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Covid-19 Vaccination Appointment
for Foreigners in Turkey

How to Get a Vaccination Appointment? Vaccination Appointment Process


Foreigners who have a Turkish residence permit card or Turkish ID number starting with 99 can get a vaccination appointment in Turkey. 


Those who take action to get a Covid-19 vaccination appointment, carefully investigate the question of how to get a vaccination appointment.


Foreigners can get a Covid-19 vaccination appointment in Turkey via 182 - MHRS or e-Nabiz applications or you can go to State hospitals for vaccination without an appointment.




Foreigners above 18 years old have the right to vaccination and will be able to make an appointment. To get a Covid-19 vaccination appointment in Turkey, you need to make an appointment via 186 - MHRS or e-Nabiz applications.

As you download MHRS or e-Nabiz you can choose the hospital and doctor by logging in with your Turkish ID number and password. You can create a vaccination appointment with the necessary information about the Covid-19 vaccine option.

You can log in to MHRS or e-Nabiz via your e-Devlet (e-Government) Turkish ID number and password to get a Covid-19 vaccination appointment. In most of the State hospitals in Istanbul and other provinces, you can go for vaccination without an appointment as well.

To log in to e-Nabiz click the link. To log in to MHRS click the link.


Note: Those who do not have a Turkish residence permit or Turkish ID Number can not get an appointment with their passport numbers