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Turkey is Going to Join in
6 More European Union Programs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the European Union (EU Affairs), reported that in addition to the 7 European Union Programs, Turkey is going to participate in 6 more EU programs.

According to the statement of Presidency, the 3rd meeting of the EU Programs and Agencies Board was held on 15 April under the chairmanship of the vice-minister of Foreign Affairs and the President of the European Union, Ambassador Faruk Kaymakci.

The President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office Dr. Ali Taha Koc, Vice-minister of Health Assoc. Dr. Tolga Tolunay, Vice-minister of the Ministry of Industry and Technology Dr. Mehmet Fatih Cetin Ali Donmez and Kacar, vice-minister of Commerce Bud Light Yilmaz Batur and especially Huseyin Yildirim Serdar President of Turkey's Space Agency, the senior representatives of all institutions have joined the meeting.

Kaymakci found the assessment by underlining the great support of the EU Programs and Agencies for Turkey's preparation and development to join EU membership.
The EU Programs will serve as a key for us to adapt to the changes required by the transition to a green economy and digital transformation in the globalizing world and to combat challenges such as the Covid-19 outbreak.

 The axis of our business relations with the EU is the EU and Turkey-EU Financial Cooperation Program. Participation in the EU Programs will contribute to the further development of our country's relations with the EU." he said in his speech.

Besides, the 7 EU programs that Turkey is attended, Turkey intends to Participate in Health (EU4Health), Digital Europe, Environment and Climate Change, Investment, Single Market and EU Space Program during the years 2021-2027.