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Iran Ranked First on February
in Property Purchase in Turkey

The last report from governmental Statistics shows Iran from the second score came to the first score of buying a property in Turkey. In this report which is about February of 2020 Iranian citizens made a new record It is worth noting that this report is prepared from the whole Turkey and a total of the purchase properties in each city shows this report.

The official report of February for the top 10 countries mentioned below:

Iran 721
Iraq 691
Russia 282
Afghanistan 256
Jordan 141
Yemen 131
Saudi Arabia 109
Germany 108
Palestine 97
Egypt 93


The yearly report shows that real estate sales in Turkey have increased in recent years, which means that people who visit Turkey have decided to settle in Turkey for various reasons. Stability has increased the interest in investment opportunities within various Turkish cities, it has coincided with facilitation provided by the Turkish government to foreigners continuously to encourage real estate investment, including amending some laws and opening the door to many nationalities for direct ownership for properties in Turkey. The real estate evaluation law in Turkey is designed to preserve the rights of foreign investors when buying a property in Turkey.

Foreigners may purchase an apartment in Turkey for residential or workplace use, as long as they comply with legal restrictions. Buying a property in Turkey became easier for foreigners thanks to the law passed on the 8th October 2013 by the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate in Turkey. If any property on the same parcel had received the military approval, there was no need to wait for approval for other sales.

The purchase of residential and commercial property by foreign companies and individuals became easier in Turkey. Turkish General Staff, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, General Directorate for Land Registry and Cadastre and The Department of Foreign Affairs have reached a joint agreement. According to the circular issued in December 2017, all military forbidden and national Determining the areas allowed by the military provides that foreigners receive Title Deed (TAPU) within 2-3 days. The obstacle that caused major problems in foreign sales is now being removed.

Most of Iranian they buy property in Turkey they are looking for citizenship of turkey that's why Required Documents for Citizenship with Real Estate Investment should be ready for this process which is mention below: 

  • Passport and passport copy of foreign buyers. (Copy of passport must be translated to Turkish and notarized)
  • A registered residence permit or a valid tourist visa on your passport
  • If the property buyer is married, the identity of wife/husband and children under 18,  and the originals of official documents proving family ties. (Marriage certificate and birth certificates of children).
  • 4 passport photos of each family member (Parents and children under 18 years)
  • Payment receipt for the applicant
  • Evaluation report (Real Estate Valuation Report, which certifies that the purchased real estate is $ 250,000 or more on the date of sale)
  • Bank receipt documenting the payment of $ 250,000 or more.
  • Noter certified real estate purchase commitment. (Required for real estate, which has not yet been delivered)
  • Application form


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