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Real Estate will be a Reliable
Investment Market in 2021

New projects are announced in real estate. Sector experts, who say "Investment trend shows real estate again in 2021", emphasizes that the activity will increase as of the second quarter.

Indicating that the real estate sector maintains its attractiveness in investment despite the Covid-19 epidemic, industry experts draw attention to the fact that real estate will again become a "trend" for investment in 2021.


In addition to physical real estate investments, it is stated that real estate-based lease certificates bring about 9 percent in 2020 and the BIST Real Estate Index yields 60 percent, in terms of securities, while real estate investment is thought to maintain its appeal in 2021.



When GABORAS real estate price data were analyzed, it was determined that the value increases realized in 2020 had a return above the inflation rate. The coronavirus epidemic determined the consumer preferences of the year. In general, the demand for beaches, coastlines and holiday regions has increased.

Particularly, the places close to Istanbul, where transportation can be made within 2-3 hours, has increased. Housing values ​​increased by 20 percent in the Sile region. It was determined that there was an increase of 21 percent in Kandira and 16 percent in Sapanca. Canakkale stands out with an increase of 27.5 percent on a provincial basis.




Canakkale is followed by Bursa with 26 percent, Tekirdag with 22 percent and Yalova with a 19 percent increase.

The cities with the highest price increase compared to 2019 were Mugla with 60 percent, Mersin with 57 percent, and Antalya with 56 percent and İzmir with 50 percent. Looking at the cities with the highest increase, it is seen that escape from crowded cities due to the Kovid-19 outbreak has brought summer and rural areas to the fore.


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