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Turkey Raised to the 5th Place in the
World's Construction Materials Exports

Among the countries that export most construction materials, Turkey raised 4 places up instantly last year and became the 5th in the world.


Turkish Construction Material Industrialists' Association (Turkey IMSAD) has announced the "Turkey IMSAD Building Sector Report" prepared with current economic data for 2021.




According to the report, Turkey became the 5th in the world by rising 4 places in the export of construction materials.


Turkey's share in world construction materials exports, which grew by 21.7 percent compared to 2020 and reached 1 trillion 79.4 billion dollars in 2021, amounted to 30.83 billion dollars. Turkey's share in world construction materials exports raised to 2.86 percent.


While Turkey's exports increased by 19.6 percent last year, Israel was at the top among the countries with the highest exports.



Israel was followed by the USA and the UK. Imports of construction materials increased by 22.2 percent to $ 8.6 billion. The top importing countries were listed as China, Germany and Italy.


The unit price per kilogram in the export of construction materials raised from $0.35 to $0.48. The import unit price was $2.84. In the world's construction materials exports, China ranked 1st with 253.6 billion dollars.


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