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The Sales of Turkey Real Estate Offering
Rental Income with Foreign Exchange

Foreign citizens' real estate investment in Turkey continues rapidly. Various incentive policies are on the agenda in Turkey for the sale of real estate offering rental income with foreign exchange.


The interest of foreign citizens in real estate in Turkey keeps going rapidly. According to the news of Muge Biber from ITO NEWS; The Ministry of Commerce established the General Directorate of International Service Trade to evaluate international service trade issues.



The officials of the Department of Real Estate Services and International Services within the scope of the Directorate, which started to serve, held an online meeting with the management of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.


At the meeting attended by ITO Board Members Yakup Koc and İbrahim Dogan Salman and ITO Assembly members, developments in the real estate sector in the service sector were evaluated.



Revenue from Housing Sales to Foreigners is Targeted to Reach $20 billion


Yakup Koc stated at the meeting that Turkey's real estate contributed greatly to the economy.

The increase in the activities of the sector will have a positive impact on many sectors, especially the national economy. It is aimed to reach up to $20 billion in revenue from Turkey real estate sales to foreigners in the long run and to provide a significant foreign currency inflow.


Director-General of International Service Trade, Dr. Emre Oztelli also stated that it is aimed to increase the sales of real estate to foreigners and gave good news for the incentives to be offered to companies to accelerate real estate sales, which provide a significant foreign exchange rental income.

The work on incentives, which is in the preparatory stage, is expected to be completed by the end of the year.


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