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5G Mobile Internet
Launched at Istanbul Airport

The 5G mobile internet in Turkey was launched at Istanbul Airport by the Turkish Transport and Infrastructure Ministry today.


Minister Karaismailoglu stated that as of today, 5G service can be experienced at Istanbul Airport, and said, "We will start making the 5G service installed at the airport available to subscribers whose phones are 5G supported and who have subscribed to 5G."


Test application of 5G technology was started by Turkcell, Turk Telekom and Vodafone Turkey at Istanbul Airport.



In this context, at the event titled "Turkey's 5G Technology" held at the airport, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoglu said that they follow the developments in communication closely, as in all sectors.


He said that they are making a great effort to bring Turkey together with innovations that are beyond the age.


Expressing that their aim is to offer the speed to compete with the world in 5G, Karaismailoglu said, "5G will completely reshape both our professional and personal lives by enabling new use cases such as connected vehicles, augmented reality and advanced video and games."


Minister Adil Karaismailoglu stated that they think that even 5G will not be able to meet the speed and security targets in the data flow targeted in the future.


"In this regard, the use of domestic and national hardware and software in our electronic communication networks is significant not only for reducing the current account deficit but also for the defense and security policies of countries today''.