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New Turkish Passport
Locally Made, Modernized Passports

Turkey will issue new locally made, modernized passports. Locally made Turkish passports will start to be printed as of August 25, 2022.


Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu stated that as of 2023, the printing of new identity cards and driver's licenses will begin.


The Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, on the question of the extension of passport waiting times, stated that there was some problem in printing green passports and that they were working on this issue.


Stating that they will start to produce a much more secure passport than today's passport on August 25, Soylu said:


"But this month the other passport will continue, we will produce 70 thousand from this passport this month, we will produce 150 thousand next month, we will start full production in December.


We will have a domestic passport. But the other passport will come in the same way as it will meet our needs. The green passport will also come from here.


I say to those who applied for a green passport. We made an improvement there, maybe we made that improvement untimely, so it was 5 years, and the duration of the green passport has increased to that 10 years.


When it reaches 10 years, everyone wants to use the 10-year period of the green passport. Now, if there are those who have a 5-year green passport, Let them not change it, starting from tomorrow, we will make the improvement that will increase the time for them to 10 years."



The Expression Türkiye will be Used Instead of Turkey


For the first time, the expression Türkiye will be used instead of Turkey in the locally made e-passport. Tulips will appear on the outer cover of the passports, while the motif of Shining Turkey under ultraviolet light will appear on the inner cover and data sheet.