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Turkey Became 1st in Citizenship
by Investment Applications in the World

Turkey became the 1st in the league of “Turkish citizenship by investment”. Before September 2018, also it was possible to obtain citizenship through different investment ways.

However, as of September 2018, with the decrease in the amount of citizenship acquired by investment, foreign investors gained a great advantage.

Investment Program (TCBI) launched by the government in January 2017, those who invest 250 thousand dollars in Turkey can obtain citizenship.



The Most Popular citizenship Program of the Last 10 Years, Turkey CIP


It is seen that the Citizenship-By-Investment Program achieved a sudden and remarkable success after the minimum investment requirement was decreased from 1 million dollars to 250 thousand dollars in 2018. The full-year figures for Turkey's 2020 CIP have not been announced yet. The predictions for 2020 are that the applications made in Turkey exceed the applications made to the USA. The trend will be increased after the pandemic. Most investment is made in Turkey real estate.


Turkey's citizenship has a respectable place among the world countries. There can be many reasons why a foreign citizen wants to obtain Turkish citizenship. The world is changing and accordingly, the economic, political and cultural structures of the countries are also touching. Many people who have the opportunity today also plan to evaluate opportunities in different countries besides their own country. Apart from living or working in their own country in the coming years, those who want to live in another country and want to be under the economic, political and military protection of that country are exploring ways to obtain citizenship from a different country.


Turkey, though not among the most advanced countries in the world in many respects, is a country that can offer comfortable facilities to its citizens. A foreigner who obtained citizenship is not different from a person who is a Turkish citizen by birth.

Taking advantage of the same rights can continue his/her life in Turkey, can work, can set up a business. They can benefit from health and education services provided at high standards.


It can be used by Turkish citizens who vote in the same conditions, benefit from the inheritance law in Turkey. While assets as goods, property, money, etc. obtained in some countries, are transferred to the state in case of death of the person, assets owned by Turkish citizens are distributed among their legal heirs in case of death of the person according to legal shares. Most importantly, this citizenship is valid for lifelong.