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TOKI Launched
Social Housing Campaign

The Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKI) launched an ambitious social housing campaign. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that the process of constructing 100,000 new low-cost housing units will include 100, 000 earthquake-resistant housing units characterized by traditional neighborhoods.


The fundamental purpose of TOKI is to produce solutions to the problems with regard to Turkey homes and urbanization at national scale. In this context, the Administration works in the following fields:


-Building educational and social facilities
-Development of the historic fabric and local architecture,

-Projects to build at least one Community Garden in each province,

-Urban regeneration in cooperation with the municipalities,

-Social housing projects for low and middle income target groups.


The social housing project will consist of earthquake resistant units. The apartments for sale in Turkey will be built on the basis of horizontal architecture. The models of houses, application process, payment procedures and all the details about TOKI campaign were announced. In the TOKI social housing project, the houses will be delivered within 1 to 1.5 years and only Turkish citizens can apply for the houses. For the houses reflecting neighborhood culture having the 2 and 3 bedroom apartment types, the requests will be collected until 15 January 2020.


Application process is continuing


Efforts of TOKI will be underway to build 100 social housing units each year at the same time in 81 provinces throughout the country. Application deadline is  January 15 2020.

Social housing application process has begun with the payment of application fees to Ziraat Bank branches for social housing. Within the scope of Turkey's 81 provinces, covering 100.000 social housing projects, the campaign is taking place in every city and county. Citizens can apply through e-Government. The citizens who have got low-income citizens can access details on the web site of e-Government about TOKI social housing campaign application process.


Regarding the projects of TOKI the Minister of Environment and Urbanism Murat Kurum said the following: “So far, we have produced 857 thousand independent departments…When you add our social facilities, we have done many jobs and transactions for over 1 million independent sections, totally for lower income citizens and for strengthening the social infrastructures of our cities and we delivered them to our citizens. In this context, in order to make our lower income group citizens own a house, we determined a fixed installment of 240 months of 894 Turkish Liras.”