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The Russians Demand for
Real Estate Peaked in Turkey!

Turkey is preferred in the first place in international real estate investments by Russians.


Housing sales to foreigners in Turkey increased by 34%  last month and reached 45 thousand 69 units, and it is expected to reach the highest number of housing sales of all time by the end of 2022.


While the demand for foreign housing, shaped especially by the developments in the world, dominated the Iranian market in the last 4 years, there was a high increase in house sales to Russian citizens in Turkey this year.


The number of Turkish real estate purchased by Russians has reached 8, 115 units between January and August 2022, with a threefold increase compared to the same period of 2021. With the said increase, Russian citizens took first place in the list of foreigners who bought a house in Turkey.



Turkey is among the countries in which the Russians show the greatest interest in international real estate investments. Especially they are very interested in buying Alanya real estate and Antalya real estate.


The share of Russians, who have increased their housing investment in Turkey, in total housing sales to foreigners in our country has increased to 20%.


Especially in the process where Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya and Mersin provinces were preferred, there was an increase in demands for real estate investment and Turkish citizenship by investment.


On the other hand, it was observed that Ukrainian citizens, mostly preferred to rent housing, especially from the provinces in the Mediterranean region.


Antalya comes second after Istanbul in the preference order of Russian citizens investing in real estate in Turkey. While the Russians in particular showed interest in Antalya due to the long tourism season, the war between Ukraine and Russia brought momentum to the real estate sector in Antalya.


The Turkish residence permit and Turkish passport applications based on real estate acquisitions of foreigners in Turkey offer the opportunity for Russians and Ukrainians to carry out their investment and commercial activities not only for holiday purposes in Turkey.