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Sariyer and Kagithane Became
the Favorite Place for Foreigners

As of the end of the year, Iran, China, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Libya, Sudan, and Yemen citizens made purchases by choosing Kagithane is based on all real estate types.

As of the end of 2020, the citizens of China, Iran, Pakistan, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, and Azerbaijan is among the top 10 countries that prefer Kagithane District the most in the investments made by foreigners in Kagithane District for citizenship acquisition based on all real estate types.


Iran, China, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kuwait, and Lebanon is leading the investments made in Sariyer district based on all real estate types by the end of 2020. When examining the investments made by

foreigners in Sariyer district for the acquisition of citizenship based on all

real estate types, Iran, China, Iraq, Libya, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Pakistan,

Yemen, Afghanistan, and Palestinian citizens are among the top 10 country citizens who prefer Sariyer most stand out.

Turkey was announced in 2020, housing sales made in Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to figures disclosed; announced that 1 million 499 thousand 316 houses were sold. 40 thousand 812 of these sales were made to foreigners.


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