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The Turkish Representative Signs
with a Tunnel on the Alps Mountain

Cengiz İnsaat won the tender for the reconstruction of the Karavanke Tunnel and this company is one the Turkey representative in Europe, this tunnel is considered as the most important point road network connecting the Mediterranean, Balkans, and Central of Europe.


Who is Cengiz İnsaat ?

Cengiz İnsaat’s strong position is supported by a robust financial structure, reliability in the market and an approach of high quality. Operating abroad as well as in Turkey, the Company is making firm progress along the road to becoming a global brand.
Turnover at Cengiz İnşaat passed USD 1 billion in 2017 and the value of completed and ongoing projects confirms that it is a major construction company managing Turkey’s biggest infrastructure projects. During the Company’s first years of operation, Turkey’s infrastructure projects were managed by foreign companies, but today Cengiz İnşaat is a competitor to Western companies, both in and out of Turkey. The Company’s success continues in Turkey and abroad, and in 2013 a consortium led by the Company won the bid for construction of Istanbul’s New Airport, the biggest airport of the world, through a Build-Operate-Transfer business model which also includes 25-year operating rights.

Operations abroad project of Cengiz İnsaat

Cengiz İnsaat has earned its reputation in Turkey through numerous successful projects and enjoys the same level of achievement with its international projects. The Company has built many projects in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Iraq, Bulgaria, and Kuwait.
International projects completed by Cengiz İnşaat include Vayhir Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant, Shemkirchay Dam in Azerbaijan, Aktobe-Martuk Highway in Kazakhstan, Ljulin-Daskalovo Motorway in Bulgaria, Altunkopri Highway in Erbil, Tahtaköprü – Ceyranbatan Irrigation Channel in Azerbaijan, Suhodol-Vlakavo-Tarcin Highway in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hawler International Airport in Erbil and Kuwait International Airport Terminal 4 in Kuwait.


Tender process and Turkey representative won 

The tender process, in which 6 companies from 5 countries competed, started in 2018. Cengiz İnşaat won the first tender in the process of great competition. However, while the tender was renewed as a result of objections, Cengiz İnşaat faced the rope with a bid of 98 million Euros in the second tender. One end of the Karavanke Tunnel is in Austria and the other in Slovenia. The local firm won the tender at the Austrian tip and construction continues. Cengiz İnşaat, on the other hand, will hit the first digging 20 months behind on the Slovenian side. While the tender process, which lasted for about 3 years, resulted in the signatures signed last week, Cengiz İnşaat Board Member Asım Cengiz and DARS CEO of Tovan Vidic and the operator of the Karavanke Tunnel were present at the signing ceremony held in Lebanon.
Cengiz İnşaat International Projects Coordinator said, stated that one end of the Karavanke Tunnel is in Austria and the other end is in Slovenia. Borders would be construction at both ends and said he would unite the tunnel at the border Sky, said: "Construction began on the Austrian side. We are together we are starting 20 months will be the difference. We finish the job in 5 years need but we checked out in advance, we will. Even the Austrians us 20 months ahead but out of the limit before I would argue that we'd get. Between us will be a great competition and we Austrians at the border with flowers in our hands we will wait for our colleagues. This is the operation of a team of 250 people and 150 persons would be from Turkey. ".