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Biontech Vaccine
Things to Consider after Biontech Vaccination

What are the side effects of Biontech vaccine, how effective is it in the body? Does Biontech cause pain and is it okay to take a bath after vaccination?


The Covid-19 vaccination efforts in Turkey continue unabatedly. As it is known, Biontech vaccine and Sinovac vaccine are applied in the Covid-19 vaccine process.

Nowadays, those who are considering choosing the Biontech vaccine are browsing about what are the side effects of Biontech vaccine.



After being vaccinated, researches such as what should be considered by those who have the Biontech vaccine and whether it is possible to take a bath after the coronavirus vaccine is gaining momentum. So, are there any side effects of Biontech vaccine and what are they? What are the do's and don'ts of Biontech vaccinated people, is it okay to take a bath after the vaccination? Details are in the news.


Side Effects of Biontech vaccine


Up to now, serious side effects have not been encountered in the clinical studies and current vaccine applications for COVID-19 vaccines. Side effects after vaccination are often mild.


The mild side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine is






Muscle/ Arthralgias



Pain, redness and swelling in the injection area.


However, without ignoring the possibility of allergic reactions, although it is rare, it should not be forgotten that in case of discomfort after vaccination, it is necessary to go to the nearest health institution and inform the doctor that you have recently been vaccinated.


What to do if you face the Side Effects after Vaccine?


Conditions that can be encountered frequently after vaccination and supportive approaches for these mild conditions are as follows:


• Pain/swelling/redness at the injection site

Position your vaccinated arm in an upraised position. Apply cold. (Example: Applying a towel moistened with cold water to the vaccination area, etc. During this time, direct contact of ice with the skin should be avoided.)

Pain relievers containing paracetamol can be used.



• Tiredness

Rest, make sure you drink enough water and fluids.


• Mild fever, chills

Rest, make sure you drink enough water, you can use analgetic containing paracetamol.


• Headache

You can use a pain reliever containing paracetamol.


• Muscle/ Arthralgias


Rest, make sure you drink enough fluids and water, you can use a pain reliever containing paracetamol.


• Vomiting, runs


You can supplement with plenty of fluids and water, you can regulate your diet in accordance with the diarrhea diet. In case of vomiting so much that liquid and food cannot be taken by mouth, go to a health institution as the fluid loss may occur.


In case of any discomfort that is thought to be related to the vaccine after the COVID-19 vaccination, it should be consulted to the nearest health institution.