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81 Thousand 222 Houses in Turkey
were Sold in February 2021!

In Turkey, house sales were was 81 thousand 222 in February 2021 and declined 31.6 percent compared to the same month of the last year. In housing sales, Istanbul had the highest share with 15 thousand 929 house sales and 19.6 percent.


According to the sales statistics, Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 7 thousand 757 house sales and 9.6 percent share, and İzmir with 4 thousand 659 house sales and 5.7 percent share.


The provinces with the least housing sales were Bayburt with 27 houses, Ardahan with 31 houses and Tunceli with 34 houses, respectively.




2 Thousand 964 Turkey Houses were Sold to Foreigners in February 2021


Housing sales to foreign investors declined by 26.0 percent compared to the same month of the last year and became 2 thousand 964 in 2021.

In the housing sales made to foreigners, Istanbul took the first place in February with the sale of 1,525 Turkey houses. Istanbul was followed by Antalya with 533 house sales, Ankara with 211 home sales, Mersin with 138 house sales and Samsun with 64 house sales.


Housing sales to foreigners in the January-February period declined by 28.7 percent compared to the same period of the last year and became 5,639.


According to the nationalities of the country, the most house sales were made to Iranian citizens

Iranian citizens bought 477 residential from Turkey in February. Iranian citizens were followed by Iraq with 432 houses, Russian Federation with 259 houses, and Afganistan with 230 houses and Kazakhstan with 119 houses.