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The Sales of the Mansion have
Accelerated in Istanbul Bosphorus!

Mansion in Istanbul attracts real estate investors from all over the world. There are lots of mansions in Bosphorus Istanbul known as luxury Istanbul real estate.


With the pandemic, the number of mansions offered for sale increased. 60 to 62 mansions in Istanbul are currently on sale. The prices of the mansions in the Bosphorus start from 10 million Turkish Liras.



Takvim Newspaper columnist Ozgur Aras wrote about the mansion sales in Istanbul in his column today. Ozgur Aras said, "The sales of mansions in Istanbul and around Bosphorus has accelerated.


On one hand, the necessity of returning to Turkish Liras in real estate incomes, on the other hand, the luxury housing tax accelerated the rental and purchase demands of the mansions." Here is Ozgur Aras's article titled 'Mansion Sales Accelerated in Istanbul'...


Mansion sales are concentrated in Anatolian fortress, Kandilli, Kanlica and Yenikoy regions along the Bosphorus line. In the Bosphorus region of Istanbul, where there are 660 mansions, 60 to 62 mansions are currently being sold.



The sale prices of the mansions in Istanbul start from 3 million Turkish Liras, and the prices of the mansions in the Bosphorus region start from 10 million Turkish Liras.


Stating that there is always a demand for mansions, he said that nearly 20 mansions have been sold in the last 2 years due to the decrease in prices in Dollar terms. Almost all of the sales were made by domestic buyers.