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Turkey is the World Leader
in Real Estate Prices!

The high increases in Turkey real estate prices are a clear indication of the low market value of companies.


As a real investment, residences found a total return of 393% in 11.5 years. In fact, in the last year, Turkey has become the world leader in real estate prices.


The annual rental income, which is 5% of the house prices, is added to this income. A real return of 60% for 11.5 years is either low or high. It is at the level, it should be.



But no matter how you look at it, the reality of real estate prices that triple the performance of stocks representing companies cannot be changed.


 While Turkey is the world leader in real estate prices, is the last in the world in stock performance.


Either the real estate prices in Turkey have increased too much or the stock prices have fallen too much. International prices reveal that the stock market is a bit low.


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