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Feast of Sacrifice
How many Days will be the Feast Holiday in Turkey?

How Many Days will be the Feast of Sacrifice Holidays in Turkey?


The countdown to the feast of sacrifice continues. People in Turkey continue their preparations for the feast, which is about 5 days to start. So, when will the feast of sacrifice start and how long will the feast of sacrifice holiday last in Turkey?


Due to Covid-19 people in Turkey spent a holiday away from their loved ones in the Ramadan feast this year. Now people started their preparations for the feast of sacrifice.


When is the Feast of Sacrifice?


The feast of sacrifice will start on 20 July and last until 23 July. July 19 corresponding to Monday is the eve of the feast of sacrifice is also a holiday for half a day after the afternoon. So it will be a public holiday for 9 days in Turkey.

According to this regulation, the feast of sacrifice holiday which will start at the end of the working day on Friday, July 16, will last for 9 days and will finish on Monday corresponding to July 26.


Feast of Sacrifice 1st Day Corresponds on Tuesday, July 20.

Feast of Sacrifice 2nd Day Corresponds on Wednesday, July 21.

Feast of Sacrifice 3rd Day Corresponds on Thursday, July 22.

Feast of Sacrifice 4th Day Corresponds on Friday, July 23.