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Istanbul Transportation:
Rail System in Istanbul

The Length of Rail System in Istanbul has Reached 263 Kilometers!


Istanbul Transportation: Head of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Rail System Department Assoc. Dr. Pelin Alpkokin explained Istanbul's Metro network. Alpkokin said, "We currently have 10 rail system lines, 75 kilometers of which are under construction.

Our biggest dream is to put the ongoing projects into operation".



She said, "My biggest curiosity was tunnels and infrastructure projects. That's why I became a civil engineer". That is why, I became a civil engineer, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Rail System Department Head, Assoc. Dr. Pelin Alpkokin said about Istanbul's metro network.


Assoc. Dr. Pelin Alpkokin directs the metro lines in Istanbul Transportation. She stated that his biggest dream is to build Hizray, which will pass through 12 districts of Istanbul with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour from east to west.


Alpkokin remarking to Istanbul Transportation that they have increased the rail systems from 233 kilometers to 263 kilometers before the end of 2 years, said that the construction of 75 kilometers is currently underway.


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The Mecidiyekoy-Mahmutbey line and a part of the Eminonu-Alibeykoy tram Istanbul Transportation are started to serve the Istanbul people. She said, on May 29, we are opening two stations of Atakoy-İkitelli.



We are not left with existing projects. We developed a vision project for Istanbul called Hizray. It is a very important project that passes through 12 districts between east and west. We are working on new funicular projects, the Sefakoy-Beylikduzu metro project.

It is much more difficult to do these in this pandemic period. It was difficult to raise the stalled construction sites up again and to motivate the team again. We stay focused on the target. Now we are going to every construction site with pleasure.


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The share of rail systems in Istanbul transportation is in the band of 17-18 percent. Currently, there are 10 rail system lines, 75 kilometers, of which are under construction. When these are completed, these rates should rise above 30 percent. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Rail System Department Head, Assoc. Dr. Pelin Alpkokin, said we work for the integration of city lines and rail systems.



Hizray is a significant alternative to provide ease in Istanbul transportation. The average speed in rail systems is 30/35 kilometers. A higher speed and a more comfortable system are needed to get people from their private cars to the rails.

The aim in the construction of the rail system besides other Istanbul transportation networks, not only want to transport people but also to organize and beautify the station environment and road routes. For more information about Turkey click the link.