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Property for Sale in Turkey


Turkey is on the attraction point with its megaprojects and luxury properties for sale. The interest in the property for sale in Turkey and investment in real estate is very high by foreigners.

Turkey is one of the most beautiful and glamorous countries in the world. Modernizing at a rapid in every branch, it's the only Muslim country that combines a heady mix of east and western cultural significances.

Turkey has lots of history's greatest civilizations by its all sides. You can find wonderful relics, ancient churches, fortresses all throughout Turkey.

It is a hospitable and extraordinarily friendly country, even in the crowded streets of Istanbul, you'll find the communities warm and welcoming.

Turkey is surrounded by 800km of shoreline by four different seas, making it an awesome place for beach property, seafront houses and fun in the sun. This attracts thousands of people every year for summers by the sea and property for sale in Turkey is as varied as the country itself.

On our website, you can find Turkey's real estate offers in the best locations for the best prices with flexible installment periods.

As a licensed real estate broker and 18th-year experienced company, we are selling apartments in Turkey, flats, studios, houses, villas, land, commercial properties and investment properties in Turkey.

Providing you with the best opportunity selection of Real Estate in Turkey, the high return on investment and the best customer service possible is our first aim.

Everything about the property for sale in Turkey, from our comprehensive and easy-to-use website to our all-inclusive free tours of real estate in Istanbul, has been designed to give you the best property option and own the home you dreamed of.


Why to Invest In Real Estate Turkey?




Turkey's Properties is a very good investment option for tomorrow. Turkey is becoming a popular place for many foreigners to spend their holidays. In recent year's many people are investing in real estate Turkey.

Here are some features and reasons for it;


Are You Looking for Property for Sale in Turkey?




You are at the right address and MELARES Turkey Properties is here to help you with its all services and give you advice in order to find the right and ideal property for you.

With years of experience through the real estate and in-depth knowledge of property in Turkey, Melares Turkey Properties have helped over a thousand of its consumers attentively purchase a property in Turkey.

If you are in search of a property for sale in Turkey with an affordable budget in the right place please use our search engine on the homepage to choose your ideal location along with budget.

It is considered to own a property in Turkey is a smart investment. Turkey is known as one of the most beautiful places on earth, the people there are friendly and Turkey is popularly known for its breathtaking coastlines, magnificent weather and stunning property prices.

Turkey has a very powerful economy and has less population from other states this is why foreigners are demanding at a high rate. It widespread media attention due to the innovative projects and escalating infrastructure, boasts of magnificent architectures also architects have chosen to display their talent in turkey with amazing features.

There are lots of housing projects that have been built in amazing places covering magnificent square meters and consisting of apartments at affordable prices.

Everyone wants to own fit into these eras such as a house built with smart home technology, use of high-quality materials, safe in terms of the earthquake, rich in terms of social facilities.

You can apply to become a Turkish citizen if you buy a property of about $250,000 and keep it for up to three years. As well as you obtain Turkish citizenship within 90-180 days.

Property for sale in Turkey has another fascinating fact is that real estate annual cost is very cheap and this involves all activities including taxes, electricity, internet, and satellite.

Also, there are a lot of entertainment centers all around Turkey and lots of transportation alternatives providing people facilities to go to everywhere very easily.

Nowadays, Turkey has grown to be a global investment center. A majority of foreign investors are interested to engage in huge investments that have high returns of income for them.

Turkey offers these types of investment opportunities so that the market keeps booming day by day.

 If you do your research you will find out that buying a property in other countries far more unreasonable than the one you buy in Turkey, so why you should miss such a smart investment when you can get a solid investment property in Istanbul.


Property for Sale in Turkey: The Best Choice For Foreigners Buying Property In Turkey


Foreigners looking for the best places and profitable opportunities to buy property in Turkey. You can enter a healthy market with MELARES Turkey properties with many amazing housing units offering a full portfolio of new build, resale apartments and villas.

It will be very good that someone helps you where to buy, knowing which areas are popular, will influence you to make a smart decision.

The official government statistical institute says that the sales realized, the first 10 provinces are respectively; İstanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Bursa, Yalova, Samsun, Sakarya, Mersin, İzmir Muğla which are the most important and strategical places to buy a property.

From 2013 up to now, foreigners bought 73.500 properties in Istanbul. Istanbul is consisting of 39 districts which are very popular and rich in terms of tourism, education, business and economy as well as health.

A new Airport is known as the world's biggest airport ''Istanbul Airport'' is built on the European side of Istanbul which adds a high value to the city.

There are lots of properties for sale in the European and Asian sides of Istanbul Turkey which offers cultural neighborhoods and urban lifestyles at the same time.


Cost of Living in Turkey


When you consider an area for investments and living in a new place, the cost of living is also an important factor. Besides being the cost of living very low, Turkey offers high standards of living at reasonable prices.

That is why the living conditions in Turkey make us take the decision to move there permanently. When it comes to daily spending Turkey can be a surprisingly cheap place in the market, transportations, restaurants, utilities, sports and leisure, clothing and shoes, rents per month.

There is a property for sale in Turkey which is in close proximity to the beach and not far from the center of a city. Apartment units that offer a spectacular view of the mountains, forest or awesome view of Bosphorus Istanbul. Rich with social and entertainment activities a swimming pool and walk paths in the projects.

A lower cost of living means that your purchasing power is high in terms of economics and a strong economy, a very agreeable climate are more reasons to consider Turkey's real estate.


Property Buying Process in Turkey


There are some tips you should do before buying property in Turkey;