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Cost of Living
in Turkey

What is the cost of living in Turkey? How much was the cost of living in Turkey in 2020? The question was the subject of curiosity for people considering living or living in Turkey. Here are all the details…

Turkey is among the most livable countries in the world in terms of living conditions. In many parts of the world the number of people moved to Turkey to live here has altered the way of life is increasing with each passing day. Most wondered questions by people who are planning to livein Turkey are; What is the Cost of Living in Turkey? Living in Turkey is expensive? All answer of these questions and more in our article.

Turkey is a country with the world's oldest land and settlements. It is the meeting point of cultures that have hosted civilizations for thousands of years and hosted great empires. As in the past, nowadays the territory of Turkey makes a comfortable living opportunity both to their own people and to different nationalities who wish to live in Turkey. It is wondered that what is the cost of daily life and socia-cultural life in Turkey. What is the Cost of Living in Turkey?

In order to answer the question, it is necessary to consider different criteria. Your monthly / yearly earnings, spending for your basic needs, spending for socio-cultural activities. All of these affect your quality of life.

Quality of life by country

It is natural that the quality of life differs by country. Because the opportunities offered to the people in line with the economic power of each country change. While some countries have a higher index of quality of life, in some countries this index is medium or low.

Since many factors such as purchasing power, safety, health, climate, living costs, property prices, hours spent in traffic, and pollution in the quality of life index affect the quality of life of those living in that country or city, the points collected on these issues are also it shows how good or not is the quality of life.

Top 5 quality-of-life countries

According to the evaluations made in 80 countries, the countries with the highest quality of life score are listed as follows.

1. Denmark: The quality of life index of this country in Europe is 193,86. In this country with the highest quality of life in the world, the health index has a very high score with 80.46 and the climate index 81.80 points. In the country with high purchasing power and security index, the living cost index is at a medium level. On the other hand, low property prices and low time and pollution index in traffic indicate that Danish people have a quality life.

2. Switzerland: Quality of life index 191.63. In the country where the cost of living index (117) and purchasing power index (121,27) are very high, the security, health and climate index is at a high level. Despite the fact that property prices are at a medium level according to income, the low time and pollution index in traffic increases the quality of life of Switzerland. The cost of living in Switzerland is higher than the cost of living in Turkey. So it is a more expensive country.

3. Finland: Quality of life index 188.14. Finland with a very high purchase (95,87), security (74,99) and health indices (76,23), has a moderate score in property price indices according to climate, living cost and income. Low time spent in traffic and very low pollution index are the factors that positively affect the quality of life.

4. Australia: Quality of life index 186.96. In the country, where the climate index is at a very high level, purchasing power index and health index are evaluated as high. While the security index and the cost of living index have a medium score, the low real estate prices compared to income and the low time and pollution index in traffic places Australia in the fourth place among the best quality of life.

5. The Netherlands: Quality of life index 184.24. In the Netherlands, where the climate index is very high, the safety and health index is at a high level. In the country, where the purchase index, property costs and property prices are moderately advanced according to income, the low time and pollution index in traffic raises the Netherlands to the fifth place in terms of quality of life.

Other countries with the highest quality of life are Austria 182.50 - Iceland 181.75 - New Zealand 181.02 - Germany 179.78 - Estonia 177.82.

Following these countries are Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, the United States and Spain.

In the United States, which is one of the strongest countries in the world, purchasing power has a very high score of 114.88, while property prices have a low ratio of 3.39 compared to the income obtained. America, with its security index and health index, has a high score in the health and climate index. It is a positive situation that it has a low score in the time and pollution index spent in traffic. As a result of all these evaluations, America is the 14th country with a high quality of life with 172.81 points.

10 countries with the lowest quality of life index

Unlike the countries with the highest quality of life, the 10 countries with the lowest quality of life index are as follows. Kazakhstan 88.31 - Vietnam 87.48 - Egypt 86.54 - Peru 85.46 - Philippines 85.37 - Sri Lanka 85.16 - Iran 74.14 - Kenya 70.56 - Bengladesh 70.03 and Nigeria 55.65 .

What is the quality of life index in Turkey?

Before moving on to the cost of living in Turkey, a good idea to review the following information. Turkey, conducted among 80 countries "Quality of Life Index" ranks in the 45th. Climate index in Turkey is very high, safety and health index is considered high. According to income, real estate prices are moderate, and time in traffic and pollution is observed at a high rate. It may seem like a disadvantage to have very low purchasing power, but also it is an advantage that having very low cost of living in Turkey. As a result, with quality of life index 126.27 points, Turkey takes place in the rankings as one of the high country.

What is the Cost of Living in Turkey?

Turkey, have more advantageous situation in terms of living costs many than countries in the world. If you are visiting Turkey as a tourist, many foreign currencies when exchanged into Turkish Lira is obtained for a higher return, expenses in Turkey will not be a problem for you. Because your money is valuable, prices will provide a more affordable cost for you.

When a comparison is made with the quality of life in the country with the highest index, cost of living in Denmark is more expensive with its 159.15% rate than cost of living in Turkey. Rental figures in Turkey, the average is less than% 358.35% compared to Denmark.

Switzerland is a country more expensive rate of 291.04% than Turkey. The living prices are more affordable in Turkey. The average rents in Switzerland are higher than 619.37% compared to Turkey.

If we look at the average cost of living in Turkey, issues more clearly understandable.

A single meal at affordable price in a restaurant or fast food restaurants in Turkey, while about 3.5 dollars, in the mid-class restaurant a figure can be paid for $ 7 per person. The small bottle of cola / pepsi is $ 0.60 and the water is $ 0.20.

In market shopping, the average figures are as follows; 1 liter of milk $ 0.78, 1 kilo of minced meat $ 8.48, 1 kilo of red meat 12.71, white bread $ 0.36. The average weight of the fruit is 2.26 dollars, while 1 pack of cigarettes is 2.55 dollars.

You can use a single pass ticket or monthly subscription in public transportation. The one-pass ticket is about $ 0.50, and the monthly subscription is around $ 29. For example, with an Istanbul card you will buy in Istanbul, it is valid in public transportation, public bus, ferry, motorboat, tram, metro, funicular, land, sea and rail system.

Taxi opening price is $ 0.70.

Monthly electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage expense in a 90 square meter house is about $ 65.

Rental prices are about $ 250 in the city center for one bedroom apartment and $ 154 in other regions. $ 438 in the city center and $ 261 in other regions for a 3-bedrooms apartment. Or you can buy an apartment at an affordable price and obtain a residence permit as well. 

The dues vary depending on the services you receive, but average 57 dollars per month.

Monthly cost in kindergartens or nurseries is about $ 242.

The average price of gasoline per liter as of May 2020, Turkey is 0.80 dollars. It varies according to the price of oil.

As of May 2020, the gross minimum wage in Turkey is TL 2,943 (416 dollars) and net TL 2,324 (328 dollars).