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The population of Turkey
in 2023

According to the latest United Nations data prepared by Worldometer, the current population of Turkey is 86,641,367 as of Tuesday, January 17, 2023.


According to UN data, Turkey's 2020 population is estimated to be 84,339,067 people in the middle of the year. The population of Turkey is equivalent to 1.08% of the total world population.


The population of Turkey: Turkey Statistical Institute stated the number of Turkey's population became 84 million 339 thousand 067 people by the end of 2022.


Thus, the population of Turkey in 2023 reached 84 million 339 thousand 067 people.

The most populous cities in Turkey are respectively, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya and Adana.

The population of Istanbul in 2023 is 16,6 million people.

The population of Ankara in 2023 is 5,9 million people.

The population of Izmir in 2023 is 4,4 million people.

The population of Bursa in 2023 is 3,1 million people.

The population of Antalya in 2023 is 2,7 million people.

The population of  Adana population in 2023 is 2,6 million people.



The number of people accommodating in Turkey, related to the last year as of December 31, raised by 459 thousand 365 people reached 83 million 614 thousand 362 people in 2020.


Whereas the male population is 41 million 915 thousand 985 people, the female population is 41 million 698 thousand 377 people. In other words, 50.1% of the total population are men and 49.9% are women.



It was observed that the call of "at least three children", which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made at every opportunity, was ignored.


While the annual population growth rate was 13.9 per thousand in 2019, it decreased to 5.5 per thousand in 2020.


According to the reports of the Address Based Population Registration System (ADNKS), the number of foreign population, accommodating in Turkey decreased by 197 thousand 770 people compared to the last year and became 1 million 333 thousand 410 people.


49.7% of the foreign population are men and 50.3% are women. The number of foreign populations is increasing due to the more reasonable cost of living in Turkey.


Such as health tourism, shopping facilities with the best Turkish brands, a great education system and so on. Most of them buy houses and start living here.


Property for sale in Turkey is currently constructed with high standards and high qualities with the latest international features of housing. The wide range of housing projects is divided into facilities within the project, public services, and green areas.


It is also the other reason that people from all around the world prefer to start a new life in Turkey. The amount of those living in provincial and district centers in Turkey was 92.8% in 2019 and 93% in 2020. On the other hand, the rate of the population living in towns and villages fell from 7.2% to 7%.