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The Demand for Luxury Real Estate
has Increased in Turkey!

As the demand for luxury real estate in Turkey is rising day by day, there is an increase in the number of consultants providing services in this regard.


Also, contractors, interior architects, decorators and luxury furniture manufacturers aim to make the customer feel more special by adding a new feature to their work every day to meet the needs of luxury home buyers.



Some of the consumers who are interested in luxury residences want to live in villas, some in ranch houses, some in a mansion, and some in the waterside houses.


Detached house ranks first among the top three priorities for luxury real estate buyers, with a rate of 97.5%, in research conducted by international research companies that monitor the preferences of luxury home buyers.


38% of luxury property Turkey buyers want the house to be ready to move in. Many also want to work with architects in line with their tastes and needs.

There are lots of luxury properties for sale in turkey with custom-made furniture in which most of the construction materials have been renovated for more than two years.


According to the research, the rate of those who want a bigger house than their current house is around 28%. This ratio is reversed as we age.

This group also includes the customer base, which has gone to simplification and shrinkage, but does not give up on the view and location.



Asset buyers prefer to pay more for real estate that gives them privacy along with a safe and healthy environment intertwined with nature.


In recent years, the increase in the savings of households who do not spend on vacation or shopping during the pandemic, and the shift of these savings to luxury properties, has a great contribution to the increase in the demand for luxury homes for sale in Turkey. It also provided flexibility.


In recent years, the ratio of luxury-normal property in the houses sold is at the forefront with the increase in favor of luxury houses for sale in Istanbul.

That is why there is a great benefit to follow the luxury real estate market. There are stunning differences among luxury home buyers.

The age of the real estate buyer is one of the most important factors that meet the tastes and luxury criteria.