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Real Estate Sales Statistics
across Turkey, July 20

107 thousand 785 houses were sold in Turkey in July


Real estate sales across Turkey decreased by 53.0 percent in July compared to the same month of 2020 and became 107 thousand 785 housing units. Istanbul had the highest share in real estate sales with 18,884 house sales and 17.5 percent share.

According to the number of sales, Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 10 thousand 605 house sales and 9.8 percent share, and İzmir with 5 thousand 782 sales and 5.4 percent share.

The provinces with the lowest number of real estate sales were, respectively, Ardahan with 20 houses, Hakkari with 28 houses and Bayburt with 66 houses.




32 Thousand 672 Properties were Sold for the First Time in July 2021


The number of houses sold for the first time in Turkey decreased by 51.9 percent in July 2021 compared to the same month of 2020 and became 32 thousand 672 housing units.


The share of the first sale in total real estate sales was 30.3 percent. In the sales of newly built real estate, Istanbul had the highest share with 4 thousand 854 house sales and 14.9 percent shares, followed by Ankara with 2 thousand 230 house sales and Izmir with 1,517 house sales.


75 Thousand 113 Resale Houses were Sold in July 2021


Resale house sales in Turkey decreased by 53.5 percent in July 2021 compared to the same month of 2020 and became 75 thousand 113 housing units.

In resale house sales, Istanbul took 1st place with 14 thousand 30 house sales and a share of 18.7 percent.

The share of resale house sales in total house sales in Istanbul was 74.3 percent. Ankara ranked 2nd in resale house sales with 8,375 house sales, followed by Izmir with 4,265 house sales.




Housing Sales Statistics to Foreigners in July


 4,495 Turkey properties were sold to foreigners in July 2021. Property sales to foreigners increased by 64.0 percent compared to the same month of 2020 and became 4 thousand 495.

In the real estate sales to foreigners, Istanbul took 1st place in July with the sales of 1,951 houses.

Istanbul was, respectively, followed by Antalya with 931 house sales, Ankara with 312 house sales, Mersin with 217 house sales and Bursa with 158 house sales.


The Most Housing Sales were made to Iraqi Citizens


In March 2021, Iraq citizens bought 712 properties from Turkey. Iraq citizens were, respectively, followed by Iranian citizens by purchasing 619 houses, Russian Federation with 365 houses, Afghanistan with 918 houses and German citizens with 198 residences.