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New Trend Eco-friendly
Houses in the Turkey

Buildings compatible with nature, which have been named as sustainable, ecological, green and eco-friendly houses in recent years,

are starting to come to the fore in the construction sector in Turkey as well as in the rest of the world. These buildings contain important tips about the future.


The change in the purchasing behavior of consumers, especially with the Covid-19 epidemic process, has increased the demand for houses intertwined with nature and away from the crowd of the city.



In this context, Istanbul will be the host for an important event. The new trend of the construction sector, eco-friendly houses intertwined with nature, will be presented for the first time with PREMO 21 – Prefabricated Modular, Mobile Home and Green Building Systems Fair, which will be held by Tureks International Fairs on October 14-16, 2021 at the Istanbul Expo Center.

People from Europe, Africa, Balkan and Middle East Countries, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Turkic Republics and many other countries of the world will make significant contributions both to the economy and the real estate sector.

Istanbul will offer an important part of the new trend property Turkey intertwined with nature.


New Trend Houses has become A Mandatory in many Countries


Emphasizing that EU countries have made agreements to build all buildings that will be implemented as of 2019 in this style, Tureks Fairs General Manager Nergis Aslan made the following statements in this context:



“In many countries, it has become a necessity for newly constructed public buildings to produce as much energy as you consume.

In Turkey, this situation is still in the development stage, but the number of these constructions is increasing day by day.

 In these projects, solar energy is utilized, rainwater is purified, wastes generated in the excavation are converted, while carbon consumption is reduced, energy savings are achieved.  Eco-friendly houses are certified by LEED from the USA and BREEAM from the UK.”