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The Effect Covid-19 in
Turkey Real Estate Market!

Turkey real estate is one of the best investment options that draws attention even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yesim Tanrivermis, Vice President of the Department of Real Estate Development and Management at Ankara University, made statements about Turkey's real estate sector.


According to Yesim Tanrıvermis's estimates, Turkey will continue to be a center of attraction in the real estate sector.

According to the news of the Anadolu Agency; it is emphasized that Turkey will continue to be a center of attraction in the real estate sector for a very long time with the right steps to be taken.



Tanrivermis, Vice President of the Department of Real Estate Development and Management at Ankara University drew attention to the serious effects of the Covid-19 epidemic in Turkey as well as in the whole world.

Pointing out to the reflections of this situation on the real estate sector, Tanrivermis said, "It is not possible to say that the consequences are completely certain. The process is still ongoing. For that reason, the process should be evaluated in the short, medium and long term."

Tanrivermis underlined that the biggest risk for the real estate sector is the problems that may occur in repayments, and emphasized that measures should be taken to prevent this risk, as the sector is expected to get smaller in the coming years.

Emphasizing that Turkey can continue to be a center of attraction in real estate for a long time by taking the right step, Tanrivermis said, "Turkey is a country that foreigners would always love to invest in under any circumstance.  She said it is significant that foreigners who come to Turkey receive service from the right people or a real estate consultant. They should be guided in the right way".

Pointing out to the change in consumer preferences in real estate, Tanrivermis said, "We can say that resale houses and cottages are more preferred in the sector. Especially with the epidemic, there was a serious demand for agriculture and rural areas. Living in rural areas, organic and healthy nutrition developed this spontaneously. She said this demand was an expected one.

Tanrivermis pointed out that living in the countryside can be a good alternative for those who have the opportunity to work remotely and flexible, and made the following statements:

"If you have to live in the city, then you can choose detached houses approximate to the city. Consumer preferences are also in this direction at the moment, people mostly want to live in detached areas with gardens and to have such an alternative at their disposal when there are restrictions in similar situations."


Holiday Preferences of Foreigners have Changed


Stating that the Covid-19 pandemic has also changed the holiday preferences of the consumers, Tanrivermis said, "People prefer detached places instead of hotels, and if they will stay at the hotel, they prefer the garden floor, suite rooms, places with their own pools. Plateaus and areas intertwined with nature are also in serious demand."




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