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Renewed Istanbul Card
Life Card of the City Serves as a Payment Tool

Istanbulkart, which serves as a transportation and life card is renewing its face and brand identity.


Istanbulkart is serving as a payment tool in many areas from markets to museums, from online shopping to taxis, from cafes-restaurants to petrol stations, from the retail sector to the entertainment sector. It is aiming to become the "Life Card of the City" with its renewed strategy.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary BELBIM Inc. (Istanbul Municipalities Information Processing Industry and Trade Inc.) announced that it has renewed Istanbul Card and Istanbul Card Mobile application.


With the developments of Istanbulkart, such as increasing digital upload channels through Istanbul Card Mobile app and other mobile banking integration, and the option to pay with QR code, digital transformation efforts also offer developments.


The new Istanbulkart Mobile app, which will be offered to users soon, provides convenience with features such as interest-free micro-credit, balance transfer, negative balance and bill payment.


The new Istanbulkart, which is started to serve with their renewed face and brand identity, can be obtained from the 'Online Transactions' tab at www.istanbulkart.istanbul address and ticket machines.


Istanbulkarts will be obtained from all individual and corporate representatives and Istanbul card Application Centers very soon. All existing rights of Istanbul cards that are currently in circulation can be continued to be used without prejudice.


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