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Russian Investors Flocked to
Istanbul for Real Estate Investment!

Russian investors flocked to Istanbul for real estate investment! They buy real estate with cash, gold and crypto!


The Russian investors, who sought a safe haven for their assets due to the sanctions, turned to real estate in Istanbul and Dubai.

The leading names of the industry said that they use gold, cash and crypto money in money transfers for buying real estate.



“The Russians are irritated, they are turning to Turkey as a safe harbor. Especially in the last 10 days, Istanbul has been facing intense interest from Russians for both investment and Turkish residence permit purposes.”

Russian investors made their purchases in cash, they opened a bank account in Turkey and brought gold as well.


Housing Purchases Increased by 97%


The Russian real estate investors bought 509 houses in Turkey in February 2022, when the war between Russia and Ukraine began, this figure increased by 97% compared to February 2021.

Russian citizens, ranked 3rd after Iran and Iraq citizens by buying 5,379 houses among foreigners who bought a house in Turkey in 2021.