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The Turkish real estate sector, which has slowed down due to the COVID-19, has started to gain momentum. Foreign investors who want to buy home in Turkey and postponed their demands due to pandemic are preparing to come to Turkey.

MELARES launched an ONLINE RESERVATION and SALES application so that real estate investors can buy houses without being affected by the price increase.

What is MELARES Online Reservation and Sales?

Due to border closure of many countries and Turkey during COVID-19 pandemic period which took hold of whole world, it had been restricted the entrance of foreign real estate investors to Turkey. The troubled period has been started to lag behind slowly because of the number of cases decreasing below 1000 in recent days.

Foreign investors who want to buy a house in Turkey, but postponed their demands and travels compulsory due to pandemic have been preparing to go into action again with the observed positive outlook. Industry experts, who predicted that prices will increase after the pandemic, state that this is the best time to buy real estate.

In this period, advantageous prices and payment terms applied by construction companies to mobilize the Turkish real estate market are another factor that attracts investors. Property prices are expected to increase due to the intensity of demand after the pandemic. MELARES Turkey Properties started to apply online reservation and online sales method in order to host foreign real estate investors with advantageous conditions in this period without being affected by the price increase.

So what is online booking and sales? How to book and sell online?


How does Turkish citizenship services happen by buying real estate?

To obtain Turkish citizenship with real estate investment, you can easily be Turkish citizen even before coming to Turkey.

After purchasing your property, our Legal department calls you and sends you the necessary documents for citizenship. With the power of attorney you receive from the Turkish consulate in your country, our lawyers can carry out your transactions and follow up all your processes and finalize your transactions. When all transactions are completed and your citizenship is approved, you get your Turkish citizenship.

Apart from online sales, MELARES Turkey Properties offers quality and effective service to real estate buyers with its Head Office on the European Side, its branch on the Asian side and the contact point at Istanbul Airport.

MELARES, which cares about great importance to the health of people from the first moment it meets real estate buyers, also offers its customers safe real estate services.


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