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The Shopping Mall Openings in Turkey
will Accelerate in 2022!

The shopping malls in Turkey were rapidly recovered after the Covid-19 epidemic by annual sales of approximately 160 million Turkish Liras and hosting more than 2 billion visitors.


The chairman of AYD Huseyin Altas stated that 4-5 new shopping malls will be opened in 2022.


According to the news of Yener Karadeniz from Dunya Newspaper; Shopping malls get into action earlier than expected.




With the Covid-19 epidemic, the number of daily visitors decreased to 2 million and the organizations waiting for 2022 to reach the pre-pandemic figures reached their goals 6 months ago.


Huseyin Altas, President of the Shopping Centers and Investors Association (AYD), reminded that the shopping centers were closed for 3 months after the first pandemic started in March 2020, and stated that they reached around 2 million daily visitors at the first stage in the openings implemented afterward.


Remarking that the number in question reached the highest level of 4.7 million due to both the update made during the opening-closing hours and the restrictions in the following period, Altas stated that the said figure has already reached 6.5 million, the level before the pandemic.


Before the Covid-19 epidemic, Turkey had a total of 433 shopping malls and 13.5 million square meters of leasable space. 8 newly opened shopping malls and an additional area of 500 thousand square meters were added, and the total number of shopping malls reached 441, while the leasable area increased to around 14 million square meters.



4 to 5 New Shopping Malls will be Open in Turkey in 2022


Among the new shopping mall investment in Turkey, there are projects such as Malkara Shopping Mall implemented by Qamar Group and Tem Point Shopping Mall rising in Istanbul by Nata Holding.

Huseyin Altas stated that they expect the rentable area to increase by 200 to 300 thousand square meters and the opening of around 4 to 5 new shopping malls next year.


It was stated that after the pandemic, the shopping malls would be transformed and restructured with different functions.


In this framework, it was predicted to include different functions such as classrooms and libraries in institutions. In the process we left behind, different functions, especially the library, were added to many shopping malls.



However, pointing to the post-pandemic period for rapid transformation, AYD chairman Altas said, “Libraries are opening now, but we are waiting for the epidemic to end for new functions that will allow visitors to spend more time.

He said, "Right now, we want people to come and do their shopping quickly".