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The Most Preferred Real Estate Companies
with Customer Experience in Turkey

Customer experience is the key to real estate sales in Turkey. Foreigners prefer Turkish real estate companies with the customer experience and special customer services.


Next-generation customer experience is driving the Turkey real estate market. According to data published by PwC, 73% of real estate investors and buyers state that a good experience affects their purchasing decisions.


MELARES, the international real estate company in Turkey, supports customer experience with personalized services to attract foreign investors to Turkey.


The dynamics of the real estate market are changing. While many industries use customer experience to increase buyer interaction and turn it into sales, next-generation customer experience principles are also driving the marketing habits of the local real estate market.

According to data released by PwC, 73% of customers say that a good experience drives their purchasing decisions, while 86% are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.


MELARES Turkey Properties, a Turkish real estate company with international customers that gains an advantage in real estate sales by supporting customer experience with personalized service, aims to turn foreign investors' faces to Turkey with the best services they have developed.


Russia the Top Real Estate Purchaser in Recent Months


While foreign investors abroad buy houses in Turkey for many different reasons, the diversity of investors in the local real estate market is also increasing.

Russia, which rose to the top by purchasing approximately 2 thousand houses based on the TUIK June data, left Iran one step behind, followed by Iraq, China, and Germany.


Foreigners who want to invest in the real estate market by buying a house in Turkey have different reasons and conditions. The needs of citizens from different age groups who want to invest in Turkey can vary.


Of course, MELARES is aware that all foreign citizens have questions when investing in another country. With our most experienced and specialist customer representatives that have focused on customer needs, we don't only sell houses, but also enable them to invest in Turkey with peace of mind by empathizing with them.