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New Decisions for Covid-19 in Turkey:
Weekend Curfew Restrictions

President Erdogan has announced a new decision to avoid the spread of Covid-19 in Turkey, after the cabinet meeting.


President Erdogan shared the new risk table of Covid-19 for 81 provinces. He said, "The cities in the red category representing the very high-risk group have reached 58 provinces representing. It means that 80% of our population are living in very high-risk areas.


Curfew restrictions in the whole of Turkey will be the same as previous. Which was starting in the evening at 21:00 and 05:00 a.m. each day. In the provinces in the red category representing the very high-risk, the restriction applied on Sunday will now continue as Saturday and Sunday ".


As of 03.04.2021 Saturday, there will be Weekend Curfew Restrictions. Turkey made the transition to the gradual normalization period as of March 1. In this context, a risk table of Covid-19 was prepared according to the number of cases of the cities.


The provinces were separated into four colors on which the cities with a blue color code were determined as low risk, provinces with a yellow color code as medium risk. The cities with an orange color code as high, and provinces with a red color code as very high risk.



Restrictions were reduced in low and medium-risk provinces, while limited easing occurred in orange provinces. Restrictions continued for the red provinces.


In 1 month after the transition to gradual normalization, there was a noticeable rise in Covid-19 cases and patients in almost all cities.


After the critical after the cabinet meeting where Covid-19 measures were discussed the increasing cases, President Erdogan has announced a new decision.


Restaurants and cafes will serve all of Turkey according to certain rules with 50% capacity.

In the month of Ramadan, Weekend Curfew Restrictions will be applied in the whole province of Turkey. During Ramadan restaurants and cafes be limit with the services takeaway.