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Turkey's Tourism 2021
has Exceeded 3 Billion Dollars

Turkey's tourism income, in the second quarter of 2021 is exceeded 3 billion 3 million 628 thousand dollars.

The Turkish Statistical Institute announced Turkey's tourism statistics for the April-June periods of 2021. Accordingly, tourism income was 3 billion 3 million 628 thousand dollars in the second quarter of 2021.


73.1% of Turkey's tourism income (excluding mobile phone roaming and marina service expenditures) was gained from foreign visitors and 26.9% from national visitors living abroad.



2 billion 436 million 913 thousand dollars of the expenditures made in this period is consists of personal expenditures, and 566 million 716 thousand dollars consists of package tour expenditures.


The average spends per night in this quarter was $57. The average expenditure of foreigners staying overnight is $64, while the average expenditure of national visitors staying overnight is $44.

The numbe

r of visitors departing from Turkey was 4 million 66 thousand 210 people. 77.3% of the visitors were foreigners corresponding to 3 million 144 thousand 815 people, and 22.7% of them were national citizens living abroad which corresponds to 921 thousand 395 people.


During this period, among foreign visitors who visited Turkey 70.3% of them were travel for entertainment, sports and cultural activities". 14.8% of them traveled for visiting relatives and friends and 6.7% of them for business purposes (conference, meeting, duty, etc.).



National citizens living abroad, on the other hand, came to Turkey mostly for "visiting relatives and friends" with 63.7%.


Turkey's tourism expenditure, which consists of the expenditures of citizens living in the country and visiting other countries, was 334 million 936 thousand dollars. 333 million 704 thousand dollars of this amount was personal and 1 million 232 thousand dollars was package tour expenses.


The number of local citizens visiting abroad in this quarter was 395,189 people. Their average expenditure per person was recorded as 848 dollars.

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