefully examined by our experts Buyer Consultants.

After the review, you will be contacted via whatsapp / telegram / phone / e-mail in a very short time according to your communication preference.


Needs Analysis and Presenting Proper Portfolios

During the communication with our Buyer Consultant, the analysis is carried out related to your house need in Turkey.

Property alternatives that are suitable for your needs and expectations are presented to you and their suitability is confirmed.


Appointment Organization

Your Buyer Consultant will determine the appropriate day and time with you, in order you to visit Istanbul.


Welcoming You at the Airport and Entertain in Our Office

Our Buyer Consultant who speaks your native language and a Turkish Manager welcome you at the airport in the appointment time.

Also, you can get necessary guidance and support from MELARES' two Communication Points at Istanbul Airport- International Arrival Terminal.

By providing your transfer with our company shuttle, we welcome you in our Head Office. Here you have the opportunity to see our working environment and get to know our team.

Presentation of Properties Suitable for Citizenship and Determining Real Estate

In our head office, all property options suitable for citizenship in turkey especially determined for you are presented to you.

Comparisons and assesments are made with you. All your questions are answered.


Free Real Estate Tour / City - Region Introduction

After the assesments in the office, we start our FREE REAL ESTATE TOUR with our company shuttle to visit the property alternatives we have determined together. By this tour, you can find an opportunity to review real estate Istanbul.

During the real estate tour; Important information about Istanbul, the features and investment value of the region where the property is located, also the house / housing project you visit are shared with you in all aspects.


Deciding on the Real Estate to be Purchased

After the region and property visits, necessary assesments are made with you for the most accurate location and the house that best suits your needs.

It is ensured that you invest in the most healthy and logical property.

The Importance of Meeting with MELARES' Lawyers

Our lawyers will explain you, about the eligibility of the property for Turkish citizenship, the legal status and the citizenship procedures with all stages. 

They also answer all your questions about citizenship processes loud and clear. 

Thanks to this information you have and the support of our lawyers in all processes, you will not have difficulty in the stages of citizenship in Turkey.

MELARES' lawyers are highly experienced and knowledgeable in citizenship law Turkey.

Therefore, it is aimed to make you maximum benefit of this knowledge and experience.


Organizing Property Purchase Processes

After deciding on the house you will buy, we facilitate your transactions by acting with you in all official processes such as real estate sales promise agreement, payment, bank account opening, title deed transactions and so on.

According to our experience; normally, a real estate purchase process is completed within 2-4 days.


Residence Permit Application

After purchasing your property, you must apply for a Residence Permit before you can apply for Turkey Citizenship.

The necessary directions regarding your residence permit application are made by our company's expert lawyers.


Turkish Citizenship Application

After your residence permit has been issued, your Turkish citizenship application processes are carried out on your behalf through our lawyers.

In this process, all your questions are answered by our experienced lawyers. You will be informed about current practices and procedures.


Getting the Turkish Passport

All processes of your Turkish passport, which will be approved after the application and necessary examinations, are meticulously followed up and concluded by our lawyers.



>>> We offer you the most accurate real estate properties suitable for citizenship in Turkey.

 + 18 years of experience

 + Wealth of real estate

>>> In all processes we are by your side.

 + Expert Call Center Team and Sales Team 

 + Service in different languages…

>>> We offer you the best in your Turkey Citizenship processes.

 + Meticulous and cost-effective service 

 + Our expert and experienced lawyers


Expert LAWYERS and the accurate REAL ESTATE COMPANY lead you to the best and profitable result.



It is important to prepare the required application documents very carefully and accurately so that you can reach the result quickly when applying for Turkish citizenship.

It is possible to prepare your documents in accordance with the Law and application conditions through our professional Lawyers who will guide you in this matter.


The documents required for Turkish citizenship application through investment are outlined below.

* Population Registration - Birth Certificate (For all family members)

* Residence Certificate

* Marital Status Certificate (Showing that the person purchasing the real estate on behalf of the property is married, single or divorced)

* Certificate of Death (If the applicant is a widow, a document regarding the death of spouse)

* Health insurance

* 8 Biometric Photos (Taken on a white background)

* Passport

* Parental Consent Letter (For the child under the age of 18 who will receive Turkish citizenship of the applicant. Must be issued by a notary, overseas representative or competent authorities of his / her country.)

* Original and Notarized Turkish Translation of These Documents

* Power of Attorney (For authorization of the lawyer)

* Certificate of Conformity

* Application Forms

* Service Fee Receipt (Must be obtained from the Finance Cashier)



For living or investing.. By choosing one of our Citizenship Packages prepared including "one or more property", you can obtain Turkish citizenship and sign a profitable investment opportunity.


You can live in your property which you will buy at appropriate value for Turkish Citizenship or you can rent it and earn regular income.



You can live in one of the 2 properties which you will buy, and rent the other property to obtain regular income. If you wish you can rent both of the property and increase your income.



You can live in one of the 3 properties which you will buy, and rent the other two properties to obtain regular income. If you wish you can rent three of the propertiy and increase your income.



You can live in one of the 4 properties which you will buy, and rent the other three properties to obtain regular income. If you wish you can rent four of the property and increase your income.

If you want to rent your property, our related department will carry out your rental processes professionally.


As MELARES Turkey Properties, we find the most accurate real estate alternatives for you to be a Turkish citizen.




In Turkey, you have many reasons to do real estate investment. Not only to obtain Turkey citizenship but also Turkey's many features is a major reason in itself to invest here.


Turkey has a unique location that connects the continents of Asia and Europe. Turkey provides the opportunity to cross from the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea and to the Mediterranean Sea through the Marmara Sea and acts as a bridge between the countries of the Middle East - Asia - Europe.

Turkey is an independent country, that has the world's most important commercial links and a liberal economy. Throughout history, the trade route which named "Silk Road", that was starting from China and was reaching to Europe passing through Anatolia and Thrace in Turkey, is one of the most important indicators of Turkey's position in the world.

Compared to many Middle Eastern countries, Turkey provides confidence and stability and it is turning into a center of attraction for foreigners day by day.

The number of foreigners from different countries who want to own house in Turkey is increasing each passing day. Official data show that in Turkey the number of foreign real estate investors has increased to a significant degree.



Turkish government’s incentives in order to attract foreign investors in the property market play an important role for foreigners to have interest in buying property in Turkey.

According to official data; As of February 2020, housing sales to foreign citizens increased by 27% compared to the same month of the previous year.

In the sales realized, the first 10 provinces are respectively; İstanbul - Antalya - Ankara - Bursa - Yalova - Samsun, Sakarya, Mersin, İzmir Muğla.

The first 10 countries who buy real estate in Turkey respectively; Iraq - Iran - Russia - Afghanistan - Yemen - Jordan - Germany - Saudi Arabia - Kuwait - Palestine



The Right to get Turkish Citizenship

You can be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, in return of obtaining apartment, villa or commercial units worth to USD 250,000

The Annulment of Reciprocity Law

According to the "Reciprocity Law" implemented in previous years; in order for a foreigner to buy a property in Turkey, in return of this rule, also it had to be allowed that Turkish citizen could be able to buy a property from that foreign country.

However, with the abolition of the reciprocity law, citizens of a foreign country (including the citizens whose own country is not restricted by Presidency) can purchase real estate in Turkey in an easy way.

Agreement on the Avoidance of Double Taxation

According to the "Agreement on the Avoidance of Double Taxation" which was signed by 80 countries and Turkey; the taxes which you will pay on your incomes you get from your real estates or your commercial earnings, will be reduced from the total tax that you will pay in your country.

Residence Permit Duration

According to the previous law you can get a 3 months limit for your residence permit, after the update of this law if you buy a property you can have a 1 year or more residence permit.

Value Added Tax (VAT) Exemption

By investing in the Turkish real estate market, you get exemption of Value Added Tax (VAT) payment.

Payment Facilities Provided in Housing Projects

When you purchase property in Turkey, you will make a profitable buying thanks to the campaigns provided government guaranteed projects or campaigns made by contractors’ firms like "installment postponement", "discount on cash purchases," "rental guarantee". 

State Investments Provide Facilities for Foreigners 

Government investments in terms of education, tourism and health provide vital opportunities to foreign investors as well as Turkish citizens.



Turkey is one of the heaven country to live, as well as to invest and to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Democracy and Belief  Together

Turkey is a cosmopolitan country which is hosting 83 million people having different cultures, religions, and political beliefs together.

Turkey, whose vast majority are Muslims, since it is governed by the Republic regime, which is a secular and democratic form of government, everyone is free to fulfill the requirements of the religion he/she believes in.


It Has a Strong Economy

Although it is affected by the global economic waves like every other country, Turkey is one of the economically powerful countries.

According to review of research institutions throughout the world, economically, the world's most powerful 17th country is Turkey.


Real Estate Investment Values

Turkey always has a real estate market which is lively, demanded and increasing value. One of the most important reasons for this is the construction of modern and earthquake resistant buildings and the real estate need of people never ends.

Even in the most challenging economic periods, real estate purchases were maintained by domestic and foreign investors, and real estate sales never stopped.

According to statistics, the annual investment value increasing of the real estate is around 12.5% on average.

Real estate is a safe investment tool for investors. Interest rates, exchange rates, stocks and similar investment instruments vary faster according to economic market conditions, but real estate is less affected by economic conditions.

You can either prefer apartments for sale in Istanbul, European side or Anatolian side. Which of them you prefer, you will do a smart investment. And you will buy house in Istanbul.


Giant Investments

The majority of which are in Istanbul, there are mega projects and investments in Turkey which are realized and planned.

The investments such as Istanbul Airport, Canal Istanbul, Canakkale Bridge, Osmangazi Bridge, the domestic automobile manufacturing, ,nvestment in the defense industry and more, each passing day make Turkey more powerful.

In addition, Airbus firm is expected to invest approximately 2.5 billion dollars in Turkey in 2020.


Business Opportunities

While you are living in Turkey, according to your profession and your talent if you wish, you can work in a company or institution or can take your place in trading life by establishing your own business.


Safety Living Conditions

Turkey has been providing a safe life for all people living within the country's borders with its security forces.

World Class Health Services

Turkey provides to Turkish citizens with top-quality FREE health services by well-trained and experienced medical staff in state and university hospitals that have all kinds of health infrastructure.

In addition, if you wish, you can benefit of health care services in modern and technological private health institutions for a fee. 

The Turkish citizenship you acquire with the investment offers you and your family the opportunity to benefit of these opportunities.


Quality Educational Institutions

The state schools and universities in Turkey, have proven themselves worldwide with their quality educational programs and educators. This education opportunity, which is provided for FREE, is a great opportunity for you and your family.

In order for yourself or for your children to have a better future, you will find the chance to get training in your native language especially in big cities of Turkey.


Turkey is One of the G 20 Countries

Being one of the G20 countries which regulate international economic relations and increase the cooperation, makes Turkey stronger.


The Power of Being One of the NATO Countries

The Turkey, is one of the 29 member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), provides to its citizens safety living conditions also at an international level.

Member countries of NATO;

* Germany

* Albania

* Belgium

* United States

* United Kingdom

* Bulgaria

* Czech Republic

* Denmark

* Estonia

* France

* Croatia

* Netherlands

* Iceland

* Italy

* Spain

* Canada

* Montenegro

* Latvia

* Lithuania

* Luxembourg

* Norway

* Hungary

* Poland

* Portugal

* Romania

* Slovakia

* Slovenia

* Turkey

* Greece


Member of OECD (Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation)

Turkey, is a member of the organization called " Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development  (OECD)" that consisting of 36 countries having a democratic form of management and the market economy.

Being one of the founding countries of the OECD, proves that Turkey is a democratic and economically strong country and is improved as trade.

Member Countries of OECD;

United States of America





Czech Republic





























New Zeland


Applicant Country of European Union (EU)

Turkey, is one of the candidate countries of European Union (EU) which is including the 27 countries and founded to strengthen cooperation of European countries's economic, political, social and cultural cooperations. Turkey's entry into the European Union, notably the possibility of visa-free travel to European countries, will provide many advantages to Turkish citizens.

Member Countries  of the European Union;




Cyprus Administration (GKRY)

Czech Republic























Candidate Countries of European Union; Turkey - Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia.


Power of the Turkish Army

With its high standard military training, state-of-the-art military equipment, experienced senior management, the Turkish Army is the 11th strongest army in the world among 138 countries.

As a result of Global Firepower' assessment for 2020, it has been announced that Turkey's military power ranks as 11th amongst 138 countries.


Strong Turkish Legal System

The Constitution of the Republic of Turkey to regulate the constitutional legal system in Turkey has entered into force in 1982.

Turkish courts; has been deciding according to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey which includes several key principles such as Republican principles, human rights policy, equality decide.


The World's Biggest Capacity Airport is in Turkey

Istanbul Airport, the biggest airport in the world and providing the opportunity for over hundreds of flight in many different place of the world's destinations is located in Turkey. Thanks to this airport, it will be possible for you to reach anywhere you wish.

Your domestic travels will also be comfortable with 56 airports located in different cities of Turkey.


Opportunity to Live Four Seasons

Although Turkey is located in the northern hemisphere, is a country surrounded of three sides by the sea. 

It is possible to see each season in different parts of the country. Therefore, those who are living in Turkey would get the opportunity to experience the four seasons and different climates.

Also, when you have one of the villas for sale in Turkey, in your own garden you can enjoy the sun in the summer time, also rain and snow in the winter .


Chance to Live Beauties of Istanbul

İstanbul is the city from past to present, where hundreds of people of different nationalities wondered and wanted to see. This unique metropolitan is located in Turkey.

While you are living in unique Istanbul which is one of the most cosmopolit and precious city of the world; you can discover

* The natural beauties of the Bosphorus,

* Enjoying fish and bread in Eminönü,

* Historical mystery in museums and palaces,

* And pleasure of life in entertainment venues.

Beside all these beauties, it will be a great chance for you to own a house for sale in istanbul.

Tourism Potential

With its high tourism potential, Turkey is a country where every season has been heavily visited by tourists from all around the world.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 2019 January-November period, 43 million foreigners visited Turkey.

While you are living in Turkey, which is one of the world's leading countries in terms of tourism potential, it is possible to realize a pleasant vacation suitable to your budget.


Hospitable Turkish People

Hospitality, which is found in very few countries of the world, is a traditional phenomenon for the Turkish people. Turkish people are ready to support you in all matters.

Turkish hospitality is one of the most important elements for you to live in Turkey.


Malls Where You Can Find World Brands

Mainly in Istanbul, in many big cities of Turkey the textile sector is developed much. It is possible to find dozens of famous brands with world-wide names, along with textile products for every taste produced by Turkish textile companies.

Turkey and Istanbul is an actual shopping paradise for foreigners with its malls. Among the leading Malls in Istanbul; Cevahir Mall, Istinye Park, Mall of Istanbul, Kanyon, Viaport can be counted.


Opportunity to Improve Your Quality of Life

Cinemas, theaters, cultural centers, libraries, historical value, cafes, restaurants, entertainment centers and social life richness have been increasing the life quality of people who are living in Turkey.


Young Population

There is a rate of 95.6% literate people in Turkey. The importance given to education is increasing day by day and there are education institutions in thousands of villages of Anatolia.

Moreover, Turkey has a young and dynamic population. According to 2019 data; in Turkey  52.64% of the population is consisting of 15 - 50 age group.


Rich Food Culture

You can taste delicious food of different cultures in Turkish lands, which is the meeting point of civilizations for thousands of years ..

In Turkey; You will have the opportunity to meet Anatolian, Chinese, Arabian, Iranian, French, Japanese, American cuisines and many more traditional and international dishes.


The Intersection Point of History and Nature

Turkey, is one of the rare countries in the world that having the rich cultural heritage and natural beauties together. 

For example,

You can visit the Topkapi palace In Istanbul and then drink your coffee in the Bosphorus ..

You can enjoy the ski at the summit of Uludağ in Bursa and taste the famous İskender Kebab.

You can pray at the Virgin Mary Church in Izmir and then eat your meal against the blue of the Aegean Sea.

You can touch the past in underground caves in Ürgüp and experience the magnificence of green and nature in Trabzon Ayder Plateau.

Briefly, no matter where you are in Turkey, the cultural and natural beauties will always be with you.

Owning one of the apartments in Turkey, you can benefit of this unbelievable features of Turkey during your life.


Fairness of the Tax System

Tax system is regulated in Turkey more equitable than many of other countries.


Ease of Getting a Visa

Thanks to the strength of the Turkish passport, it is easier for a Turkish citizen to obtain a visa to the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Australia rather than many other countries.


Travel Opportunity of Visa-Free or Gate Visa 

Turkish citizens benefit of opportunity to travel to many countries on different continents and some countries of the European Union visa-free or with gate visa.

Thanks to visa-free travel; you can enjoy travel to cross-continental and transnational without visa procedures and costs.

If you are searching real estate for sale in Turkey; experienced team and expert lawyers of MELARES will always by your side, in all your real estate purchases and Turkish citizenship processes.



One of the most important issues a residence permit for foreign nationals who come to stay in Turkey. A foreign non-Turkish citizens after the end of the short-term tourist visa must have a residence permit to remain in Turkey. How to get a residence permit in Turkey? Before moving on, let's take a look at some information about residence permit.

What is a Residence Permit?

It is a permission document given to the foreigners in order to stay in Turkey more long time than visa exemption period that implemented for their country.


Where to Apply for Residence Permit?

Applications for a residence permit are made to the Provincial Immigration Administration within the governorships.



Residence permit in Turkey is not single type, it varies according to the purpose of residency.

You can find information about the types of residence permit below.


Who Can Get Short Term Residence Permit?

1. Foreigners who will come for scientific research,

2. The foreigners who ows propertyin Turkey

3. Foreigners who will establish commercial connections or business,

4. Foreigners who will participate in the in-service training program,

5. Foreigners who come within the scope of agreements which the Republic of Turkey is side of it or for educational or similar purposes in the framework of student exchange programs,

6. Foreigners staying for tourism purposes,

7. Foreigners who will be treated (provided that they do not carry one of the diseases that are considered as a threat to public health),

8. Foreigners that need to stay in Turkey depending on the demand or the decision of the judicial or administrative authorities,

9. Foreigners who will be transferred to short term residence permit in case the lost of their family residence permit conditions,

10. Foreigners who will attend Turkish learning courses,

11. Foreigners who will participate to education, research, internships and courses in Turkey through public institutions,

12. Foreigners who completed their higher education in Turkey and also applied in six months after graduation,

13. Foreigners that not working in Turkey but who will invest in scope and amount to be specified by the Council of Ministers, and also their foreign spouse, himself/herself and his/her spouse's non-adult or dependent foreign child,

14. Foreigners who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


What is the Short Term Residence Permit Period?

Short-term residence permits can be issued for a maximum of two years each time, except for foreigners who are ranked 13th and 14th above.


What are Application Documents for Short Term Residence Permit?

* Residence Permit Application Form

* Original and photocopy of the passport or replacement document

* 4 photos (Family photo, selfie, out-of-date or black-and-white photos that make it difficult to be recognized are invalid.)

* Statement of having sufficient and regular financial means within the time to stay

* Valid health insurance (Insurance period must cover the period of residence permit required.)




Who Can Get Family Residence Permit?

A family residence permit can be issued for the relatives of Turkish citizens who are covered by Article 28 of Law No. 5901 or relatives of  foreigners who have any residence permit and refugees and relatives of secondary protection status holders.

a) To foreign spouse,

b) To the adult foreign child of himself or his wife,

c) To the dependent foreign child of himself or his wife,

* In case the foreigner who requests family residence permit has more than one spouse, only one of the spouses can have a family residence permit. However, all children of the foreigner may be given a family residence permit.

* In the requests of family residence permit for the children, there should be consent of the mother or father who has common custody outside of our country.

* If there is a family residence permit, the right to education up to the age of eighteen is provided in primary and secondary education institutions without obtaining a student residence permit.


What is Family Residence Permit Period?

- The family residence permit can be issued up to three years each time.

- The duration of the family residence permit can in no way exceed the duration of the suppoter's residence permit.

NOTE: Who is the supporter? The supporter can be a foreigner who has one of the residence permits in Turkey or refugee or subsidiary protection status, or can be a Turkish citizen.


What are the Application Documents for Family Residence Permit?

From Him/Herself;

* Residence Permit Application Form

* Original and photocopy of the passport or replacement document

* 4 photos

* Original and photocopy of the passport or replacement document

* Original and photocopy of the identity card (if Turkish citizen)

* Original and photocopy of the residence / work permit document, if it has a blue card, the identity document of refugee or secondary protection status holder (if not Turkish citizen)

* Approved, e-signed / signed document indicating that sufficient and regular material possession is available during the stay

* Valid health insurance covering all family members (Insurance period must cover the period of residence permit required.)

* Criminal record

* Document showing that it is registered to the Address Registration System


From Supportive; (should be ready during application)

* Original and photocopy of the passport or replacement document

* Original and photocopy of the identity card (if Turkish citizen)

* Original and photocopy of the residence / work permit document, if it has a blue card, the identity document of refugee or secondary protection status holder (if not Turkish citizen)

* Approved, e-signed / signed document indicating that sufficient and regular material possession is available during the residency

* Valid health insurance covering all family members (Insurance period must cover the period of residence permit required.)

* Criminal record

* Document showing that it is registered to the Address Registration System


Who Can Get Student Residence Permit?

Student Residence Permit can be issued to the foreigners listed below.

- Foreigners who will have primary and secondary education without a family residence permit 

(Foreigners who will be educated at the primary and secondary education level with a family residence permit can continue their education until the age of 18 without obtaining a residence permit. However, students who have completed the age of 18 and are still continuing their education at secondary level must obtain a residence permit.),

- Foreigners who will study at the levels of associate, bachelor's, master's, doctorate, Medical Specialty Education, Dental Specialty Education in a higher education institution in our country.

Student residence permit only gives the student's spouse and children the right to be supportive in family residence permit applications. It does not provide any right to other relatives to obtain a residence permit.


What is the Student Residence Permit Period?

* If the foreign student's education period is less than one year, the student residence permit duration cannot exceed the education period.

* To foreigners coming through the public institutions and organizations  and study in Turkey, residence permit can be granted throughout their education.

* Foreigners who will get primary and secondary education, whose care and expenses are undertaken by a real or legal person, can be granted and extended a student residence permit for one year during their education (with the consent of their parents or legal representatives).


What are the Application Documents fo Student Residence Permit ?

* Residence Permit Application Form

* Original and photocopy of the passport or replacement document

* 4 photos

* Statement of having sufficient and regular financial means within the time to stay

* Valid health insurance (Insurance period must cover the period of residence permit required.)

* Student certificate indicating that the student rights are actively used (e-signed / signed and sealed / stamped document)



Who Can Get Long Term Residence Permit?

- Long-term residence permit can be arranged with the approval of the Ministry to the foreigners who stayed in Turkey with at least eight years of continuous residence permit or to foreigners meets with the conditions of Migration Policy Board.

Within one year,  if you have been outside of Turkey for more than 6 months or if you have been abroad for more than 12 months in total, (except for health or education purposes), in the past 5 years, they are classified as “deductions”.

The 8-year process begins after "interruption".


Long Term Residence Permit Conditions;

• You must have lived continuously for at least eight years with a residence permit in Turkey.

• You should have not been received any assistance from the Government in the past 3 years.

• You must have monthly income that will be enough for you and continue to live your life.

• You must have a valid health insurance.

• You should not be a pose any threat to society and public safety.

- Refugees, conditional refugees and holders of secondary protection status and humanitarian residence permits and those who are provided with temporary protection are not allowed to use right of transmission to long-term residence permit.


What is the Long Term Residence Permit Period?

* Long Term residence permit is issued indefinitely.


What are the Rights of Long-Term Residence Permit for Foreigners?

Foreigners holding a long-term residence permit;

* Are exempt from military obligation.

* Without prejudice to their rights regarding social security, they can benefit the rights granted to Turkish citizens (except in cases regulated by special laws).

* Travel in Turkey, work, business, heritage, housing, investment, securities and real estate transactions related to the purchase is carried out according to the legislation applied to Turkish nationals.

* They cannot take benefit of right to elect and be elected.

* They cannot enter public duties.

* They cannot import vehicles within the scope of exemption.


What are the Application Documents for Long Term (Indefinite) Residence Permit ?

* Residence Permit Application Form

* Original and photocopy of the passport or a replacement document valid for at least 6 months

* 4 photos

* Photocopies of previous residence permits (submission of originals, if any)

* Original copy of e-signed / signed and stamped / sealed document showing that no social assistance has been received in the last three years.

* Approved, e-signed / signed document indicating that sufficient and regular material possession is available during the residency

* Criminal record

* Document showing that it is registered to the Address Registration System

* Valid health insurance (Insurance period must cover the period of residence permit required.)



Who Can Get Humanitarian Residence Permits?

In the following cases, a humanitarian residence permit can be issued.

* When it comes to the best interests of the child,

* Although to decision of deportation or restriction to enter Turkey decision, if a foreigner can not been deport or does not seem possible to leave from Turkey,

- In accordance with Article 55 of the Law, when a decision to deport the foreigner is not taken,

* When applied to the judicial remedy against the proceedings made pursuant to Articles 53th, 72nd and 77th of the Law,

* If the transactions of applicant's returning to the first asylum country or safe third country continues,

* If, foreigners who are allowed to enter to Turkey and stay in Turkey because of emergency reasons or protection of national interests, do not have possibility to obtain one of the other residence permit,

* In extraordinary situations.


What is Humanitarian Residence Permit Period?

Humanitarian residence permit is issued by the Governorships with the approval of the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. Extension of the residence permit can also be made by this institution. 

Humanitarian residence permit is issued for a maximum of one year.


What are Application Documents for Humanitarian Permission?

Since the humanitarian residence permit is a special residence permit, its application must be done directly to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. Necessary documents can be obtained from this institution.



Who Can Get Victim Of Trafficking Residence Permit?

Foreigners who have a strong suspicion that they are or may be victims of trafficking are issued a residence permit for trafficking victims.


What is the Victims of Trafficking Residence Permit Period?

A residence permit for human trafficking is issued by the Governorships for a period of thirty days. Residence permits for victims of trafficking can be extended for a maximum of six months, but these periods cannot exceed three years in total.


What are the Application Documents of Victims of Trafficking Residence Permit

Victim for human trafficking is a special residence permit. Documents requested in other residence permit applications are not requested.



The costs related to the residence permit vary according to the number of people and the number of pages of the documents. Sample amounts for 1 person are given below for information.

Valuable Paper Fee for Residence Permit: 110 TL

Residence Permit Fee: $ 25 for the first month + $ 5 for other months (It varies by country. The indicated amount is the highest one.)

Single Entry Visa Fee: 695,60 TL (This fee is paid if the person does not have a valid residence permit already obtained or does not have a valid visa.)


Health Insurance Amount: Between 150 TL - 1,250 TL. (It varies according to the age of the person and is compulsory for foreigners under 65.)

Notary and Translation Amount: Approximately 250 TL (for each document)

Apostille Confirmation Fee: Approximately 205 TL



What is Turquoise Card?

According to the Regulation published in the Official Gazette of March 2017; For foreign citizens have the right to not allow dual citizenship countries, Turkey's Turquoise Card system can be implemented.

When you have this card;

> Foreign Applicants, acquire a permanent right of working and living in Turkey.

> The applicant's foreign national spouse gets the right to sit.

> The adult / dependent foreign children of the applicant or his spouse have the right to reside.


Who Can Apply for Turquoise Card?

Upon the application of the foreigners listed below, Turquoise Card can be issued in accordance with the recommendations of the International Labor Policy Advisory Board and the procedures and principles determined by the Ministry.

1. Highly Skilled Workers: Foreigners with high qualifications such as good education level, income, professional knowledge and experience, contribution to science and technology.

2. Qualified Investors: Foreign investors with high qualifications such as the size of the employment they will constitute, their investment and export potential, their contribution to the developments in science and technology, and so on.

3. Scientists and Researchers: Foreign scientists and researchers who contribute to the fields of science and technology / carry out studies and research that are considered to be strategic in the fields of science, industry and technology for the interests of the country at the international level.

4. Successful People in Culture - Art - Sport Fields: Those who are successful in culture, art or sports activities in international platforms.

5. Turkey and Turkish Culture Introducers: Foreigners that contribute to the identification and recognition of Turkey and Turkish culture at the international level.


How to Apply for a Turquoise Card?

Direct Application: If a foreign person is in Turkey legally, he/she can do it by entering foreign identification number through the system. (It is not required that the foreigner has valid residence permit.)

Application With Foreign Missions: If foreign person is not in Turkey, he/she can apply through the Turkish Foreign Missions in the countries where he/she has been in legally.

Application with an Intermediary Institution: An application can be made at home and abroad by the intermediary institution authorized on behalf of the foreign person.


What is the Duration of the Turquoise Card?

* Turquoise Card is given with the first three years being "transition period".

* In accordance with Article 15 of the relevant Law, if the Turquoise card has not been canceled within the "transition period", upon the application of the foreigner, the registration period on the card is removed and the Turquoise Card is issued indefinitely.

* This application can be made starting 180 days before the transition period expires. If an application is made after the period has expired, the request is rejected and the Turquoise Card becomes invalid.

* The wife of the Turquoise Card holder foreigner and their dependent children are given a document indicating that they are "relatives of the Turquoise Card holder". This document is a residence permit.

NOTE: Turquoise Card and Turquoise Card Relatives Card are interconnected. If the Turquoise Card is canceled, the Relatives Card is also invalid.


What are the Rights of Turquoise Card Holders?

Turkuaz Card holders enjoy the rights provided by the indefinite work permit issued in the relevant Law.

1. Exemption of military service in Turkey.

2. Use of vested rights in social security within the provisions of the legislation.

3. Residency in Turkey, travel, work, investment, commercial activities, heritage, issues such as obtaining all movable and immovable, is carried out according to the legislation applied to Turkish nationals.


What Rights Can Not Turquoise Card Holders Benefit?

* Turquoise Card holders cannot benefit of these rights if the condition of being a Turkish citizen is required in the special laws regarding the use of the rights and obligations mentioned above.

* They cannot enjoy the right to elect and be elected and also to enter public duties.


Can Turquoise Card Holders Get Turkish Citizenship?

Pursuant to the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, the Turquoise Card holder and his / her relatives can acquire Turkish citizenship if they are offered by the Ministry, provided that they do not have an obstacle in terms of national security and public order and the transition period registration is removed.


How Much Does Turquoise Card Cost?

As per the Charges Law;

* Work permit and residence permit fee are not collected from foreigners holding Turquoise Cards.

* Residence permit fee is not collected from the relatives of the Turquoise Card holder.


What are the Documents Required for Turquoise Card Application?

Documents required for application are below.

1. Application petition,

2. Copy of the foreigner's passport or passport replacement document,

3. Certificate of conformity obtained from the relevant public institution and organization, if any,

4. As per the regulation,

For High Quality Labour Force Owners; Diploma, employment contract, resume, appointment or assignment letter, professional experience, internationally accepted documents showing foreign languages known, etc.

For Qualified Investors; Investment size, employment level, export amount, financial adequacy, region of activity, sector and documents showing the job, etc,

For Scientists and Researchers; Diploma, certificate showing academic career and title, academic studies or license, trademark or patent documents, etc.

For Those Successful in Culture - Art - Sports Fields; Documents that show that the person is successful,

For Those Who Introduces Turkey and the Turkish Culture; Documents related to activities carried out at the international level as a volunteer of Turquoise, documents related to promotional activities, including information such as ideas and works of art, duration, sustainability, continuity and impact area, and so on.



The easiest and financial aspects of the advantageous ways to be a Turkish citizen, is to buy one or more real estate in Turkey worth to USD 250,000.

However, this is not the only way to obtain Turkish citizenship. Although it is longer and laborious, there are other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, other than property investment.

If a foreigner who does not have a citizenship bond with the Turkish state wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship, he / she can apply for Turkish citizenship in other ways than investment, provided that it has the procedures, principles and necessary conditions specified in the Law.

What are the Requirements for Turkish Citizenship Application?

1. Having adult and distinguishing power, according to his/her own national law and according to Turkish laws if stateless,

2. Five years uninterrupted residing in Turkey backwards from the date of application,

3. To confirm that decided to settle in Turkey with his/her behaviors,

4. Not having a disease that poses a general health hazard,

5. Having good morals,

6. Able to speak enough Turkish,

7. Having the income or occupation to provide livelihood of himself and the people that he/she is responsible,

8. Not to be an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.


What are the Ways to Obtain Turkish Citizenship?

Turkish citizenship is achieved in two ways.

1. With Birth

2. Subsequently 


1. Citizenship Acquired Through Birth

Turkish citizenship acquired through birth is acquired spontaneously on the basis of family ties or birthplace. Citizenship acquired through birth takes effect from the moment of birth.


What Does the Paternity Mean?

* In the marriage union, a child born of Turkish citizen mother or father in Turkey or outside, is a Turkish citizen.

* Except of the marriage union, a child born of a Turkish citizen mother and a foreign father, is a Turkish citizen.

* Except of the marriage union, a child born of a Turkish citizen father and a foreign mother gains Turkish citizenship provided that the procedures and principles that establish the lineage are followed.


What Does Birth Place Mean?

* The child born of a foreign mother and father in Turkey, but who has not gain another country's citizenship, is a Turkish citizen beginning from his/her birth.

* Unless otherwise fixed, the child that found in Turkey is considered as born in Turkey.


2. Citizenship Obtained Afterwards

In the following ways, Turkish citizenship can be acquired afterwards.

* By competent authority decision

* By adoption

* Exercise of the right of choose


>> Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Competent Authority Decision

* A foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship by the decision of the competent authority, provided that he / she has the conditions specified in Law No. 5901.

* Carrying the conditions specified in the Law does not provide a definitive right to a person to obtain Turkish citizenship.

* The procedures and principles regarding the acquisition of Turkish citizenship are determined by the Ministry (opinions of relevant public institutions and organizations are also received).

* A citizenship file is issued on behalf of the foreigner who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship and the file is sent to the Ministry for necessary examination and research.

* Since the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship are carried out by the Ministry, applicants who are deemed eligible may acquire Turkish citizenship, and requests that are not approved are rejected by the Ministry.

* The acquisition of Turkish citizenship by the decision of the competent authority does not affect the citizenship of the spouse.

* Children in custody of the mother or father acquire Turkish citizenship provided that the other spouse consents.

* If the parents acquire Turkish citizenship together, their children also acquire Turkish citizenship.


>>> Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Adoption

Adults who are adopted by a Turkish citizen can acquire Turkish citizenship from the date of decision.

The non-adult person who will acquire Turkish citizenship by adoption should not have an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.


>>> Acquiring Turkish Citizenship With The Right To Choose

Children that lose their Turkish citizenship upon the request of their mother or father who lost their Turkish citizenship, can acquire Turkish citizenship by using their right to choose within 3 years after they become adults.


>>> What are Exceptional Circumstances in Achieving Turkish Citizenship?

The foreigners stated below can obtain Turkish citizenship by the decision of the President.

However, these persons should not be in a position that will constitute an obstacle in terms of national security and public order. Otherwise, their requests are rejected by the Ministry.

1. The people who brings industrial facilities to Turkey or having / will be having extraordinary services in the fields of scientific, technological, economic, social, sporting, cultural, artistic and the people whose reasoned proposals about themselves are made by the relevant ministries.

2. As per Article 31/1 (j) of Law No. 6458, foreigners who have obtained a residence permit and hold Turquoise Cards and their foreign spouse, non-adult or dependent foreign child of him and his spouse.

3. Persons deemed requisite to become citizens.

4. People who are considered immigrants.


Regaining of Turkish Citizenship

Turkish citizenship can be regained "without a requirement for residence" or "depending on the condition of residence". In these cases, what are the required conditions? In the section below, you can review the brief information on the subject.


Regaining Turkish Citizenship Without Requiring a Residence Requirement

Regardless of the duration of residence in Turkey, the people stated below can regain their Turkish citizenship by the decision of the Ministry.

In order for these people to regain Turkish citizenship, there is a condition that they do not have an obstacle in terms of national security.

1. Those who have lost their Turkish citizenship by getting permission to leave.

2. Those who lose their Turkish citizenship due to their mother or father and do not exercise their right to choose within 3 years of their adulthood.


RegainingTurkish Citizenship Depending on the Residence Requirement

With the Decision of the President;

People who lose their Turkish citizenship by the decision of the President due to the actions listed below can regain Turkish citizenship by the decision of the President.

In this case, 2 conditions are asked;

* Person's the three-years of residency requirement to in Turkey,

* Person should not have an obstacle in terms of national security.

1. Those who are in a foreign country's service (that does not match benefit of Turkey) and do not leave this duty in the informed period (not less than three months) given to them.

2. Without the permission of the President, who continues to work with all kinds of services voluntarily in a state which is at war with Turkey.

3. Those who voluntarily serve in military of a foreign government without permission.

 4. Those who have been carried out an investigation or prosecution, because of the crimes written in the articles 302, 309., 310., 311., 312., 313., 314. and 315. of the Turkish Criminal Code, and who does not return to Turkey within three months despite the Ministry's "return home" announcement.


With the decision of the Ministry;

As per article 34 of the Law No. 5901; Persons who leave Turkish citizenship can regain Turkish citizenship by the decision of Ministry and on condition of residence for three years.

In this case, 2 conditions are asked;

* Person's the three-years of residency requirement to in Turkey,

* Person should not have an obstacle in terms of national security.


How to Calculate Duration in Acquiring Turkish Citizenship Depending on Residence Conditions?

If a foreigner lives in Turkey in accordance with the Turkish law, this is considered as "residency" .

A foreign person wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, can be found outside Turkey not to exceed a total of 12 months within a period of residence required for the application. The period spent outside of Turkey, is considered within the residence period stipulated in Law No. 5901.


How to Get Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage?

Another way for foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship is marriage. Marrying a foreigner to a Turkish citizen does not give the person directly entitle Turkish citizenship. The following conditions must be fulfilled in order to apply.


Conditions for Earning Turkish Citizenship by Marriage;

1. Married with a Turkish citizen for at least three years and continuing marriage (except when the marriage ends due to the death of a Turkish citizen spouse after the application)

2. Living in a family union,

3. Not to engage in activities incompatible with the marriage union,

4. The absence of a situation that would constitute an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.


When is Turkish Citizenship Canceled?

If the following situations arise, the decision to obtain Turkish citizenship is canceled by the authority that made the decision.

* False statement of related person,

* Hiding important matters that are essential for gaining citizenship.

NOTE: The cancellation decision is also applied to spouses and children who acquire Turkish citizenship depending on the related person.


For Citizens of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus who apply by declaring their wish to become a Turkish citizen in writing acquire Turkish citizenship.

In this case, the "conditions required for application" specified in Law No. 5901 are also applied to these individuals. You can review the related conditions from section "What are the Required Conditions for Turkish Citizenship Application?".


Where to Apply for Turkish Citizenship?

Foreigners should do their applications regarding Turkish citizenship to the following institutions either by themselves or by proxy.

* For applications made domestically, to the Governorship at the place of residence,

* For applications made in abroad, to Foreign Delegations.



What is the best investment in Turkey?

Investment can be made with many different investment vehicles in Turkey. Among these, the best investment tool is real estate. You and your family can live in the property you bought, and you can earn an increasing amount of income every year by renting your property. If you wish, you can sell your real estate with the increase in value and make profit after the condition of "not selling for 3 years" is completed.

Homes for sale in Turkey offers lucrative real estate investment alternative for you. Especially, apartments for sale istanbul will be a good investment tool with its central location, transportation alternatives or sea view.


How is the value of the real estate required for Turkish citizenship determined in the land registry?

The following three types of values, based on valuation, must provide the value required for citizenship.

 + The sum of the sales price (s) in the offical bond and / or the value (s) specified in the Sales Promise Contract,

 + Sum of the values / values in the Real Estate Appraisal report and

 + Total sum of real estate transfers / payments,


What is the validity period of the Real Estate Appraisal Report?

The Real Estate Appraisal Report is valid for three months from the date of issue. If an application has been made, the appraisal report is valid until the application is completed.


How to transfer the sales price of the real estate purchased for Turkish citizenship?

The transfer of the sales price can be made in foreign currency or in Turkish Lira through foreign banks or through the banks in our country.

It must be proved by a receipt approved by the banks that the price has been sent / paid by the purchaser of the real estate. The payments which has been made by hand are not valid


What is needed to obtain a “Certificate of Conformity”?

After receiving of "not to sale for 3 years" commitment of the purchased real estate, the transaction documents are sent to the authority to issue a certificate of conformity by the Land Registry Office and the certificate is issued.

After receiving the "Certificate of Conformity" the following applications are made;

 + To the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management for residence (residence permit)

 + Provincial Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs for Citizenship.


Can I apply for Turkish citizenship with the Real Estate Sales Promise Agreement?

Provided that the following conditions are fulfilled, an application for Turkish citizenship can be made with the Real Estate Sales Promise Agreement.

 + On and after 07.12.2018; the properties having the flat-ownership or contrcution servitude, the amount of at least USD 250.000 or equivalent must be paid in advance (at the latest on the signature date of the contract).

 + Commitment should be added to the land registry, related with the Real Estate Sales Promise Contract that issued in Notary shall not be transfer and deletion for 3 years .


Can I apply for Turkish citizenship with the properties I have already purchased?

 + In case of at least USD 1.000.000 of the value of the purchased real estate between 12.01.2017 and 18.09.2018,

 + In case of the value of the purchased real estates / real estates is at least USD 250.000 on and after 19.09.2018,

 + In case the value of the real estate / real estates whose sales promises contract has been issued after 07.12.2018 is worth USD 250.000,

Turkish Citizenship applications can be made.


Can I apply for Turkish citizenship by purchasing more than one property?

There is no limit to the number of properties that can be acquired through sale or which may be subject to the promise of sale. The important thing is that the real estate value totals sought on the dates specified in the Law are in compliance with the application for Turkish citizenship.


Should all real estates worth $ 250,000 be purchased at once?

No. Turkish citizenship can be applied for real estate purchased from different places and at different times.


What types of properties can I buy for Turkish citizenship?

In the purchase (title deed transfer) process, the qualification of the real estate does not matter. The qualification of the property can be housing, workplace, land, field, garden and so on.

In the process of making commitments through the Real Estat Sales Promis issued in the notary public, the condominium or floor easement of the real estate must be established.


Can I apply for Turkish citizenship with Real Estate purchased as joint-owned?

Turkish citizenship can be applied if the share value meets the following conditions.

 + The real estate value purchased between 12.01.2017 and 18.09.2018 must be at least USD 1.000.000,

 + The real estate value purchased at and after 19.09.2018 must be at least USD 250,000.


Can foreigners, who are managers or partners of foreign capital, apply for citizenship with the company's real estate?

No, they can't. The right to acquire Turkish citizenship through the purchase of real estate is valid for the real estate purchased by natural persons.

From whom can be bought real estate for Turkish citizenship application?

The property (s) must not be registered in the deed on behalf of any foreign natural person, including the spouse and children of the foreign person. Furthermore, the real estate should not be from the real estates transferred by the foreigner himself, his wife, children after 12.01.2017.


Can the real estate be sold before the expiration of the "3-year unsaleable" annotation?

This situation is asked by the Land Registry to the Provincial Directorate of Population and Citizenship and the situation related to citizenship is reconsidered.


Real estate purchasing for Turkish citizenship and "3 Years Not to Sell" commitment can be done by a power of attorney?

Yes. In case of there is an authorization in the related power of attorney this can be done.


Can a citizenship application be done in the purchase of mortgaged real estate?

It is possible to apply for citizenship if purchased by accepting the existing mortgage or foreclosure. In this case, however, the following conditions are taken into consideration;

 + In case the real estate is acquired through sale-mortgage transaction (credit purchase); In determining the legal value sought, the credit amount is deducted from the sales price and the remaining price must be at least the amount specified in the regulation.

 + In legal mortgaged sales; Except for the mortgage, the prepaid portion must be at least the amount specified in the regulation.


Is it possible to purchase a real estate owned by the company for citizenship application?

Yes. It is possible that the real estate to be purchased by the foreign real person who will acquire the property belongs to the company. 

However, the real estate to be purchased cannot be one of the real estates registered on behalf of the company to which the person concerned is a partner or manager.


Is it certain getting Turkish citizenship after application?

The citizenship approval process is linked to the verification and certainty of the fact that a person does not pose a threat to national security through national security archives. Necessary research on this subject is carried out by the relevant official authorities.


Do I need to residence in Turkey to get Turkish citizenship?

There are different ways to get Turkish citizenship.  To obtain Turkish citizenship in other ways except investment, uninterrupted 5-year residency required.

However, if you will get your Turkish citizenship by investing (real estate, deposits, government securities, etc.) you do not need to reside in Turkey.


Is it easy to get Turkish citizenship?

Getting Turkish citizenship is easier than in many countries in the world. It is necessary to carry the conditions required in the relevant Laws and complete the necessary documents completely and accurately.

Also, if you apply for Turkish citizenship by investing you do not need speaking Turkish, not residing in Turkey and has no wealth declaration requirements. It has been allowed by Turkish government dual citizenship in Turkey.


What rights do I enjoy if I get Turkish citizenship? What are the benefits?

A foreigner who gets Turkish citizenship enjoys all the rights like Turkish citizens. It benefits of rights such as education, health, establishing sound commercial relations, Turkish heritage law, voting.


What type of passport will I use if I am a Turkish citizen?

There are 4 types of passports issued by the Turkish government. Diplomatic Passport, Private Passport, Service Passport and Public Passport.

Apart from the 3 special passports above, Turkish citizens use a Maroon colored passport that is publicly available.


Which countries can I go to without a visa when I get a Turkish passport?

Turkish passport is one of the strongest passports in the world.

When you receive your passport with your Turkish citizenship, you can travel to more than 100 countries without visa or with the ease of getting a visa at the border gate.


How soon can I get Turkish citizenship?

Your citizenship application process varies depending on certain conditions and how accurately you prepare your documents.

If your application documents are correct and complete, and if the research result is positive that there is no obstacle to obtaining Turkish citizenship, you may be able to obtain your Turkish citizenship in approximately 90 - 180 days after your application.


Do I have to work with a lawyer to get Turkish citizenship?

Yes. You need to work with a lawyer to apply for Turkish citizenship.

It is a great benefit to work with a lawyer who knows Turkish law and the procedures, principles and conditions of Turkish citizenship very well.

Experienced lawyers prevent you from losing time by directing you right. It also organizes all your Turkish citizenship processes for you. Without being in Turkey, you can handle your transactions with the power of attorney that you will give to a lawyer.


Can I become a Turkish citizen by buying a house?

There are various houses for sale in Turkey. According to your needs you can buy your dream house and apply for Turkish Citizenship Programme by Investment.


How can I get citizenship by investing in Turkey?

One of the necessary methods for a foreign real person to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing is to purchase Real Estate. Apartments, villas, shops, stores, etc. There is a requirement not to sell the property for 3 years.

Except this,

* You can deposit minimum USD 500.000 or equivalent Turkish Lira or foreign currency Deposits to the bank. There is a condition not to withdraw this money from the bank for 3 years.

* You can make a Fixed Capital Investment of minimum USD 500.000 or equivalent in Turkish Lira or foreign currency.

* You can get a minimum USD 500.000 or equivalent Turkish Lira or foreign currency Government Debt Instruments. These Instruments are required to be kept for 3 years.

* You can purchase a Real Estate Imvestment Fund Participation Share or Venture Capital Investment Fund Participation Share with a minimum value of USD 500,000 or equivalent in Turkish Lira or foreign currency. These Participation Shares are required to be kept for 3 years.

* You can provide employment for 50 people.


When I apply for Turkish citizenship with real estate investment, can my family benefit from citizenship?

Along with his application for Turkish citizenship, the spouse and children under 18 years of age also benefit. They also get Turkish citizenship.

This situation not including person's mother, father, or children over the age of 18.


Will my newborn child benefit from this right when I get Turkish citizenship?

Yes. When you get Turkish citizenship, your new born and will born children will also be born as Turkish citizens.


Is it difficult to get Turkish citizenship with real estate investment?

No. There are some steps you need to follow for this.


> When you decide to buy a property in Turkey, by taking the tax number from the tax office you must open an account with a bank in Turkey.

> You should draw an expertise report from a company approved by the Capital Markets Authority for the real estate you will purchase.

> Then, by purchasing a property (signing a contract / transfer of title deeds on your behalf), you will receive a Certificate of Conformity from the Land Registry that all transactions are done in accordance with the Law.

> After obtaining a residence permit from the Provincial Immigration Administration, you conclude the procedure by applying for Turkish citizenship to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs.


Is Turkey a good investment?

Turkey is one of the best address in the world for property investment. Each region in Turkey has its own characteristics. Depending on your need, you can find property for sale in Turkey in different qualifications. If you wish, you can live in your property or you can rent it and get regular income.


Why should I invest in Turkey?

Turkey has a strong economy.

In the purchase of real estate, it is provide to foreigners Value Added Tax exemption.

Agreement on Avoidance of Double Taxation and the many factors such as payment facilities provided by the Turkish construction company, provide foreigners significant advantages to invest in Turkey.


How long is my Turkish citizenship valid?

The Turkish citizenship you receive is not limited to a certain period of time. It is valid for lifelong.

Our lawyers answer the questions

How is the citizenship process beginning and progressing?

The citizenship procedures starts with buying a property. Such property should be minimum valued $250.000. After the purchase of the property the application phrase starts. Application phase is basically submitting relevant document to the relevant authorities. The applicant who meets the relevant requirements can apply for the citizenship for himself or herself, wife, kids below 18 years old.


What are the required documents?

In general, we need passport translation, 6 photographs and also birth certificate. If one of the spouses are married, also married certificate is required.


How long does it take to complete the application?

The citizenship acquisition face takes around 90 - 180 days, starting from the date of the application which is basically submitting all documents to the relevant authority.


Is it necessary to make personal reference, if not, what stage also needs to be found in Turkey?

Citizenship application is applicant friendly procedure. If the applicant submits all necessary documents and power attorneys, he or she doesn't need to show up during the application.


Will citizenship rights be different from a Turkish, if yes, what are they?

No it will not. They will use their citizenship rights as same as the other Turkey's citizens.


Is there any advantage for applicants whose children are above the age of 18 regarding residence permit, trade or other similar subjects?

Yes they have certain advantages when they apply for residence permit and also for the visa applications.


Is it possible to repeal the right after the right to win by another law?

Vested rights principle is one of the most important and most common principle in Turkish law. This principle protects person who has been granted certain rights.


What is the current situation for more than one spouse?

According to the Turkish law, a person can only have one spouse. However, Turkish government accept foreign applicant to apply for his other spouses.


Can more than one person gain citizenship through a single property?

The condition of acquisition Turkish citizenship while real estate is investing minimum $250.000. If each purchase share is minimum $250.000 it shall meet the conditions. An applicant can also purchase more than one real estate in order to meet with the condition.


If the applicant has more than one citizenship, does the situation change or create a disadvantage?

There is no any extra requirement or any barrier for multiple citizenships.


Is it possible for adult dependents to apply citizenship with their family?

Yes, for example, if the applicant has a dependent family member, he/she can also apply for this member in order to get Turkish citizenship.


What is the situation for the children's who are adopted or spouse's other marriages?

Children from other marriages and also adopted children can also be the subject for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.


What should be considered when buying property or selling property?

Most important thing when buying a real estate is the title deed records. Title deed records are open to public. Since title deed records are open to public, the buyer is deemed to accept all the records mentioned on the title deed records, therefore it is really important to check those records. Another important thing is the location of property. The actual location of the property can not be understand from the title deed records. So physically it should be also checked.


What should be considered when renting property?

First of all, the deposit is important . In practice usually 2 months of rental is required as the deposit. Foreign investors are also struggling to collect the rentals. Therefore more deposit will also be in the benefit of the investor.


How many types of real estate title deeds are there? 

In Turkish real estate system, there are 3 main types of title deeds. First of all, land title deeds, the kind of real estate is there is no any construction on it. And the other 2 are construction servitude title deeds and condominium title deeds. Construction servitude which is also called '' irtifak'' title deed means there is a construction licenses but the construction has not been finished in accordance with the construction license yet. And the last one, condominium title deeds are the most trustable title deeds. Because if there is a condominium title deeds its shows that the construction has been finished in accordance with the construction license.


How does the deed process work, what are the buyer's expenses, which documents are needed and how long does it take?

Passport translations, tax numbers, 2 photographs, power of attorney, if the applicant is not present is needed. Also valuation report is required for foreign investors. Land registry office start to works in morning 08:30 up to 12:30. In this period the applications can be made, afternoon the final signatures can be signed. Sometimes, because of the work load of the office, the final signatures can be signed the next day. The real estate transfer fee is %3 calculated on the value of the real estate. 


Does the buyer need to be present personally during the deed process?

No, the buyer can authorize via power of attorney a third party to represent himself or herself.


Is it possible to buy a property with contract which has no title deed?

The real estate which is subjected to the application for acquisition of Turkish citizenship shall be registered in land registry records.


How is contractual purchase on non-title properties? What are the buyer's rights after money transfer? How is the receiver protected in dispute situations?

The important of being registered at land registry office is about protecting the ownership rights against third parties. If the subjected real estate is not registered at land registry office than the parties can transfer the ownership of the real estate why a notaries primarily sales agreements needs to be sign at notaries according to our law system. Other vise the buyer can not claim the transfer of the title deed from courts.


Is a foreign property owner taxable and what are the conditions?

A real estate owner in Turkey has to pay real estate ownership tax. Such tax is payed annually. And its calculated according to the value of the real estate. If the real estate is leased also annually a real estate income tax is payed.


What will be the law of inheritance if the owner of the property loses his / her life?

If a real estate in Turkey is subjected to inheritance Turkish law shall apply. The general rule of Turkish inheritance law is the property will be divided between the wife or husbands and the kids.


Is there a VAT exemption to foreigners? In which conditions are there?

Yes there is. The main condition of VAT exemption is the money should be transfer to Turkey from abroad.


How does the legal procedure works in the case of changes, decorations and renovation of the real estate?

The owner does not need any permission for miner decorations but if this modifications or decorations effects the main layout then the municipality's permission needs to be obtained.


Is there any insurance for properties?

Yes there is. The earthquake, the nature disaster policy is compulsory. However investor can also obtain other optional insurance policies.


From whom can be taken apartments or can not be?

According to the land register regulations the real estate which is subject of the application shall not be owned by another real foreign investor after 11th of January 2017. In other words, the seller should not be another real foreign investor.


Can the transfer of the purchase amount be made in multiple transactions?  What if the transaction in currencies other than dollars?

Purchase price of real estate can be transfer with multiple transactions. The total transaction amount should be meet minimum $250.000. If the transfer amount in different currency, on the transfer of title deed date the amount should be meet with $250.000 in exchange.


Are there any benefits in obtaining a residence permit? 

In case the real estate is below $250.000 or the applicant has not apply for Turkish citizenship the real estate can still be used for residence permit. In such case the husband or the wife and the children below 18 years old can apply for residence permit.


Does citizenship help other family members or relatives to get visa easier? 

Investors who acquired Turkish citizenship can also invite their relatives via visa invitation letters.


Are there any restrictions on the purchase of the real estate by foreigners?

Total area of the real estate purchase by the same individual foreign investor can not exceed thirty hectors. There are also some other special rules brings some limitations for the foreign investment. For example, foreign investors can not purchase any real estate on any military lands.


Is there any difference between purchasing a real estate through a person or company?

The main difference between buying a property in a real person  name or a company name is income tax. Income tax occurs when a property is sold, the rate of the income tax is applied to the difference between the final sale price and the previous purchase price. Normally, a company will have an exemption of income tax when the property is sold after 2 years. This period is 5 years for real persons.


How are the payment made on sales with installments? Are there any important points?

Buyer can use loan, mortgage from banks or other financial instructions. Also parties of this transaction can agree on which currency they will use on transaction.


Can Palestinian citizens can buy a house in Turkey who have a travel document but not a passport ?

With the last amendment made of 6th of March 2019, it become possible for Palestinian citizens to purchase real estate with only a travel documents, without any passport.


Can a Syrian citizen buy a property in Turkey? If not, can they buy it through a company? What are the main procedures?

Syrian citizens are not allowed to buy a property in personally in Turkey. However those people can establish companies and buy the property in those companies names. The difference between buying the property in a real person or a company is the company needs a governmental approval which takes in average 1 month.

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