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Turkey Partially Eases
COVID-19 Restrictions

Weekend curfews, in place since December, will be lifted in low- and medium-risk provinces, while restrictions on Sunday will continue “for a while” in provinces classified as high risk or very high risk, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said after a Cabinet meeting at the presidential complex.

"Face-to-face education will start in low- and medium-risk provinces of Turkey, including in middle and high schools," he added.

Erdogan also said that all preschool education institutions across Turkey, as well as elementary schools and grades 8 and 12, will resume in-person classes.

"Apart from the general practice, only face-to-face exams in high schools will be held in our high-risk and very high-risk provinces," he added.

As of this Tuesday, face-to-face education will begin across the country in all preschool education institutions, primary schools, and grades 8 and 12, according to the National Education Ministry.

In low- and medium-risk provinces, face-to-face education will start full-time in preschool institutions and with divided classes in primary schools two days a week.

Distance education will continue in groups and cities not covered by face-to-face education. Participation in face-to-face education will depend on parental consent.

Special education schools and classes across the country will also start full-time, face-to-face education.

The public will return to normal working hours throughout Turkey, while governor's offices will make different arrangements if needed, Erdogan said.

"The more people abide by pandemic measures, the faster they will ensure their provinces shift to normalization," he explained.