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An Invitation for Foreigners to Invest in
‘Expertise Free Zones’

Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan has invited foreigners to invest in ‘expertise free zones’. She stated that they offer great opportunities and encouragements to innovation and technology-oriented investments in their specialization free zones.


Minister Pekcan said “we aim to extend the expertise free zones model, which we first applied for the software and informatics sector, for other high-tech and high value-added sectors in the future. I invite all foreign investors to invest in our expertise free zones. "


Turkey is a quite attractive country for investments with a dynamic structure extrovert.

The European Union (EU) and the Customs Union Agreement, best logistics position, qualified and young population, the effectiveness of manufacturing and quality infrastructure in the EU standard manner such advantages highlights Turkey for investments.



Due to these characteristics, Turkey is decomposed in a very positive way from other developing countries.

Minister Pekcan emphasizes that by achieving lots of direct investors, Turkey plans to become one of the world's strategic suppliers. For this reason, she stated that the efforts to improve the investment environment in the country were carried out primarily under the coordination of the Coordination Board for the Improvement of the Investment Environment (YOIKK).


Minister Pekcan used the expressions, “As the Ministry of Trade, we will continue to actively contribute to all the activities to be carried out under the coordination of YOIKK in the upcoming period, as in the past."


Support and Offers to be provided in the Specialization Free zones about the President's Result is matured in the software and informatics sector and wants to focus on exports.


Turkey will provide wider opportunities and incentives to R&D-intensive, high-value, innovation and technology-oriented investments. Within the framework of this decision, we offer employment and rent support to these companies moreover to the existing free zone supports.


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