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Beşiktaş / İstanbul

10068 - Fantastic Residence for Sale in Istanbul Besiktas

        This Residence has 2 bedrooms, an open kitchen concept and...
  • 90 Sqm
  • 2
  • 1
  • Delivery Date 2022
Beşiktaş / İstanbul

10066 - Residence for Sale in Besiktas Istanbul with an amazing view of the city

This Fantastic Residence has 1 bedroom, an open kitchen style and an amazing view of the city. Locat...
  • 65 Sqm
  • 1
  • 1
  • Delivery Date 2022
Beşiktaş / İstanbul

8083 - Unique Residance for Sale in Levent

Unique 2 bedrooms residance with landscape view in Istanbul Levent ,Its location in the middle of Is...
  • 88 Sqm
  • 2
  • 1
  • Ready to Deliver
Beşiktaş / İstanbul

8082 - Luxury Residence for Sale in Istanbul Levent 

2 bedrooms residence for sale in Levent , its within walking distance to the shopping malls and fina...
  • 80 Sqm
  • 2
  • 1
  • Ready to Deliver
Beşiktaş / İstanbul

8081 - Luxury Residance for Sale in Levent District

Luxury 1 bedroom residance for sale in Levent district at the center of european Istanbul. Levent is...
  • 88 Sqm
  • 1
  • 1
  • Ready to Deliver
Beşiktaş / İstanbul

8080 - Luxury Residence in the Heart Of Istanbul City in Levent

Luxury residance for sale in the heart of Istanbul city in Levent. Easy access to the, Fatih Sultan ...
  • 51 Sqm
  • 1
  • 1
  • Ready to Deliver
Beşiktaş / İstanbul

4821 - Buy Property in Istanbul Besiktas and Get Citizenship of Turkey

This duplex three bedrooms apartment is very close to a public park and some universities and hospit...
  • 145 Sqm
  • 3
  • 2
  • Ready to Deliver


$85.200 / CASH

10136 - Luxury House with Magnificent Island View in Kartal Istanbul

Buy a luxury house, in one of the most special projects in Kartal, one of the most special places in...
Kartal /
Delivery Date

$62.690 / CASH

10105 - Luxurious Apartment for Sale in Istanbul Within Walking Distance to the Sea

This luxurious apartment for sale in Istanbul is planned with ceiling to floor windows, a bright liv...
Büyükçekmece /
Delivery Date

$143.240 / CASH

10090 - House for Sale with Stunnig Interior in Istanbul

House for sale in Istanbul has a stunning interior, a spacious living room with an open kitchen, mas...
Küçükçekmece /
Delivery Date

$163.850 / CASH

10082 - Amazing Apartment for Sale in Istanbul Esenyurt

This apartment has 2 bedrooms, a close kitchen style, terrace, French balcony, floor to ceiling wind...
Esenyurt /
Delivery Date
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Apartments for sale in Besiktas Istanbul

Beşiktaş, one of the most popular districts of the European Side of Istanbul, is also located in one of the main points of the city. This lively district, which dates back to ancient times, is a very beautiful region with a coastline on the Bosphorus.

Beşiktaş, which is neighbor to Şişli, Beyoğlu and Sarıyer districts, also hosts modern and nostalgic construction structures together.

The central parts of the district are those where the neighborhood culture is experienced more intensely. Especially the Beşiktaş Bazaar, which is described as the heart of the region, attracts attention as an enjoyable area where shopping, eating and drinking and entertainment are gathered together. For this reason, the central region is mostly preferred by students and young people as a living space. Apartments for sale in Besiktas Istanbul are adjacent in the central part.

When you go from Beşiktaş center to the coast, you reach the Beşiktaş shore. When you go west from here, you can reach the Karaköy coast and by going along to the east towards the Bosphorus line you can reach Sarıyer district . The coastal axis is always a lively area with vehicle and human traffic. On this axis, called “setüstü” is located directly across the Sea of Marmara. Nostalgic apartments with full sea view is placed here.

When you move from Beşiktaş Center to Sarıyer along the coast, you will encounter Ortaköy, Kuruçeşme, Arnavutköy and Bebek districts, respectively. Because these districts are located on the Bosphorus line, they are the most preferred regions for domestic and foreign real estate investors. Qualified, elite or rich people prefer to live in these regions. Therefore, they are the favorite places of Istanbul real estate market.

Since the coastal axis and the inward parts carry the historical texture, modern construction projects cannot be done much in this region. These regions are the choice of those who love to be in touch with nature, sea and history…

When you go up the coast road, you reach the more modern and elitist districts of Beşiktaş. Although these regions are located in Istanbul city life, you can choose one of the apartments for sale in Besiktas Istanbul, suitable for your taste, since each one has different properties.

You can contact us to take advantage of the rich apartment options of MELARES Turkey Properties. Our experienced team is happy to help you with everything he/she knows.

Apartments for sale in Besiktas Istanbul: Panoramic Bosphorus View

Besiktas district, located in the center of Istanbul, has an area of 11 square kilometers. This district has a 8.4 km long coastline on the shores of the Bosphorus. It can be seen that both the houses directly on the coast and the interior areas have partial or full sea views due to the sloping land.

The most important factor that determines the price of a house is the price of square meter of land. Thereupon, construction costs and profit margin are added and the sale price of the house is found. However, most of the price you pay consists of the location plot price of the apartment.

For this reason, the price of a 2 bedrooms house in Besiktas may be higher than the 2 bedrooms flat in Bağcılar. In fact, you are purchasing a location before home. The location value, that is, the land square meter price may vary even in different districts within the same region. This is because extra features are included. The most important factor is the sea view. We can exemplify this as follows. While the market value of the land is 4.183 TL for 2020 in Sinanpasa, which is located in the central part of Besiktas, the market value of the land in Bebek region is 12.563 TL. Therefore, land costs directly affect the construction costs of construction companies and, consequently, the sales prices of houses.

Houses with sea view are the choice of many people. Instead of living in buildings facing each other, the feeling of spaciousness affects human psychology when viewed from the balcony or window.

In addition, apartments with sea views represent a prestigious life for families. Above all, the Bosphorus is an unprecedented place elsewhere in the world. It is possible to live in houses with sea views at a more affordable price in many districts of Istanbul that have a coast. However, these areas have only sea views.

However, if you live in one of the apartments for sale in Besiktas Istanbul, you will not only have the sea view but also a magnificent view of the Bosphorus view. Therefore, the prices you will pay will be different from other regions of Istanbul.

You do not need to buy on the beach axis to have a dream house in Besiktas with a sea view. According to your budget, you can own apartments or villas from the upper parts of Ulus, Akatlar, Yildiz and Kurucesme, Ortakoy, Arnavutkoy, located in the upper parts of the region. Thus, the breathtaking panoramic view of the Bosphorus will be worth your real estate investment.

Investment Value of Apartments for Sale in Besiktas Istanbul

Beşiktaş is one of the most active and popular areas of the Istanbul real estate market. Besides being in the center of the city, the opportunities offered by the region make it attractive to invest in this region. Being one of the most known regions of Istanbul by foreign investors, it directs property demands of foreigners as well as domestic investors to this region.

This region, which has excellent location values, offers nostalgic houses on the coastal axis. Extending to the inner parts of the city, Levent, Gayrettepe, Etiler, Balmumcu and Ulus districts wink investors with modern buildings and newly produced ultra luxury housing projects.

The buildings in Vişnezade, Türkali, Muradiye and Abbasağa, which are the central and inner regions of Beşiktaş, are generally older buildings. The buildings located in an adjacent order bring neighborly relations.

Important schools such as Istanbul Technical University, Bogazici University, Bahcesehir University, Yildiz Technical University, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Faculty, Galatasaray University, Aydin University, Istanbul Bilim University Gayrettpe Campus, Besiktas Ataturk Anatolian High School, Besiktas Anatolian High School, Sakip Sabanci Anatolian High School is located. For this reason, it is a region where students and families want to live intensely.

Especially families of university students can buy houses in this region in terms of investment for the future. Those who do not have enough budget of buying a house, settle in this area as a tenant. If you own one of the apartments for sale in Besiktas Istanbul, university students and their families create a good tenant potential for you.

Another group that may be potential for your real estate investment in the Besiktas region, which is in high demand, is the employees.

This district has a very lively trading life. In addition to thousands of small shopping malls, thousands of corporate centers, headquarters and branches of banks, huge malls at European standards, plazas and international hotel businesses, Nobel and Pfizer pharmaceutical factories are located in Besiktas.

Both business owners, middle and senior managers working in companies and employees with a certain income want to sit in Besiktas. It is ideal for real estate investment with its transportation alternatives, cultural and social facilities.

We can make an appointment for our free real estate tour to see Besiktas region and real estate alternatives in the region. MELARES Turkey Properties will offer you the best property at the right location for your real estate purchases in Istanbul.

Where to Buy Luxury Apartments in Besiktas?


This region, along with Maslak district, is the busiest place in Istanbul's business life. Hundreds of businesses in the region also contribute extensively to the commercial life of Istanbul. It is a region where plazas, banks, shopping centers and hotels are located. Zorlu Center, Metrocity, Kanyon, Ozdilek Malls, Sapphire, Hyatt Centric Hotel, Wyndham Grand Hotel, Park Dedeman Hotel, Is Bank Towers, QNB Finansbank General Directorate are important structures in the region.

In recent years, there are also housing projects produced with modern technology and architecture. Residence and concierge services are the most important elements of this luxurious life. Interior designs equipped with first class materials are very enjoyable. You can choose this region for a luxury apartment life in the city center.


Located next to the July 15 Martyrs Bridge and Etiler, Ulus is like one of the secret paradises of Istanbul. If you feel like you have entered a different world as soon as you step here. It is a region where you can experience prestige with its modern buildings, people, calm and decent lifestyle. It is a region preferred by the leading names of the rich, artists and high society. You can find flats with duplex sea view or city view in the sites with pool. It is a few minutes away from Zorlu Center and Akmerkez Malls.


Located in the upper part of Bebek, Etiler district is one of the well-established settlements of Istanbul. The Etiler region is also an important place for apartments for sale in Besiktas Istanbul. It is a region preferred by academicians, high income groups and artists. The famous Nispetiye Street, which passes through the middle of the region, is always very lively. Many entertainment venues and famous restaurants are in this region. Nusr-et Steakhouse, Gunaydın Meat Restaurant, Gurkan Chef Steakhouse are some of them. The construction in the region is generally in the form of buildings within the site. It has a regular architectural construction.


It is one of the historical districts of Istanbul and Besiktas. It has a coast to the Bosphorus and is adjacent to Etiler at the top. Ortakoy, nostalgic houses have always been the focus of attention. It is also possible to find apartments in adjacent buildings towards the inside of the region. This region is a region where domestic and foreign visitors show great interest. When you leave your home, you can reach the Bosphorus coastline within minutes on foot. Ortakoy Mosque, one of the most famous mosques in the city, is located in this region.


Kurucesme, which is located on the coastal part of Ortakoy, is one of the most livable areas of Istanbul. Beach, sea view, ease of transportation are all available in this region. Fora Park, which is spread over a wide area, is located in this region. It is a region that makes a difference with its fish restaurants and elite venues.


If you are interested in history, Arnavutkoy will be an ideal real estate investment place for you. Arnavutkoy, which is a increadable and historical district, has preserved its structure from the past to the present and therefore modern buildings are fewer. However, with its bazaar, famous fish restaurants, pleasant houses, it is one of the most sought-after settlements of the Bosphorus. If you like the sea view, you should not have doubt about finding many home alternatives.


It has a completely different atmosphere. It is a region where almost everyone who has the budget wants to buy an apartment to property invest… Bebek coast and street is one of the places where people visit especially on weekends. Luxury cafes and restaurants on the shore and street also increase the quality of the neighborhood. You can find modern luxury apartments in this area.

Why should you prefer Besiktas in Real Estate Investment?

Besiktas has all the facilities to meet social life needs. There are many places worth seeing in this region. It is one of the richest regions of Istanbul in terms of social and cultural aspects. Apartments for sale in Besiktas Istanbul will add vitality to your social and cultural life.

Culture and Art

Founded in 1994, Beşiktaş Cultural Center is an important venue for many shows. Apart from these, Ortakoy and Akatlar Cultural Centers and Kurucesme Arena are among the important show and show venues.

Museums and Historical Places

There are Ciragan Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, Yildiz Palace, Feriye Palaces and Ihlamur Pavilion in the region.

Many of the groves in the Bosphorus that protect their green cover every season without spoiling their natural beauty are found in this region. Yıldız Grove, Naile Sultan Grove, Naciye Sultan Grove, Foundation Grove, Arnavutköy Robert College's Grove, Ipar Grove, French Orphanage Grove, Kortel Grove, Ayşe Sultan Grove are among the important values of the region.

The mansions and historical houses in the coastal settlements are remarkable. You can see many mosques, churches and synagogues together in the region. Home to a lively cultural richness, Besiktas also includes the Asiyan Museum, Yildiz Palace Museum, the Naval Museum, the Museum of Painting and Sculpture and the City Museum.

For those who love entertainment, Ortakoy, Bebek, Kurucesme and Arnavutkoy districts are among the prominent places in this region. In addition, BJK Inonu Stadium, where the most important football matches of Istanbul are held, is located in the heart of the region.


Besiktas is a district close to everywhere due to its location. Road, sea and rail system transportation alternatives are available.

There are options such as steamboat and small boats where you can pass from Besiktas Pier to the Anatolian Side. Being close to Besiktas Pier for pleasant Bosphorus cruises will be among the privileges offered by this district.

There are many alternatives to easily reach all the districts from Besiktas, which is also considered the center of the European Side. 

For example, you can easily reach Kabatas by walking and then you can get tram to Eminönü - Sultanahmet - Beyazıt - Aksaray line. You can reach Taksim by funicular for 1.5 minutes. From Levent Zincirlikuyu, you can go by metrobus to Avcilar in Eurepean side or Kadikoy in Anatolian side .

In addition, bus and minibus alternatives that you can easily reach both the coastline and the inner parts of the city will make your life easier.

You can contact us for apartments for sale in Besiktas Istanbul and catch the opportunities that will change your life.