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Residence Permit Turkey:
Types and Application

What is a residence permit Turkey?

Residence permit, is a permit that is received from competent authority for foreigners to stay in Turkey longer than the visa period or visa exemption period.

The foreigners who will stay more than visa period or visa exemption period or 90 days in Turkey absolutaly need to get a Turkey residence permit. Otherwise, they can not stay in Turkey after that time.

The application for a residence permit can be made to the following competent authorities:

If the person is in the country;

- To the governorships

If the person is abroad;

- To the consulate in the country where the foreigner is a citizen,

- To the consulate in the country where the foreigner is legally located.

Note: Consulate means; the Republic of Turkey consulates general, consulates or embassies consulates branches.



Important Issues Regarding Residence Permit;


* The foreign person must apply for the residence permit in person. However, it can also be done through the legal representative of the foreigner or his attorney with whom he has given a power of attorney.

* If you do not start using your residence permit within 6 months from the date you received it, the document will become invalid.

* The foreign person who will apply for a residence permit must have a passport or a passport replacement document 60 days longer than the residence permit period.

* The assesment of the application by the competent authorities is made if the documents submitted by the applicant are complete. Otherwise, the assesment may be postponed by informing the applicant about the missing documents.

* After the applications are made to the Consulates, the relevant Consulates forward their residence permit applications to the General Directorate of Migration Management together with their opinions.

The decision to conclude positive or negative applications belongs to the Directorate General of Migration Management. After the applications are concluded, the Consulate issues or rejects the residence permit upon the information given to it.



* The application for a residence permit made to the relevant authorities is concluded within a maximum of 90 days and the applicant is informed.

* Residence permit is issued separately for each foreigner, depending on the purpose of their stay. Valuable paper fee determined by the Ministry of Finance is collected for each document.

* Residence permits can be extended by the governorships.In each extension process, a new document is issued for Turkey residence permit.

* Extension applications can be made from 60 days before the residence permit expires. No extension application can be made earlier than this period. The extension application must be made before the residence permit expires.

* A document is given to the applicant who request to extend the permission period by the competent authorities (this document is exempt of fee). Even if the residence time is finished, the person may reside in Turkey with this document until the conclusion of the extension application.

* If the request is successful, extended residence permits are initiated from the expiration date of the legal permit.


  • The foreigners who come to Turkey with residence and work permit that is taken from the Consulate in abroad, must register on the latest 20 working days from the date of entry in the address registration system is mandatory.
  • The Work Permit Certificate of acquired by foreigners in Turkey also replaces for a residence permit. Also, there is no need to issue a residence permit. However, the residence permit fee must be paid. With the expiration of the work permit, the residence permit is also considered to have expired.

What are the Type of Turkey Residence Permits?



Types of residence permit determined by law;

- Short-term residence permit (It is given for a maximum of 1 year at a time.)

- Family residence permit (It is given for a maximum of 2 years each time.)

- Student residence permit (Given according to the duration of study.)

- Long-term residence permit (Given without time limit.)

- Humanitarian residence permit (Issued for a maximum of 1 year at a time.)

- Residence permit for victims of human trafficking (Initially, 30 days are granted. It can be extended for 6 months. Total period cannot exceed 3 years.)

Short Term Residence Permit Persons;

  • Those who will come for scientific research.
  • Those having immovable property in Turkey.
  • Those will establish commercial connections or business.
  • Those will attend in-service training programs.
  • Those who will come in the framework of the agreements that Republic of Turkey is a side and also those will come for educational or similar purposes in the framework of student exchange programs.
  • Those Wwill stay for tourism purposes.
  • Those will be treated (those with no public health hazardous disease)
  • Those who have to stay in Turkey by the request or decision of judicial or administrative authorities.
  • Those who will pass from family residence permit to short-term residence permit.
  • Those will attend Turkish learning courses.
  • Those who will participate in training, research, internships and courses In Turkey, through public institutions.
  • Those who completing his/her higher education in Turkey, who applied within six months from the date of graduation.
  • Those who not working in Turkey but who will invest in scope and amount to be specified by the President, and also their foreign spouse, his/her and his/her spouse's non-adult or dependent foreign child,
  • Those who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


Residence Permit with Real Estate Purchase




As it can seen, short-term residence permit can be granted to foreigners who have immovable property in Turkey. The real estate must be a housing and used for this purpose.

It is advantageous to the o obtain a Turkey residence permit by purchasing a real estate Turkey. When you arrive in Turkey with a tourist visa, you are entitled to stay in Turkey for a period of maximum 90 days within each 180 days. If you want to stay in Turkey for longer, you need to have the tourist visa application each time. This process is very tiring.

Thanks to property that you buy in Turkey without any amount limitations, you have a residence permit for 1 year. You can extend your permission document period for 1 year for each renewal application.

If the house you purchased is USD 250,000 or more, you can apply for citizenship if you wish.

If the house you bought is under $ 250,000, you will provide convenience for the Turkish citizenship you plan to obtain in the future.

Because according to the law, if the property is not worth to $ 250,000, in order you can able to apply for Turkish citizenship, you must have been living continuously in Turkey at least 5 years. (Short-term residence permits obtained for tourism purposes are not considered in the application for citizenship.) In this case, you can apply for a residence permit, for example, by purchasing a property of USD 60,000.

Also, according to the Citizenship Law, another condition of being a Turkish citizen is this; "Person must bring out with his/her behaviors that he/she decided to settle in Turkey (like buying real estate, opening a business and employing Turkish citizens, etc.)”

Therefore, with an apartment, villa or detached house that you will buy in reasonable price in Turkey,

1. You make a profitable investment.

2. You will have a residence permit in Turkey.

3. In the years to come, you take a step towards becoming a Turkish citizen.


Benefits of Working with MELARES in Your Real Estate Purchases



Buying real estate and applying for a residence permit are among the most important decisions you will make in your life.

MELARES Turkey Properties manages all of your real estate purchasing processes in the most accurate way. Our Expert Buyer Consultants analyze your needs. After assesments and necessary researches, it offers you the most suitable of our wide range of property alternatives. We are with you in many official processes such as signing contracts, opening an account at the bank, and title deed transactions.

Our experienced attorneys also makes your job easier in Turkey residence permit applications and all other legal process.


Property For Sale in Turkey


To get a residence permit in Turkey, you do not necessarily need to purchase an expensive home. You can find a lot of competitively priced houses that can fit your budget in Istanbul or different cities. Once you decide where to buy property, we offer you the most suitable properties for you with the most logical price.

If you like you can buy a calm and peaceful house in one of Turkey's paradise places like Bursa, Yalova, Istanbul, Alanya, Fethiye.


Residence Permit in Turkey 2020




Turkey is a country that welcomes millions of tourists from around the world each year. With Turkey's recognition at the international level and also thanks to ads from ear to ear about Turkey in foreign countries, each day the number of people are increasing who want to see this country.

As well as its tourism potential, those who wants to come to Turkey for living or educating, firstly would like to come here as a tourist and want to experience of living conditions of this country.

Of course, Turkey's international policies and practices should include specific duration of stay of foreigners in our country. For someone who arrived with a tourist visa is not possible to stay in Turkey for a long time with this visa. At this point, the residence permit comes out to stage.

Residence permit is a document that given to foreign nationals coming to Turkey, in order to stay in Turkey longer than the period of visa or visa exemption.

In current practice foreigners who come to Turkey, may stay with the time up to 30, 60 or 90 in single entrance. Beyond this time if they want to stay in Turkey they must do the necessary permit application for residence permit in Turkey 2020.

For a foreigner the starting time of stayin period here is the enterance date to Turkey. Example; For a Finnish citizen, stayin period in Turkey is 90 days at a time. If a Finnish citizen enter to Turkey, on April 21, 2020, the person may stay in Turkey maximum up to the date of July 20, 2020. 

When the person wants to stay longer than this period, he/she must apply for a residence permit before the visa expires. Otherwise, when the application is made after the expiration date, related authorities will not accept the request and the person will be ask to go out of Turkey.