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Entry Form to Turkey is
Moving to the Internet from 15 March

Entry form to Turkey is moving to the internet. As of March 15, the passengers have to fill in “Entry forms to Turkey,” via the internet before the passport control point at the entrance to Turkey.


They can fill the “Entry forms to Turkey” from https://register.health.gov.t address 72 hours before their flight. HES code will be created for passengers who fill out the form.


Thanks to the HES Code, which is automatically created personally with the information filled on a form, it is possible to reach in case the passengers who were in contact with the Covid-19 patients or with infected passengers during their travels. So the form must be filed within 72 hours before travel.


It was specified that the accuracy and up-to-dateness of this promise are very significant, and passengers who do not fill in the online form will not be able to enter Turkey. Turkey will not be required off-line from the online form of transit passengers continuing.


Transit passengers who will continue their travel after Turkey will not be required to fill the online “Entry forms to Turkey”.