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Villas for Sale in Turkey
with Private Pool

Villas are one of the types of properties that generally admire the viewer. Whether small or larger, the feeling of luxury, spaciousness and comfort of the villa attract the people. Especially if detached villas with private pools and private pools in Turkey ... Is it easy to have one of the villas for sale in Turkey with private pool?

Villas are drawing attention as a living space that almost every person with a certain income level will want to have. Villas have always been the focus of attention in the choice of housing. One of the most important reasons for this is that the villa lives have spacious areas that get the highest level of daylight compared to the apartments. It is an indispensable home type especially for those who love a detached life. Another of the most important features of the villas is that if you are buying a villa in the site, you will have the use of a shared pool. However, some families do not want to use a common pool with other people. Therefore, the prominent feature is private pools. The villas also offer maximum comfort for families with their large interiors, spacious and useful kitchens.

Villas for Sale in Turkey

Just as there are also villas in Turkey prior years from now, today, in the detached sites created with modern architecture and technology of construction companies, semi-detached, semi-detached villas have been building. Or it is possible to find fully detached villas alternatives on your own land, without being within the site.

Although in Turkey Istanbul is offering most of the villa alternatives, your budget in different regions of Turkey and you may able to find the villa that can suit your taste. So much, so that in some parts of Istanbul, especially Buyukcekmece and Beylikduzu regions, you have the opportunity to buy a luxury villa with the price of an apartment in the center of Istanbul. Villa settlements in Istanbul are generally done outside the city center, in areas with sea, lake and forest views. This is because it is difficult to find new and empty lands suitable for villa building in the city. However, you can find villas with moderately priced or extremely luxurious pools in areas that are a little further out of the center but easy to reach the center.

How Much Villa Prices in Turkey?

Villas are produced with different square meter and number of rooms according to family size and needs. This situation is important in terms of offering different alternatives to the villa investor in the Turkish real estate market.

For families of 2-3 people, we recommend 2-bedrooms or 3-bedrooms villas with optimum use. While these villas are both easy to use, the purchase cost and monthly maintenance costs are also more affordable. There are even 10-bedrooms villas or mansions starting from 4 and 5 bedrooms for larger and crowded families. As the square meter of the villa grows, the areas and features in it are included in the scope of more luxury villas. Therefore, the price segment is increasing accordingly.

For example, in a high quality and seaside housing project in Beylikduzu region, you need to allocate a budget of over 1 million dollars to purchase a 542 square meter and 5 bedroom, private pool villa. If you want to buy a villas for sale in Turkey with private pool, it is important to collaborate with a real estate firm that will guide you accurately.

Where to Buy a Villa for Sale in Turkey?

In Turkey, especially with the sea of Marmara, Aegean, Black Sea and Mediterranean region plenty of private villas are sold.

The coastal parts of Turkey, which offers social opportunities, sea, sun, beach, are competiting with the world-famous seaside resorts such as Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Miami.

However, the cost of the luxury villa with private pool that you will buy in Turkey's seaside resorts is more affordable than many of these countries. Therefore, from the different countries of the world, many investors prefer to buy real estate in Turkey assesses the firstly.

To buy a luxury villa with a view of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, you need to sacrifice the million of dollars. Because your alternatives are more limited than other regions in order to have this wonderful life.

The best place to be preferable to buy villas in Turkey are admittedly house located close to the seafront or the coastline. Sea and villa life are two almost intertwined concepts.

For example, in the Black Sea region such as Samsun Atakum, Trabzon, Giresun, Sinop, Ordu, in the seaside cities are sold middle segment or luxury villas with sea views. Their prices are also very affordable.

Since the Aegean shores reflect the Mediterranean climate, you can feel the effects of the summer season in every period of the year. With its deep blue sea, beaches, holiday resorts and modern life, villa options are unlimited in the Aegean region. Ayvalik, Cesme, Foca, Izmir, Kusadasi and Didim are some of these regions.

Private villas that you will buy in these regions may be one of luxury, nature and sea view villas with swimming pools. Located at the point where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean meet, Didim, Bodrum and Marmaris are one of the world-known holiday resorts. In these areas, villas with a view of nature, the sea or panoramic sea offer you a corner from heaven. In Bodrum Yalikavak, Gumusluk, Gundogan, Turgutreis, Turkbuku offers villas for sale in Turkey with private pool.

In the Mediterranean region, regions such as Fethiye, Alanya, Kemer, Belek, Kas and Kalkan are regions where many local and foreign people own villas. With its blue waters, mountains and lush nature of the Mediterranean, these regions offer important opportunities to villa investors.

You also have the chance to rent the villas you will buy in these regions as a summer house. Some of the local and foreign tourists prefer to rent a villa instead of staying at the hotel for summer holidays. You can rent your villa weekly, 15 days, monthly or seasonally and earn rental income. You can also stay in your own home to spend your holiday.

Features of Turkish Villas

The pool is an important feature in villas. You may not always have a chance to swim in the sea, especially if you have a villa in Istanbul. Because all parts of the Marmara Sea are not suitable for swimming. In your own pool, you will have the opportunity to swim in summer and winter even if you cannot go on vacation. This is also an important feature for you to stay healthy and fit. The private pool will also be the reason for preference for your children.

It is possible to diversify villas with private swimming pool. You don't always have to buy a turnkey villa. Some construction companies in Turkey, are delivering the villas as rough construction with the cheaper prices.That is, they deliver the construction, complete with windows, doors and outlines. In this way, you buy at a more affordable cost and complete all kinds of materials such as wet floor coverings, parquets, kitchen and bathroom cabinets in the house in accordance with your budget.

This includes landscaping and pool construction of your garden. In pool construction, you can make the ceramic color and the shape of the pool according to your own taste. You can even have a heated outdoor swimming pool if you wish.

If you are buying a villa with sea view, you can combine both magnificent beauties sea and nature by having an infinity pool.

If you prefer villas for sale in Turkey with private pool and too big square meters, this villa may also be present in the lower level of private indoor swimming pool.

Designs of Villas for Sale in Turkey

Whether mountain, forest, lake or sea views, there are some features sought beyond the landscape in the life of a villa. In addition to being the symbol of luxury, villas will make you unhappy if they do not offer comfortable and effective use living spaces.

Although it varies according to the total square meter of the house, it is important that the bedrooms are not less than 10 - 12 square meters in optimum-use villas. Thus, you will not have any problems in the placement of the furniture in the children's rooms or in the working room.

The master bedroom is 20-25 square meters and above provides comfort. If there is a dressing division in your bedroom, it will prevent the loss of space by providing the necessary space for your clothes and shoes. Since the parents bathroom is already in most 2 bedrooms apartments, the villa must have an parents bathroom too. Square meter should be slightly higher than the standards. In addition, in some villas almost every room has its own bathroom.

Villas in Turkey in the past years were more simple and were designing with a flat architecture. Since it has been changed architectural trends, in recent years the villas are produced such as Mediterranean style, California style, modern glass coating, consisting of wood and natural stone mixed. You can choose the most suitable one for your taste in the architectural designs of your villa that you will buy as rough construction. The spacious garden usage and landscape design is other traits that are important when you own one of the villas for sale in Turkey with private pool.


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