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Breaking News: Curfew and Restrictions
in Turkey 13.04.2021

After the Cabinet Meeting, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the decisions about the new Curfew and Restriction one by one that millions of people were eagerly waiting for.


According to the new Curfew and Restriction; partial closure will be applied in the first 2 weeks of Ramadan.




Here are the new Curfew and Restriction announced on 13.04.2021 which will be applied as of tonight:


  1. While the Weekend Curfew and Restrictions are continuing the same, the curfew hours were updated between 19.00 to 05.00 on weekdays.
  2. The use of all public transportation is banned again for people over 65 and under 18.
  3. The activities of cafes, tea gardens, sports halls and similar places that provide food and beverage services were stopped until the end of the Eid holiday.
  4. Restaurants and similar establishments will carry out their services with the package or you can go and take your order only at specific times during Ramadan. Food packet services will continue until the time of Sahur (meal before dawn during Ramadan).
  5. Except for 8th and 12th grades and pre-school education institutions, all levels will continue their educations with the online education system.
  6. Alternating and flexible work will be re-expanded in the public sector. The working hours will end at 16:00. Women personals who are Pregnant, those with chronic diseases, and female personnel with children under 10 years of age will be considered on administrative leave (leave with salary).
  7. Mass Iftar Meal and similar organizations cannot be held in accommodation facilities and homes. Hotels will only be able to serve as limited to their customers, and fake reservations and similar fake tricks will not be tolerated.
  8. Wedding, engagement, henna, general assembly, meetings and all events held in closed areas were deferred until the end of the Eid holiday.