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New Regulation Regarding Full Lockdown
in Turkey During Ramadan Feast

Where will be open during the Ramadan Feast holidays? Till what time will there be a Packet service? Clock arrangement regarding full lockdown during Eid al-Fitr!


In line with the decision taken in the Presidential Cabinet, the full lockdown period in Turkey, which started to be implemented on April 29 at 19.00 and will end on May 17 at 05.00, continues as part of the struggle against Covid-19.



Places that will be open during the Ramadan Feast came to the fore shortly before the Ramadan feast. Businesses such as grocery stores, markets and greengrocers will continue to serve during the Ramadan feast holiday, which was included in the measures of the full lockdown process.


Places that will be Open during the Ramadan Feast holiday


According to the decision taken, the online order time of restaurants, cafes and restaurants were changed during the Ramadan Feast. These businesses will be able to serve as packet services on a 24-hour basis until the first day of Ramadan Feast.

So, where will be open during the holiday? Here is detailed information about the places open during Eid al-Fitr, online ordering and packet services.


The answer to the question of where will be open during the Ramadan Feast holidays in Turkey was revealed with the official statement. This year, the first day of the feast will take place on May 13th.



During the Ramadan Feast, businesses such as grocery stores, markets and greengrocers will serve from 10.00 to 17.00.

In accordance with the relevant circular of the Ministry of Interior, the working hours of the food & beverage sector and online food order companies will be changed as of Thursday, May 13. Online food ordering sites and other packet services will be able to serve until 01:00 instead of 24 hours from Thursday.

There is no time limit for the bakery where bread is produced, bakery licensed businesses and their dealers who only sell bread.