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The Leader District for the Most Houses Sale
in Istanbul in 2022 & 2023

In 2022, most houses were sold in the Esenyurt district in Istanbul! It will be the leader in 2023 with sales of 40 thousand of houses!

Esenyurt, which has come to the top in recent years in the ranking of the districts where the most housing sales are made in Istanbul, is expected to be the leader in 2023 as well.

Esenyurt with the highest sales of real estate in Istanbul in recent years and took the top position in 2022 with a sales figure of 36 thousand 315 units.



One of the most important reasons for the high Istanbul real estate sales in Esenyurt was the construction of affordable and safe new buildings in the region.

Esenyurt is the district with the highest population in Turkey. There is a young and active population, a great economy and the best job opportunities.


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