Istanbul ranks 15th most crowded city among world cities with its population of 16 million, and also ranks the first one in Europe.

A strategic center for the world with its location right in the middle of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Istanbul is also Turkey's economic, financial and cultural capital. It establishment dates back to 1000 B.C and it is an ancient and touristic city that has been the capital of three empires such as Rome, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. Istanbul is a metropolitan city which has action 24 hours a day and is a unique city with all the colors of a rainbow, capable of offering both a quiet life and a vibrant life as wished.

There are many modern or historical mosques in every neighborhood of this city, which hosts different religions and cultures. People respect each other's religion, culture and lifestyle. Istanbul is also a very safe city compared to many world metropolises.

Istanbul, boasting Turkey's largest real estate market, also hosts Turkey's most important branded residential projects. Since a real estate investment is both a safe and a very important culture, the majority of the local habitants direct their investments in real estate. The interest of both local and international investors in projects in Istanbul has shown a constant increase through years.

Istanbul is also a capital of culture and art, and there are many historical and cultural values in the city. In this city with activities held for 365 days, in every period of the year, the modern entertainment and excursion areas created thanks to the investments in the last 10 years draw heavy attention of tourists.

The Turkish government supports mega projects that will increase the brand value of Istanbul in the world. Istanbul has always occupied an important position in history as a very important brand. Thanks to recent planning, its importance is taken for granted to increase in near future.

Some of the actualized and planned projects in Istanbul are;


The 3-Storey Big Istanbul Project, which will be a 31 km long, lower and constructed as its upper section being highway and middle section being rail system is just another huge project that will make European Side and the Asian Side even more easily accessible. This line will also be integrated with the TEM Highway, the E-5 Highway, the Northern Marmara Highway and 9 metro lines.


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